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The Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) is the professional association that represents the Florida College System, its 28 member institutions, employees, presidents, board members and retirees. AFC serves as our leading advocate in Tallahassee by articulating our mission to provide our students with a quality college experience while promoting excellence in teaching and student services.

In addition to system-wide advocacy, AFC provides its member with outstanding opportunities for professional development and leadership education. In 2012, AFC was named Association of the Year by the Tallahassee Society of Association Executives for its excellence and innovation in providing member services and programs, such as the Certified College Professional Program, that provides interested members the opportunity to advance their career goals in all areas of college leadership.

If you would like to learn more about AFC, visit its website. Membership for most full-time employees of the College is $40 or less per year. Your membership in AFC truly makes a difference—it’s not so much the $40 annual membership fee but the power that comes in membership numbers. We’re looking to let those in the legislature know that AFC is the voice of the people who work for and are a part of the Florida College System, and we can send them this message loud and clear by increasing our membership numbers.

AFC celebrates our unique role in higher education and supports the work that you do each and every day to provide opportunities for our students to further their educational goals. Please let me or any of our Chapter Officers know if you have any questions about AFC. We would be more than happy to discuss with you why we feel it is such a valuable organization.

Chapter Goals

The St. Johns River State College Chapter of AFC strives
to involve individual members at the College in carrying out the goals
and purposes of the Association at the local level. To this end, the Chapter
shall endeavor:

  1. To promote increased communication and interaction
    among all employees and trustees in the College.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion of issues which are of interest or
    importance to the entire college family, including but not limited to, legislative concerns.
  3. To serve as a campus AFC membership committee by assisting the membership
    chair with the organization and execution of the annual membership campaign.
  4. To establish a procedure for selection of delegates to the Assembly
    of Delegates and voting representatives to each commission, as provided
    in the AFC by-laws.

the complete

Read the complete By-laws & Standing Rules of the St. Johns River State College Chapter of ae.888

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