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A fair coin is tossed 9 times the probability that at least 5 consecutive heads occurs is

hello acquaintance here we have a interrogate that a honest coin is tossed 9 adam 9 ten and the probability that at least five straight had occur is indeed haircloth at least five me more than five and cons acute the head should be in consecutive compose at least 5 means more than five that is more than five that is from 5 up to 9 right case one will be K1 when we have when we have precisely 5 heads precisely 5 heads nowadays they can be consecutive Li that is that is had had had had had and 5 had right now I ‘ve had come consecutive then it will come now the remaining places are three now in the three places tnh can come veracious where there are two ways to fill this place two ways to fill this space and two ways to fill the outer space so how many ways we have 8 ways now let ‘s suppose that coin tossed and T comfort right Sohail 12345 had come after the right therefore hair will come so five back-to-back had come 1234567 7 places we vitor 7 x 7 8 9 right nowadays hair to that is head or stern can come hera had Ortel can come in the Hindi 8th and 9th class Sohail will be how many ways to into two that will come 4 ways right now let ‘s suppose that consecutive head get down with the third set right that is hera here comes drumhead capitulum head head 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 9 9 places of immediately hera we do n’t know what will come here that in the foremost and the last toy we do n’t know what will come hera so the chances will be tail and drumhead and hair will be tail and headway as to how many ways the four ways right now let ‘s suppose that promontory comes 5 had consecutively start with at the fourthly head oral sex heading head head 12345 12345 6789 right and here will come right Sohail how many it will besides come here that is five back-to-back had come no hair the choice that it and had can come TN head can come for now let ‘s suppose the five consecutive head start with at the 1234 fifth stead 12345 right now 1234 hair it comes no haircloth the choices we have that is still had can can come to your heading tail or oral sex tail ahead to hear it correct thus this we will total we will take

total add all cases where we will have 28 cases when we have precisely 5 had now case to that is casing to when we have when we have precisely 6 head E6 heads write Sohail that is for the 6 had that is 123456 that starting at the starting all 6 had come come consecutively and here we will have therefore 12 123456789 to places are remaining known to places head and fag end can come to write that will not affect the six consecutive head right sol hera we will have four ways that is head or fag end can come here head or buttocks can come as one position correct immediately let ‘s the second changes in the case to that is capitulum get down with the moment side all the six straight head start with a moment position thus 123456 hair stern and here public treasury now we have only one remaining side at this head or tail both can come justly thus this will have to two ways veracious now drumhead start at all 6 lead get down with third position so privation to 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 write in hair we have only one choice then hair fag end or head can come then two ways right now this fourthly Case entire

Sab case that is day starts from the fourthly position 123456 write three hair come if head will come here then it wo n’t be 6 had it will be severed fountainhead veracious now here we have two choices and two choices head or tail can come in a four ways write sum ways here will be 12 we will all the case add all the cases nowadays subject third base that is when we have precisely 7 had precisely 7 had come consecutively right Sohail 12345678 and we have lone one position remaining in that put tailor head can come right indeed this will come as two ways we can fill in two ways now the seven straight head startle with the second position S toss 1234567 right and hera we have tail and we have till Sohail only one casing will be right this and the immediately the third gear Sabke that is all 67 had consecutive will start from the third gear place head head head drumhead principal headway head head 1234566 lead hair the seven there will be tail will come and its remaining target is first gear one for this can be filled in two ways so the full ways will be five right now the encase 6th

encase for that is when precisely it head will come back-to-back had precisely eight consecutive heads will write 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 in here we will come right there when was sum now the case when at the second flip all the eighth back-to-back promontory will come so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 hairtel will come thus there 11 ways entire ways are to right now event for case festival bhi subject when precisely precisely nine back-to-back head will come Subah 1234567899 right today alone one lawsuit not total we will add all the cases we will get that is 28 entire cases 28 + 12 + 5 + 2 and + 1 this will come as 48 right immediately total outcomes will be full total outcomes when mint is when coin is tossed that is coin is tossed coin is tossed 9 x 9 adam so this will come 2 to the baron 9 this is wholly result and this is the favorable consequence that is 48 indeed probability will be probability will come as that at least 5 straight point that is 48 by 5 to the ability 2 to the world power 9 this is 2 to the power 9 not to do the ability is equal to 5 12 sol this is our claim result thank you

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