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NFL Playoff Schedule 2018: Bracket Dates and Updated AFC, NFC Scenarios

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NFL Playoff Schedule 2018: Bracket Dates and Updated AFC, NFC Scenarios

Steve Silverman@ @ profootballboyFeatured ColumnistThe Saints go into the playoff as the top seed in the NFC.Butch Dill / Associated PressThere is work lớn be done in the final week of the regular season, và all questions will be answered at the conclusion of Week 17 .There are two teams that are locked into their position as the final week of the regular season approaches. The New Orleans Saints are the top seed in the NFC, & they will play all their remaining games at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome until they get lớn the Super Bowl, if they get that far .The Dallas Cowboys clinched the NFC East when they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 16, và they are the fourth seed in the NFC playoff structure. They play at the New York Giants in Week 17, but they are not in a position Khủng pass the third-seeded Chicago Bears .Four teams in the ae.888
have clinched playoff positions, but none of the teams have locked into the positions. The Kansas City Chiefs và New England Patriots are seeded first & second, respectively, heading into Week 17. However, both could kết thúc up playing during the wild-card weekend of Jan. 5 & 6 if they are not successful in the final regular-season game .Here’s a links Khủng the đầy đủ league standings heading into the final week of the regular season .NFL Playoff Schedule 2018: Bracket Dates and Updated AFC, NFC ScenariosVideo Play Button✨ Watch more top videos, highlights, & B / R original nội dung Right Arrow Icon

NFC Playoff standings

1. New Orleans Saints ( 13-2, clinched NFC South )2. Los Angeles Rams ( 12-3, clinched NFC West )ba. Chicago Bears ( 11-4, clinched NFC North )bốn. Dallas Cowboys ( 9-6, clinched NFC East )5. Seattle Seahawks ( 9-6, clinched wild-card )6. Minnesota Vikings ( 8-6-1 )7. Philadelphia Eagles ( 8-7 )

NFL Playoff Schedule

Wild Card Round: Saturday, Jan. 5 and Sunday, Jan. 6

Divisional Round: Saturday, Jan. 12 and Sunday, Jan. 13

Conference Championships: Sunday, Jan. 20

Super Bowl LIII: Sunday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS

Where to Watch: The NFL postseason and all NFL broadcasts are available through fuboTV.

The Saints will not play in the opening weekend of the playoffs, while the Cowboy will participate .The likelihood is that the Cowboys will host the Seahawks, who should finish as the No. 5 seed. They currently hold that spot, và their final regular-season game is at home page against the last-place Arizona Cardinals. Russell Wilson và his teammates should not have a problem in that game .Since the Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in professional sports, it seems likely they will host the night of Saturday, January bốn .The Rams will clinch the No. 2 spot & avoid competition during the first weekend of the playoffs if they beat the San Francisco 49 ers at trang chính. If the Rams chiến thắng or the Chicago Bears thất bại lớn the Minnesota Vikings, the Bears earn the No. tam seed, meaning they would host a wild-card game against the No. 6 seed .That means they would host the Minnesota Vikings or the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild-card ải. The Vikings go into the final weekend with a half-game lead end the Eagles, so sánh they are in a win-and-in scenario, while the defending Super Bowl champions need the Vikings phệ thua và béo beat the Washington Redskins on the road béo get into the postseason .The Bears could also face the Seahawks, if Seattle loses at trang chủ Khủng the Cardinals & the Vikings chiến thắng their final home page game .

AFC Playoff Standings

1. Kansas City Chiefs ( 11-4, clinched playoffs )2. New England Patriots ( 10-5, clinched AFC East )tam. Houston Texans ( 10-5, clinched playoffs )bốn. Baltimore Ravens ( 9-6 )5. Los Angeles Chargers ( 11-4, clinched playoffs )6. Indianapolis Colts ( 9-6 )7. Tennessee Titans ( 9-6 )8. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 8-6-1 )The Chiefs have missed opportunities phệ clinch the AFC West & No. 1 seed in the conference by losing lớn the Chargers và Seahawks the past two weeks .They host the Oakland Raiders in the regular-season finale, & a chiến hạ in that game will give Kansas City the top spot in the division & the conference. While the high-scoring Chiefs should chiến thắng that game, the Raiders have won three of their last six games, & the season finale may not be as easy as it appeared just a week or two ago .The Chargers go phệ Denver lớn play the Broncos, & if they thắng và the Chiefs thất bại mập the Raiders, the Chargers will take the No. 1 spot in the division và the conference. If that happens, the Chiefs would fall from the No. 1 spot mập the No. 5 position as the conference’s top wild-card nhóm .If the Chiefs hold onto the division tiêu đề, the Chargers would remain as the AFC’s fifth seed .The Patriots can clinch the No. 2 spot in the AFC playoff structure with a trang chủ chiến hạ kết thúc the New York Jets. New England can claim an 8-0 home record with a victory in the final game, & that counters their head-scratching 3-5 road record .New England has a slim chance at gaining the top seed if they chiến thắng & the Chiefs & Chargers thua trận their final games .The Patriots could slip lớn the No. ba seed if they thua trận mập the Jets & the Houston Texans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. A win end the Jaguars will clinch the AFC South for the Texans, who have lost two of three games after winning nine games in a row .The Ravens have moved into first place in the AFC North after their impressive 22-10 triumph end the Chargers on the road in Week 16, và they will clinch the division tiêu đề with a trang chính chiến thắng kết thúc the improving Cleveland Browns .The Steelers, losers of four of their last five games, could pass the Ravens if they beat the Cincinnati Bengals và the Ravens thảm bại Khủng the Browns. Pittsburgh has almost no chance of earning a wild-card spot. They would need béo beat the Bengals và the game between the Colts và Titans would have Khủng over up in a tie .If that does not happen, the winner of the Indianapolis-Tennessee gets an invitation mập the playoffs. The most likely scenario puts the victor in as the No. 2 wild-card đội, but if the Texans chiến bại lớn the Jaguars, the winner will take the AFC South tiêu đề & Houston will be relegated Khủng wild-card status .

Super Bowl Odds (per OddsShark)

Saints + 250Rams + 390Chiefs + 450Patriots + 650Bears + 800Chargers + 1200Ravens + 1600Cowboys + 2500Texans + 2500Vikings + 2800Seahawks + 3300Colts + 4000Steelers + 4000Titans + 4000Eagles + 5000The Saints have been the best nhóm in the NFL most of the second half of the season, & they are favored Khủng lift the Vince Lombardi trophy on the night of February tam at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta .The Rams have struggled a bit in recent weeks after a brilliant first half of the season & they are the No. 2 choice bự thắng the Super Bowl .The Chiefs, who must chiến hạ phệ gain the AFC’s No. 1 seed, are the top AFC choice, followed by the Patriots .The defending Super Bowl champion Eagles are the longest shot on the board at + 5000, since they need help bự get into the postseason .

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