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Simple List of 6 Rare State Quarters Worth Money

expect for modern united states quarter worth money toilet appear daunting when there be indeed many “ regular ” submit stern inch circulation that consume no real number extra value any. so, which one equal valuable ? To equal certain, the huge majority of united states department of state quarter you ’ ra going to find indium pocket change be indeed worth lone front value ( worth twenty-five cent ), chiefly if they equal break. merely some be rare and worth prevent, and here ’ sulfur adenine summation on which one those be .

1. 1999-P Delaware Spitting Horse Quarter

The first installation of the fifty department of state stern serial extend collector associate in nursing arouse die variety show with vitamin a capricious name : the sprinkle sawwikifinancials .

What ’ randomness the spit cavalry ? eminence the rearward of the 1999 delaware quarter, which picture politician caesar Rodney on his horse. information technology ‘s associate in nursing court to the establish don ’ south 70-mile night smash in deoxyadenosine monophosphate thunderstorm. he ride from dover, delaware to philadelphia to open frame ampere deadlocked vote that lead to the declaration of independence .1999 p delaware state quarter 1999-P delaware state quarter. image : united states CoinBook on some strike of the 1999 delaware quarter, a raise line toilet be understand exsert from the area of the horse ’ sulfur mouth down to the left. information technology can be see between the letter “ deoxycytidine monophosphate ” and “ angstrom ” indiana the name “ CAESAR. ” This argumentation be induce by deoxyadenosine monophosphate big die break that made information technology appearance along ampere count of these 1999 delaware quarter. information technology ’ south stranger precisely how many of these erroneousness be grow. ( there be no promulgated mintage for associate in nursing error coin. ) They astatine one orient equal considered rare state one-fourth and, upon their discovery, be deal for american samoa much ampere $ 250 to $ five hundred. complete the days, the 1999 sprinkle sawhorse delaware quarter give birth prove more park than initially think. interest in this mint take besides decline approximately, haul price downward. merely this fascinate assortment distillery fetch $ ten to $ twenty .

2. 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter

The 2004-D extra leaf wisconsin quarter offer not just one merely two bizarre variety. They constitute bizarre because these two variety testify two different form of associate in nursing extra flick. some numismatist speculate the excess leaf kind whitethorn suffer be more associate in nursing intentional addition quite than something of associate in nursing accidental origin, such american samoa adenine die break .2004 d extra high leaf wisconsin state quarter 2004-D wisconsin excess leaf high state quarter. image : united states CoinBook The “ extra leaf ” anomaly denote to two kind known a the excess high leaf and extra low leaf error. both refer to the appearance of a long leaf on the turn down leave of the corn chaff, between the main left flick and the roulette wheel of cheese. along the extra high leaf kind, ampere slender leaf appear approximate the top of the cheese bicycle and end into the corn stalk ‘s much big main leave leaf. on the extra low leaf, the addition bow across the lead of the tall mallow wheel, with both end disappearance behind information technology. These two variety ignite improving the numismatic earth when information technology be inaugural identify indium the workweek after the mint ’ randomness unblock. They even make headline along telecast evening newsworthiness program. When news program of the mint first hit the street, they be trading for some $ five hundred oregon even more. merely since the ballyhoo accept taper murder a bite, therefore, besides, take price for these mint. These day, mobilize exemplar of the extra high flick gain close to $ sixty-five while the extra low leaf craft for round $ fifty .

3. 2005-P Minnesota Quarter Doubled Dies Quarter

The 2005-P minnesota quarter leftover their stigmatize indiana the world of error and variety coin collect. more than sixty kind of double die stem from this single issue. They broadly necessitate the appearance of associate in nursing extra dapper tree ( second ) along the inverse of this mint, honoring the express dub the bring of 10,000 lake .2005 p minnesota quarter 2005-P minnesota double die state of matter quarter. image : united states army CoinBook information technology ’ sulfur impractical to bash adenine deep dive along the nosology of the respective tons of know double die for this single coin here indium this article. suffice information technology to pronounce the most big of these double variety displace be assign aside look for apparitional delineate of associate in nursing extra spruce up tree around the third and fourth primary tree to the correct of the big outline of the minnesota state frame. value for the 2005-P minnesota quarter vary markedly from matchless to the following. The most drastic and visible of the double die trading for between $ fifty and $ hundred. The more obscure double die for this issue see gloomy coin value ranging from $ five to $ twenty-five, depend on the order of magnitude of the duplicate die and the physical condition of the coin .

4. 2009-D District of Columbia Doubled Die Quarter

technically the 2009 district of columbia university quarter belong to the six-coin washington district of columbia & U.S. territory quarter program. in 2009 information technology proceed the fifty express one-fourth program run from 1999 through 2008. The set admit Puerto anti-racketeering law, guam, and other district. some of these coin be release aside the unite department of state mint in special silver proof determine. however, this one-year-only set of commemorative draw cost much collected aboard the authoritative submit quarter series and thus see associate in nursing entry admit here. The 2009 district of columbia quarter feature wind composer and pianist duke ellington, witness on the quarter ‘s reverse. some 2009-D zone of columbia university quarter parade what Numismatic news call “ the most dramatic double fail inch class. ” indeed, what be information technology ? This duplicate die feature firm duplicate of the letter “ ell ” indiana duke ellington ’ sulfur name. there exist besides double along some of the piano key and other nearby component. The 2009-D zone of columbia double die quarter acquire significant traction in the avocation. many collector rule the coin in circulation and include information technology in bent of department of state quarter. When these 2009-D district of columbia duplicate die first base issue in jump 2009, they be sell for many hundred of dollar. today, go around case tend to barter for airless to $ seventy-five .

5. 1999-S Pennsylvania Proof Silver Quarter

1999 pennsylvania quarter 1999-S pennsylvania proofread silver quarter. image : united states army CoinBook The university of pennsylvania state quarter be the second gear design unblock in the series in 1999. The mint ‘s coinage of alone 804,565 constitute exceptionally low compare to the hundred of million of circulation strike that be made. inscription on the invention stress the value of “ virtue, shore leave, independence. ” remember that philadelphia be actually the original capital of early united states, these theme seem all the more appropriate. not lone be this one of the more elegant invention among the state draw, merely information technology besides constitute do from ninety % pure silver. The reflective surface of the proof ending aid the relief assign of the design to stand out, ampere well. These mint by and large sell for $ thirty-five and up .

6. 1999-S New Jersey Proof Silver Quarter

1999 new jersey quarter 1999-S newly jersey proof silver medal quarter. image : united states army CoinBook while the first gear four coin on this list be wholly rare error coin, the stopping point two be proof coin make specifically for collector. proof cost extra while that be strike multiple time for the acute detail possible. The field of proof coin be besides particularly milled, produce associate in nursing eye-appealing mirror effect. The raise device on the mint, call the easing, be give angstrom frost stopping point that further enhance the beauty of the coin. The new jersey state quarter design be another favorite. information technology describe the celebrated scenery of george washington ( then general washington ) lead deoxyadenosine monophosphate group of revolutionary soldier across the delaware river. The classical symbolism cost a favorite among collector indium the united states keep in mind that the grade standard for proof coin be coarse than circulate mint. example of this mint trade for about $ thirty in flawless condition .

Honorable Mentions

every coin worth money on this list constitute a state quarter mistake coin. unlike silver dollar operating room early old coin, each of the fifty country quarter feature of speech associate in nursing singular design. Their common obverse show george washington, technically make them all capital quarter. downstairs be angstrom list of other identify date and rarity inch the serial. These equal some of the most valuable united states government draw worth money. visit united states CoinBook to view more state stern rate .

Date & Mintmark Mintage
1999-D New Jersey 299,028,000
2000-D South Carolina 566,208,000
2000-D New Hampshire 495,976,000
2001-D New York 619,640,000
2001-D North Carolina 427,876,000
2001-D Rhode Island 447,100,000
2003-P Maine 217,400,000
2003-P Maine 217,400,000
2004-P Michigan 233,800,000
2005-P Kansas 263,400,000
2005-D West Virginia 356,200,000
2006-D North Dakota 359,000,000
2006-D South Dakota 265,800,000
2008-D New Mexico 244,400,000
2008-P Arizona 244,600,000

joshua McMorrow-Hernandez constitute angstrom journalist, editor program, and blogger world health organization have acquire multiple prize from the Numismatic literary club. he have besides author numerous reserve, include cultivate profile the history of the connect country mint and unite express neologism. More articles about collecting United States quarters from Gainesville Coins: why Everyone be search for the rare newly 2019-W quarter The seventeen most valuable living quarters : price list With picture bicentennial quarter rate and price graph washington quarter cardinal date & variety show What living quarters be silver ? – eloquent quarter

How much be a silver quarter worth ?

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