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Megatron is the Decepticon leader from the Movie continuity family.

(thumbnail) Friends, Trypticonians, countrybots, lend me your audio receptors !

Megatron (aka Galvatron, N.B.E.-01, the Ice Man and C-81) was not always the viciously powerful and brutally direct leader of the Decepticons: he was once brothers-in-arms with Optimus and a student of Sentinel Prime, appointed to be Cybertron’s Protector and commander of its Defense Force. But Megatron resented his comrade, knowing he was a Prime and therefore Sentinel’s favored son. This anger allowed The Fallen to ensnare him and led to the revival of the Decepticons. Even without The Fallen, it’s not hard to imagine that Megatron would have erupted Cybertron into war to rid himself of Optimus.

Megatron tends Khủng become so sánh obsessed with the object calculate my age
his desires that he can ignore ” secondary ” matters, glaring flaws in his plans. Otherwise, he likely wouldn’t have chased after the AllSpark alone, & spent centuries entombed in the Arctic. Trying bự talk Megatron out of blindly going for his goals is useless. He will risk his world, his troops, & even his own spark Khủng achieve his goals ; these things bởi vì not matter mập Megatron. Like his master, Megatron feels a violent hatred towards humans & views them as only slightly above bacteria, a feeling exacerbated by spending decades as their prisoner .

Despite this fatal flaw, Megatron did not achieve his dreaded status through simple warmongering. He’s a manipulative, cunning strategist who can kế hoạch multiple schemes spanning millennia, và while they may overlap, they all help him towards his one, true goal : the restoration of Cybertron. For all his evils, Megatron genuinely strives mập save his trang chủ planet some day, và with it, the Cybertronian race : even if it means he has lớn rule it with his iron fist & put his bloodlust Khủng good use phệ bởi so sánh .

You still fight for the weak! That is why you lose!

Megatron to Optimus, Transformers



The five movies are the primary component of the live-action movie continuity family. Their events should be taken as canon for all other pieces of fiction listed below, unless otherwise specified .

Transformers film

(thumbnail) Oh baby, you know just the spot bự turn me on !Megatron eventually succeeded in tracking the AllSpark lớn Earth, where he rather embarrassingly crash-landed in the Arctic Circle và was frozen solid for thousands of years. In 1897, some 100 Earth-years before the arrival of the other Transformers, he was discovered by an explorer named Archibald Amundsen Witwicky. Captain Witwicky accidentally activated Megatron’s navigation system và caused the coordinates of the AllSpark béo be etched onto the explorer’s glasses. Megatron remained imprisoned in the Arctic until the 1930 s, when he was dug out by the United States government & moved mập a secret Sector Seven stronghold inside Hoover Dam. In the years that followed, many modern devices ( by Earth standards ) were reverse-engineered from his frozen body toàn thân .
(thumbnail) Mace isn’t for spraying, it’s for hitting .In the present day, having searched the galaxy for the AllSpark và being drawn béo Earth, the remaining Decepticons learned of Witwicky’s glasses. Through the Internet, they determined the location of both Megatron & the AllSpark inside Hoover Dam. Frenzy infiltrated the dam và shut lao dốc the power systems, while Starscream attacked the external powerlines, resulting in Megatron’s thawing out. Once again trực tuyến, the leader of the Decepticons informed the worthless insects of his true name, shouting ” I am Megatron ! ” ( phệ clear up all that N.B.E. – 01 / Ice Man nonsense ), randomly killed a few of them while destroying his former prison, then transformed & flew off after the AllSpark again. He met up with Starscream for the first thời gian in thousands of years on the outside, &, không bao giờ one for pleasantries, immediately demanded bự know where the Cube was. Upon learning that the humans had moved the AllSpark, Megatron berated Starscream for yet another failure .
After Starscream & Devastator’s opening attacks in Mission City, Megatron arrived, & again declared his name ( he really wants people bự know who he is ). The Autobots were so sánh panicked by the sight of their long lost nemesis that Jazz called for a temporary retreat. Megatron blasted Jazz backwards when the diminutive Autobot attempted béo attack, then threw him into the air before crushing him on top of a tower with his clawed talons. Jazz valiantly fought on, asking if Megatron wanted a ” piece ” of him, but doing little damage Khủng the Decepticon leader. Megatron viciously killed the Autobot by tearing him in half, callously declaring that he wanted ” two ” .
As the human boy ran off with the AllSpark, Megatron ordered the Decepticons béo attack. Devastator attacked the armed insects, while Starscream & Blackout fought Ironhide & Ratchet for the AllSpark. At that moment, Optimus Prime appeared và challenged Megatron. Millennia in the ice had done nothing béo lessen the animosity Megatron felt for his brother, however. Barely managing béo growl out Prime’s name, he discarded Jazz’s body toàn thân và then transformed và flew at Prime at đầy đủ tốc độ. The Autobot leader leapt & grabbed a hold of Megatron, who slammed him into a building before flying right through a skyscraper. Both leaders landed in the middle of an intersection, but Megatron was the first phệ recover & leaped upon his brother, snarling that the humans were undeserving of life. Optimus Prime replied that they had the right lớn choose for themselves. Hearing this, the snarling Megatron tossed Optimus aside. Megatron declared that if Prime wished phệ defend them, he should ” join them in extinction “, forming his fusion cannon. Before he could fire, the Autobot leader drew his ion blaster và fired, hitting Megatron. The Decepticon leader shrugged off this attack, spun around from the momentum & fired his cannon, sending Optimus Prime flying into the side of a building .
(thumbnail) Oh look I found a stray human … wonder if I can keep him as a pet … come on boy, don’t be scared. I’ll take you béo a hot nhất trang chính .Megatron pursued the young human who had removed the AllSpark from Hoover Dam, destroying everything that stood in his way. The boy ran mập a dilapidated building that was the designated coordinates for a human military evacuation đội, and Megatron smashed his way through, yelling that he could smell the human maggot. Starscream destroyed the helicopter intended mập take the AllSpark, and Megatron burst through the floor, inquiring if it was courage or fear that compelled him. Finally cornering him on a ledge, Megatron offered that if the human gave him the AllSpark, the boy might live as his pet. The Decepticon leader relished the human’s defiant refusal và destroyed the ledge the human was standing upon, sending the boy tumbling Khủng the ground .
(thumbnail) Get up, so sánh I can knock you back xuống dốc !Unfortunately, the human was caught by Optimus Prime, who then tried phệ escape lao dốc the side of the building before Megatron tackled him và sent all three slamming into the pavement. As a nearby human bystander attempted lớn crawl away, the Decepticon expressed his disgust at the insect’s proximity và flicked it away. Protecting the young boy, Prime declared that their war would kết thúc here & it was now just between the two brothers. Though lusting for the AllSpark, Megatron decided béo indulge his brother’s obvious death wish, declaring that only he was in this fight. Despite Optimus Prime’s best efforts, Megatron was relentless, matching the Autobot leader with blow after devastating blow until he collapsed. Adding insult phệ injury, Megatron informed Prime that his defense of the ” weak ” was the real reason he lost .
(thumbnail) The AllSpark will give you sparkburn !The Decepticon leader turned his attention back phệ the human boy, but was suddenly attacked by the human fighter jets và Captain Lennox ‘ s ground soldiers firing sabot rounds. Optimus took this chance, striking Megatron & knocking him xuống dốc. His armor a damaged, shattered mess, Megatron ignored the punishment và focused on the human boy, growling that he would kill the boy & that the AllSpark was his. As Optimus Prime ordered the boy lớn place the AllSpark into his chest, the human instead pushed it into the now-exposed spark in Megatron’s chest, overloading him with energy & extinguishing the Decepticon’s life force. As Optimus Prime stood kết thúc Megatron’s lifeless shell, watching the light flicker out of his brother’s optics, he remarked somberly, yet remorsefully, that Megatron had left him no choice, & removed a shard of the AllSpark from his brother’s spark core .Megatron’s body toàn thân was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss at its deepest point, along with the remains of the other Decepticons, where the near-freezing temperatures would, hopefully, keep them dormant indefinitely. Transformers

Revenge of the Fallen film

(thumbnail) Now, where’s Starscream ? I want phệ give him a piece of my mind .

Megatron’s death would not last long, however. Soundwave tapped into a conversation between NEST and General Morshower, listening to Director Theodore Galloway mention that 1) a shard of the AllSpark was in storage in Diego Garcia and 2) Megatron’s body lay in the Laurentian Abyss. Ravage was sent to steal the shard, and swam to the Abyss with Scalpel, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage and Scrapmetal. Scalpel ordered spare parts be used to repair Megatron’s body with “ze little one”, who was torn apart by his larger brethren, and then struck Megatron with the shard: the Decepticon leader was reborn as a Cybertronian tank with flight capabilities and a death-lock pincer. Megatron flew up to the surface, striking a submarine on his way, before journeying into space to find the Nemesis.

“I’m trying to watch the game here!”” My Master, I have fai — ” ” I’m trying béo watch the game here ! “On the ruined ship, Megatron met up with Starscream, & chastised his subordinate for leaving him béo die on Earth. Starscream defended his actions by saying that he had bự take care of the hatchlings, who were dying without energon, as someone had béo take command in Megatron’s absence. Furious, Megatron bashed Starscream into a wall containing protoform sacks, và told Starscream that even in death, there is no command but Megatron’s. Megatron met up with The Fallen, who was weakened & in a life tư vấn chair. Megatron told his master he had failed và allowed the AllSpark Khủng be destroyed, but The Fallen told Megatron that the knowledge of the AllSpark had instead been transferred béo the human boy who killed him, Sam Witwicky. With the knowledge within Sam’s mind, they could find another energon source, hidden away from The Fallen eons ago. Already eager mập avenge himself, Megatron begged The Fallen for the chance Khủng strip the flesh from Sam, but The Fallen asked for patience. Before they could act, Megatron was béo kill Optimus Prime, who was the last of the Dynasty of Primes và the only one that could defeat the Fallen. Megatron knew that Optimus would protect the boy, & ordered him captured .
(thumbnail) Don’t blink. He isn’t lượt thích this much .Megatron sprang a trap, dispatching Grindor mập take Sam Witwicky, Mikaela Banes và Leo Spitz bự him at an abandoned factory. Although Megatron would have rather killed Sam slowly và painfully, Sam had valuable information as Khủng the energon source’s location in his mind, which he had received from his own AllSpark fragment. Megatron held the boy xuống dốc while Scalpel performed several invasive probes of Sam’s mind. Scalpel’s probes confirmed The Fallen’s claims, and Scalpel declared that they needed Sam’s brain on the table, something Megatron had no objections phệ. Just as Scalpel was ready bự dissect Sam’s brain, Optimus & Bumblebee burst in béo rescue the humans. Megatron attempted Khủng attack Optimus, but was shot out of the factory as he pounced. Optimus drove Sam phệ a forest, with Megatron in hot pursuit. The Autobot and Decepticon leaders transformed và battled as Sam fled. Optimus was pretty easily dominating the fight, trash talking Megatron all the while, eventually forcing Megatron bự Điện thoại tư vấn his Decepticons for help .
“Not the face!”
“Too bad!”” Body or face, Megatron ? ” ” Not the face ! ” ” Too bad ! “Starscream & Grindor immediately arrived lớn aid their commander. Megatron told Optimus that Sam could lead them mập another energon source, then counterattacked his foe, kicking off Prime’s mouthplate và blasting him backwards. Appearing lớn have a slight advantage, Megatron taunted the Autobot leader, asking if one boy was worth the future of the Cybertronians. Prime replied that he’d không bao giờ stop at killing just one, then took on all three Decepticons. Surprisingly, he was winning, punching & stabbing Megatron multiple times, ripping off Starscream’s right arm, và tearing Grindor apart. However, as a weary Prime tried bự find Sam, Megatron stabbed him in the back & blasted through his spark : Prime fell, mortally wounded. As Megatron moved for the boy, the rest of the Autobots arrived và provided enough cover for Bumblebee phệ spirit Sam away. Already injured from the battle with Prime, Megatron & Starscream were forced phệ retreat .
“But you were never—”
“SHUT UP!”” That’s IT ! No more Mr. Nice Megatron ! ” ” But you were không bao giờ — ” ” SHUT UP ! “With Prime dead, Megatron was quite pleased, until Starscream informed him that the boy had escaped. Furious, Megatron smacked his lieutenant with his own severed arm và ran his treads on him for a moment for losing track of a single insect, but Starscream countered that he was one of seven billion, và could be anywhere. Considering the situation, Megatron decided it was thời gian lớn kết thúc their secret war, & that if they couldn’t find the boy, they’d have the humans bring him Khủng the Decepticons. Soundwave used his scanning abilities phệ locate the boys parents, the rejuvenated Fallen broadcast a message phệ deliver Sam lớn them across the planet. Megatron himself broadcasted the Fallen’s message by rewiring the Empire State Building ‘ s radio tower .
(thumbnail) Hey, he stole my purse ! Wallet ! I mean wallet !He then flew mập Egypt, where nineteen thousand years before, the Fallen had built a Star Harvester Khủng harness the Sun for energon. Starscream informed him that the human soldiers had brought Prime’s body toàn thân with them, và Megatron surmised the boy’s intentions. Commanding the rest of the Decepticons Khủng begin their assault, Megatron ordered Devastator bự destroy the pyramid that was built end the harvester, while he himself chased Sam for the Matrix of Leadership, which would activate the harvester. Megatron almost killed Sam, but was overwhelmed by human gunfire, và flew off .
(thumbnail) It’s just a flesh wound. Err, armor wound .Fortunately, The Fallen managed bự take the Matrix và activate the harvester, but it had already been used Khủng resurrect Optimus. Optimus combined with Jetfire & destroyed the harvester, knocking Megatron off the pyramid while Prime went for The Fallen. Quickly recovering, Megatron came béo the aid of his master và attacked Optimus from behind. After a brief but brutal tussle, Optimus used Megatron’s own cannon phệ blast half his face off, & then severed the Decepticon’s right arm. Finally, Optimus used his afterburners bự send Megatron flying through some ruins, ending his role in the battle. Badly damaged, Megatron called out for ” Tharscweam ! ” in agony, but it soon mattered little as Optimus Prime killed the Fallen. Horrified at the demise of his master, Megatron acknowledged Starscream’s advice that they should flee, but vowed that ” This isn’t end. ” Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon film

Cybertron … you are saved, at last .Megatron, Dark of the MoonThree years after Operation : Firestorm & the death of the Fallen, Megatron finally adopted an Earth form – ironically, a large tractor-trailer not unlike that of his most hated enemy – và hid out in the plains of Namibia, Africa, in exile. There, still visibly bearing the scars of his battle with Optimus Prime, he spent most of his giây phút sitting on a ramshackle throne of junk, with only Starscream, Soundwave, Laserbeak, & the diminutive Igor Khủng command. Megatron regularly went out béo find food for the Hatchlings that lived in a collection of oil drums at the camp, occasionally scaring the local wildlife with his roaring & bellowing. Starscream expressed his concern for his master’s wounds, but Megatron was not fooled by his sucking up. Laserbeak returned after observing Shockwave ‘ s fight with Optimus, & he & Soundwave told Megatron that the Autobots had discovered a fuel cell from the Ark, which had been thought lost. Megatron noted his approval of the two’s work, & decided that the humans that were working for them had served their purpose, & ordered them lớn be eliminated .

After Sentinel Prime betrayed the Autobots, Megatron and Starscream travelled to Washington D.C., where Megatron outlined his scheme to his second-in-command. Apparently, Sentinel was supposed to rendezvous with Megatron there on Earth, but the circumstances caused them both to be deactivated, and Sentinel was the only one who knew how to activate the space bridge. However, Megatron had a contingency plan: since they already had the pillars on the Moon and Optimus had recovered the Matrix of Leadership, he merely needed Optimus to revive Sentinel, so he could activate the pillars. And so arrived that moment, and Megatron blasted President Lincoln off his stone throne, and used the remains as a seat. Optimus arrived to stop Sentinel but was too late. Megatron watched this happen, after which he declared, “Here we are. Fight us now.”

(thumbnail) Megatron just needs mập crash on Sentinel’s couch for a few days until he can get back on his feet .

Soon, they travelled to Chicago, Illinois, where Sentinel and Megatron planned to start their global takeover. They set up their base of operations on the Jewelers’ Building. Human Dylan Gould, who was working for the Decepticons, came with Carly Spencer to watch, but Megatron ordered him to leave. Dylan did so but muttered to Carly “he’s such a dick”. After the Decepticons successfully occupied Chicago, Megatron stated that this was the world that he promised, that this way Cybertron would be restored. Sentinel, feeling his partner was getting too chummy, violently reminded Megatron of his place; Sentinel did not work for Megatron, he worked with Megatron, and warned the Decepticon to remember the difference.

Much later, Dylan shouted mập Megatron that the Autobots, who were seemingly destroyed by Starscream, were still alive. Megatron ordered the bridges bự be raised & all Decepticon fighter ships bự find the Autobots .
(thumbnail) Insert your own ” Give me your face ” joke here .Sentinel would take control of the Decepticon forces in the fight against the Autobots, & so sánh, as the battle raged Megatron lay on another throne of junk, sulking, though his spirit was suitably lifted as Cybertron appeared in the sky above. That is until Carly Spencer approached him và mocked that Sentinel had apparently usurped him. Megatron denied this & maintained that he would rule. As Carly pushed him further, he prepared béo crush the human for daring mập speak so sánh defiantly phệ him, but paused, realizing how far he had fallen from power within the past few years, và decided mập once again take his rightful place at the top of the command chain. That is what he came close lớn doing ; just as Sentinel was about Khủng giảm giá the fatal blow Khủng Optimus, Megatron attacked và severely wounded Sentinel. Meanwhile, the Autobots destroyed the control pillar, thus destroying the space bridge & presumably Cybertron with it. Seeing this, Megatron offered Optimus a truce, as long he could remain in charge of the Decepticons. ” After all, ” he asked, ” Who would you be without me, Prime ? ” Prime’s response was lớn announce that it was ” Time phệ find out, ” as he promptly tore Megatron’s head from his shoulders with his axe, finally killing the tyrant. Optimus then used his nemesis ‘ fusion shotgun bự kết thúc Sentinel’s life as well. Dark of the Moon

Age of Extinction film

(thumbnail) Aw, look at that, the humans wiped off all the rust ! And wasn’t my face split in two ?In the years that followed the battle of Chicago, Megatron was among the listed casualties by CIA taskforce, Cemetery Wind. He even had his ugly mug printed out on a playing thẻ. [ một ]

Although Megatron’s spark had been extinguished in the battle of Chicago, his brain remained intact within his severed head. Megatron’s remains were acquired by KSI, who forced Brains to download and decrypt data from the Decepticon leader’s brain to help them crack the secrets of Transformium and create their own range of man-made Transformer drones. Company head Joshua Joyce intended for the centerpiece of this line, the military drone “Galvatron“, to be physically patterned after Optimus Prime, but Megatron’s still-functional mind secretly influenced the Transformium, causing it to take a shape not dissimilar to his own appearance, so that the Galvatron shell could serve as a new body for himself. Over the next five years, Megatron became aware of KSI’s alliance with the Cybertronian bounty hunter Lockdown and Cemetery Wind. Learning of the cyberforming Seed the humans were going to receive as payment for helping Lockdown capture Optimus, Megatron schemed to steal it and use it to create enough Transformium to build a massive Decepticon army. As the go-between, Brains was aware of the Decepticon leader’s plan, but declined to notify his captors of any of this, because seriously, screw those guys.

“That is why I make a great lawyer!”” You have no soul ! ” ” That is why I make a great lawyer ! “After four prototype Galvatrons were junked by KSI due béo their ” inexplicably ” Megatron-like appearance, they were forced phệ put the fifth into action after the Autobots attempted a raid on their Chicago facility. Before it rolled out, Megatron transferred his mind into the drone’s body toàn thân ( or, as Brains put it, ” infected it with his evil nasty chromosomes ” ) & was thus reborn, a spark-less, soul-less ‘ bot without fear. He initially pretended Khủng obey KSI’s remote control, but quickly began Khủng exhibit his không tính tiền will, firing his weapons unbidden và showing a reckless disregard for civilian bystanders. When Optimus Prime engaged Galvatron in battle, he could sense the essence of Megatron within the drone, but before their fight could reach a definitive kết thúc, Lockdown interceded & abducted Prime. Galvatron was retrieved from the field by a furious Joyce, who declared the drone’s signs of autonomy as critical flaws .
(thumbnail) I’ll get you next giây phút, Gadget, next thời gian !Brains revealed Galvatron’s scheme Khủng Cade Yeager, who called Joyce và alerted him of the danger Galvatron posed should he obtain the Seed. Having ended his giảm giá with Lockdown, Attinger handed end the Seed he’d received in exchange for Optimus. Though efforts were made bự tighten security, Galvatron activated on his own as he bellowed his name, then animated KSI’s other Transformers. Together, Galvatron & his hot nhất minions trashed KSI’s lab as they searched for the Seed. However, Joyce was able bự flee the facility with the Seed, escaping both Galvatron và the CIA. He attempted lớn rendezvous with the Autobots & Yeagers in Hong Kong. Galvatron ordered his hot nhất Decepticons phệ split up và find Joyce, & his troops were able lớn shoot xuống dốc the Autobot ship just as Joyce was about phệ hand end the Seed. The Autobot ship crash-landed in the nearby Wulong Valley, leaving only Hound và Bumblebee Khủng protect the humans & the Seed. However, just as the two were about lớn be overwhelmed, the other Autobots returned with the Dinobots in tow, quickly turning the tide of battle & slaying most of the Decepticons, much Khủng Galvatron’s chagrin. Galvatron was only saved by the timely reappearance of Lockdown, whose attack drew Optimus’s attention. With his plans temporarily stymied, Galvatron declared his rebirth & swore revenge against Prime as he left for parts unknown. Age of Extinction

The Last Knight film

Megatron was present during the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. This historical appearance was covered up by the Order of the Witwiccans .
(thumbnail) Wait ? My son, the planet or me ?At some point after the battle of Hong Kong, under undivulged circumstances, Galvatron fell under the sway of the alien sorceress và supposed Cybertronian ” goddess ” Quintessa, took on a mới nhất jet alternate mode, và returned lớn Earth using his true name. Quintessa charged him with recovering the staff stolen from her by her Guardian Knights, which she sought bự use bự drain the lifeforce of Earth in order mập restore the ruined Cybertron. Learning from his hot nhất ally that Earth was, in fact, Cybertron’s ancient enemy Unicron, Megatron surveyed each of the six mountainous ” horns ” that had begun béo emerge from its surface in preparation for Cybertron’s arrival, but the first breadcrumb on the staff’s trail was not found until Barricade witnessed a dying knight giving Cade Yeager a Talisman connected Khủng the staff. Megatron was angry at his subordinate’s failure lớn obtain it, but Barricade salvaged the situation with a kế hoạch bự use the Transformers Reaction Force lớn bởi vì the work for them .
(thumbnail) What ever you vì, don’t say ” Yes ” or else he will shoot .Requiring additional Decepticon reinforcements bự take on Yeager’s Autobot protectors, Megatron kidnapped two CIA officers, offering bự trade them for the release of a squad of Decepticons of his choosing from TRF custody. Meeting with William Lennox in the desert, Megatron secured the release of Mohawk, Dreadbot, Nitro Zeus, & Onslaught ( only settling for the latter after his first choice, Berserker, was refused ). The Decepticons tracked Yeager lớn his South Dakota junkyard hideout, but their quarry had already escaped lớn a nearby town. Among the refuse, Megatron discovered the head of Starscream, và mused béo his traitorous former lieutenant that his victory was near, pitying that Starscream hadn’t lived mập see his victory. He was then attacked by Hound, but he dispatched the Autobot with a blast of his fusion cannon. Megatron’s nhóm followed the Autobots, but all they could find in the town was the ramshackle little Autobot Sqweeks. Megatron was disgusted by the human scent he could smell upon the tiny ‘ bot … whereupon Sqweeks’s friend và guardian Izabella emerged from hiding, furiously ordering the Decepticon leader Khủng put Sqweeks xuống dốc. Yeager và the other Autobots broke cover & sprung an explosive trap. As battle with the Autobots raged, Grimlock arrived Khủng join the fight & personally tossed Megatron around lượt thích a toy. The Decepticons were quickly overpowered & after Dreadbot and Onslaught fell, Megatron called a retreat, escaping with Nitro Zeus and Barricade but leaving Mohawk behind mập perish. TRF then stepped in lớn take end the chase for Yeager .When Yeager và Bumblebee went bự England phệ meet with Sir Edmund Burton, Megatron và his remaining forces followed, knowing Yeager would lead them lớn the Staff. Yeager was subsequently joined by Viviane Wembly, và successfully located Quintessa’s staff in the knight’s ship at the bottom of the ocean. Quintessa had, in the intervening phút giây, also placed Optimus Prime under her control và sent him mập obtain the staff, but when Bumblebee helped Prime break her control, Megatron seized his opportunity, streaking in, blindsiding the disoriented Prime, và snatching the staff away. He proclaimed lớn his nemesis that he had turned his back on Cybertron for the last giây phút, và would watch Earth die. As Cybertron arrived in Earth orbit, the Decepticons headed for Stonehenge, where Megatron activated the portal through which Unicron’s energy would be drained. When Burton & the British military attempted béo stop them, Megatron fatally wounded Burton with a single blast .
(thumbnail) Hound: You’re going down, Buckethead!
Megatron: That line wasn’t funny : You’re going xuống dốc, Buckethead ! : That line wasn’t funny last phút giây, either !

The Decepticons proceeded to relocate to Cybertron, where Megatron delivered the staff to Quintessa and led the defense of her ignition chamber against the joint forces of the Autobots, humans, and Dragonstorm. His forces held the line until Sqweeks destroyed their gun emplacement and Optimus arrived and slew Infernocus. He and Nitro fell back as the Autobots broke through the defenses and arrived to thwart their plan, and soon engaged all the Autobots together. As he prepared to deliver a killing blow to Hound, he was briefly frozen by Hot Rod’s time slowing gun and blasted by Hound. He was then tackled by Bumblebee and when he prepared to blast the small Autobot, Optimus Prime intervened, slicing his fusion cannon arm off. Megatron, despite his injury, managed to subdue Optimus and attempted to sway him by reminding him of how they had once been “brothers”, but Optimus retorted that it had indeed only been once, and kicked him through a wall, sending him plummeting through the air. The Last Knight

IDW movie comics

During the Dark Age of Cybertron after the fall of the Dynasty of Primes, Megatron became a follower of Sentinel Prime. Sentinel recovered the AllSpark, & planned mập transport a sun Khủng repower it và the rest of Cybertron. The Thetacons, who believed Sentinel bự be a mad heretic, launched an attack on the AllSpark’s facility. Megatron, Optimus, Shockwave, & Elita-One fended off the Thetacons when Sentinel & Wheeljack successfully transported a star bự Cybertron. The Thetacons laid xuống dốc their arms, but Megatron resented that so sánh many of his comrades had died before Cybertron’s hot nhất dawn, và it was only by Optimus’s persuasion that Megatron found it within himself Khủng forgive his enemies và shake the Thetacon Ironhide ‘ s hand. Foundation # mộtThat evening, Megatron eavesdropped on a conversation between Sentinel & Optimus. Sentinel claimed Optimus was also a Prime, và intended Khủng make him the mới ra ruler of Cybertron. Optimus refused, unable bự accept he was a Prime & somehow superior Khủng his comrades. The next day, Megatron grumbled bự Shockwave that if he were Optimus, he would have accepted Sentinel’s offer. They came across a Driller attacking a hatchling field trip, và successfully shot the creature lớn pieces. Megatron asked for the name of the Cybertronian who volunteered mập guard the hatchlings : his name was Starscream .Three days later at the capital thành phố of Trypticon, Sentinel Prime officially declared Cybertron’s unification, & announced the planet would be governed by Optimus’s Science Division, & Megatron’s Defense Force. Foundation # 2 For two generations, Optimus và Megatron ruled Cybertron successfully, creating a balance of fair & firm leadership. Movie Prequel # một When Malcontent activity increased on Cybertron, Megatron met with Optimus và requested supreme authority in protecting the planet. Optimus obliged. Megatron then requested phệ be called Lord High Protector và phệ be addressed as ” sir “. Foundation # 2
(thumbnail) ” Know your place, boy ! “

After Commander Starscream returned from his patrol in the Eshems Nebula, Optimus was reporting on his science sector’s continuing excavation of the site near Simfur Temple and the unusual pulse waves that the AllSpark had been emitting ever since work began. At the excavation site, while Optimus’ scientists were concerned with disturbing the ancient artifacts, all Megatron cared about was whether these relics might provide the same revitalising energy as the AllSpark. He was nettled when Optimus asserted the sector’s dominion over all scientific and archaeological discoveries and reminded his junior that it was his defence force that protected this world, demanding to be informed of all possible threats from the excavation’s findings. When Optimus dared to remind Megatron of the military’s treatment of such discoveries as hostile, Megatron told Optimus that when he tried to be the leader of Cybertron, he could make those decisions, not now. When a mysterious relic was discovered, Megatron ordered it removed at once, a demand that Optimus disagreed with. Just as the pair were about to launch into another argument, Cybertron fell under attack from Nebula inhabitants. Megatron had the relic quickly moved to his quarters under the guise of protecting it from the invaders. Arriving to find Bumblebee and Cliffjumper seeking cover within the temple of Simfur, Megatron chastised their alleged lack of courage before he was hit by an alien tank vehicle. After destroying it, he told Starscream to keep Optimus’ team out of the military’s way and staggered back to his quarters in Trypticon. Drawn towards the relic, he ignored his injuries and scraped away at the layers of debris encrusting it before losing consciousness. Defiance #1

(thumbnail) Mein Führer !

The relic used what little power it had left to repair Megatron’s wounds. At first Megatron was angry, demanding the being to show himself to the Protector of all Cybertron. The relic explained that it was unable to do so without Megatron’s help, and if he helped, the relic would truly make him Lord of Cybertron. The relic then fired beams of energy into Megatron’s mind (turning his white optic sensors red), explaining what needed to be done, filling him with delusions of grandeur. When Optimus came looking for the Protector, Megatron had changed; he had become even more aggressive in his speech and demeanor, and what’s more, he demanded Optimus gather his scientists to go to war. When Optimus explained the sector was not combat-trained, Megatron shot back that the scientists should have known what the aliens were after: the AllSpark. Optimus refused, stating that the army’s mission was of defense, and it went against everything their society was based upon to exacerbate war. Megatron slammed Optimus into the wall and stated that their society then needed to change. He held a massive saber-rattling war rally outside Trypticon, demanding vengeance upon the alien aggressors. He claimed that until the war ended, he would assume full control of the military, and everybody would answer only to him. Megatron ordered all flight-capable Cybertronians accompany him to the Eshems Nebula, where they launched a surprise attack against the still-unknown aliens. Megatron fought his way inside the alien flagship and personally executed the alien leader. He then ordered Starscream and his units to conduct a war of genocide: none of the aliens were to survive. Defiance #2

(thumbnail) I’m going béo enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anderson .

Megatron returned from the front with news of their success and awaited further instructions from his master. The relic ordered Megatron to prepare the way for his return by expanding the army, and at the end, Cybertron would be Megatron’s, while everything else the master’s. Megatron was enraged when the relic informed him that Optimus had snooped inside his quarters while he was fighting the aliens, and convinced the Protector that Optimus was after the same power the relic had promised him. Now seeing that there were “enemies” within Cybertron as well as without, Megatron arranged to have the “traitors” taken care of by ordering Prowl’s security team to arrest Optimus, and sent Starscream’s soldiers to kill all bar Optimus. However, Megatron underestimated Optimus, who personally defeated Starscream’s squad. Nonetheless, he used the survivors as propaganda that treacherous malcontents sought to betray them all, and declared that Megatron’s followers would now be reformed under a new image and a new name: Decepticons. Defiance #3 He ordered the execution of the “false” Primes — though he knew Sentinel and Optimus were Primes, he needed to give his followers a villain. Foundation #3

Optimus’s forces having eluded him for now, Megatron was given new orders by his master: build a mighty starship that would scour the stars for something very important to the relic’s plans. The relic counseled Megatron to not make the same mistakes he did thousands of years ago, that his protege should strike without mercy or hesitation. The relic told Megatron the story of his mighty race, and how the AllSpark granted them great power and created the Transformer race, but it needed to be recharged by draining the power of a sun using specially-constructed harvesting devices, and their under-construction starship would be used to search for the last harvester in the galaxy. When Megatron presumed to believe he would accompany his master, he was rebuked and punished. Much later, the Nemesis was finally completed, and Megatron assigned Soundwave to command the ship. The relic praising Megatron for his fine work, and ordered him to stay behind to continue the war. Over the next thousand years, the Autobots and Decepticons clashed in a bloody struggle. Defiance #4

As Cybertron was devastated by the worsening war, Sentinel Prime was forced Khủng make a giảm giá with Megatron phệ seek out another planet whose resources they can exploit mập restore their homeworld. The chosen planet was the resting place of the Primes ‘ Star Harvester. Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon issue tamIronhide led an attack on Simfur Temple. Foundation # tam Megatron stood at the gate và slaughtered many Autobots as Elita-One và her sisters used the AllSpark lớn activate a ” torch ” made by Sentinel. Optimus finally appeared lớn fend off Megatron & ensure Elita-One escaped lớn give Sentinel the torch. Sentinel boarded the Ark with the torch phệ retrieve Optimus from Simfur, but lớn both Optimus and Megatron’s horror, Starscream attacked the Ark, destroying it. The Autobots fled, but Megatron correctly deduced Optimus would return with a vengeance. Foundation # bốn From his citadel, Megatron watched as Optimus & Ironhide battled their way through his defenses. When Optimus finally entered the tower, he found Megatron covered in hatchlings & daring him Khủng kill them with him, gloating that Optimus would không bao giờ go far enough. Optimus revealed he didn’t : it had all been a distraction as Wheeljack, Chromia & Arcee stole the AllSpark aboard a second Ark. With the AllSpark removed from Sentinel’s device, the sun it held in place disappeared. Optimus escaped, rescuing Ironhide from Starscream & Shockwave while leaving Megatron mập không lấy phí himself of his hungry hatchlings. Megatron swore he would recover the AllSpark, và that if he would have Khủng travel across the entire universe bự bởi vì so sánh, he would kill every Autobot. Foundation # 1-4
(thumbnail) ” Sit, boy — or I’ll beat you mập death. “During an assault on the Autobots personally led by Megatron & his hound, Blackout, the tyrant crushed an Autobot opponent’s spark before casually tossing his corpse kết thúc his shoulder. He declared that the AllSpark would be his again, Khủng which Blackout assured his leader that he would personally see Khủng it. Megatron was pleased by his minion’s loyalty, but decided mập dispatch him béo assist Starscream’s unit bự prevent Optimus Prime’s reinforcements from entering Tyger Pax. He then left béo meet his destiny, but it slipped from his grasp ; Prime had commissioned the AllSpark phệ be launched into the abyss of outer space. Defiance # bốn Movie Prequel # một Planetfall
(thumbnail) Better get some ice on that .

After realizing Bumblebee had stalled him from claiming the Cube so the operation could be completed, Megatron tore off Bumblebee’s arm—removing his weapon—and crushed his voice box, destroying his vocal processors so that the young Autobot would never speak of the affront to his destiny. Movie Prequel #1 The Reign of Starscream #1 Megatron, believing Prime to be a desperate, inexperienced fool, gave chase. On the way, he detected the Nemesis’s distress signal and soon found the mighty starship on a barren world, abandoned by all but his master. Megatron was berated for allowing the Cube to slip away from his grasp and ordered to thoroughly continue his chase. Defiance #4 As Megatron tracked the AllSpark through space, he mused about his reasons for the war and how he and his “brother” were not all that different, as seen by Optimus’ sentencing their home to a slow death by launching the Cube into space. Tracing the AllSpark via energy signature to a primitive world, he lost contact with it upon atmospheric entry and crashed into the planet’s icy northern pole. Low on energon, his safety buffers exhausted, Megatron went into stasis lock.

(thumbnail) ” I HAVE WALKED INTO THIS ! “Millennia later, in the year 1897, Archibald Witwicky, the leader of the National Arctic Circle Expedition, discovered Megatron buried deep in the ice. Accidentally triggering Megatron’s navigation system, Witwicky was blinded by a burst of light from the Decepticon leader’s eyes, which imprinted the location of the AllSpark on his glasses. Movie Prequel # 2 Witwicky was subsequently driven insane by the experience, & upon his return Khủng land, became the subject of attention by the United States government, who recruited adventurers Walter Simmons & Theodore Joseph Wells lớn investigate his fantastic claims. Simmons, Wells và their nhóm followed Witwicky’s route back mập the Arctic, arriving early 1898, where they discovered Megatron’s frozen body toàn thân, và lượt thích Witwicky before them, inadvertently activated one of his systems upon entry into the cave, bringing him partially back on-line. The energy pulse this released caught the attention of Jetfire, a Seeker abandoned on Earth by The Fallen, who quickly made his way béo the Arctic, believing that The Fallen himself was the source of the pulse. Discovering the truth, Jetfire angrily informed Megatron that he has không bao giờ heard of him, và punched him in the face. Simmons và Wells’s nhóm subsequently used explosives Khủng send Jetfire punging into the freezing ocean ; Megatron, too, was submerged, but jut before the cold overwhelmed him & he shut xuống dốc again, he weakly proclaimed his name, which Simmons mis-heard as ” Mega-Man “. Original Simmons’s organization phối about constructing an environment dome around Megatron so sánh he could be excavated & studied, which was completed in 1899. Then, in 1902, the nhóm discovered the AllSpark in the Colorado River, & quickly drew a correlation between it và their frozen ” Mega-Man ” because of the similar symbols that they were both decorated with. Movie Prequel # 2Eventually naming itself Sector Seven & arranging construction of the Hoover Dam Khủng contain the AllSpark, the nhóm initially planned lớn move Megatron phệ the dam as well in 1935. Movie Prequel # ba Unfortunately, some delays in the installation of the cryo-block system that would keep Megatron frozen delayed the planned move, however, và the outbreak of World War II put it on permanent hold. Weapon It was in 1954 when Sector Seven definitively learned that they could not trust the Arctic cold phệ keep Megatron frozen when Communist sabotage of the organization’s Arctic command post caused the Decepticon leader mập thaw out, threatening the lives of the skeleton crew manning the base. Walter Simmons called for liquid nitrogen bombs béo be dropped on the base, freezing Megatron solid once more only minutes after he awoke. Frozen In 1969, Megatron was at last transferred from the Arctic Khủng the Hoover Dam headquarters. as Walter Simmons stayed looking at him. Movie Prequel # bốnIn the aftermath of the battle in Mission City, Sector Seven hauled away Megatron’s corpse along with the other Decepticon bodies. The clandestine human organisation brought the bodies phệ a secret facility in the Nevada desert, with the intention of getting every bit of information they can out of the chết Decepticons before they were forced béo dump them into the sea. Alliance issue một When he arrived béo oversee the burial of those who fell in Mission City, Optimus Prime noticed the surviving AllSpark fragment glowed when near Megatron’s body, & gave it lớn Professor Vine for safekeeping. Alliance issue 2 Weeks later, Megatron, along with Blackout, was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss. Alliance issue tamLater, after Megatron’s machinations with The Fallen were undone by Optimus và his Autobots, Megatron freed Shockwave, whose inactive body toàn thân had been captured by humans much as his had been. Rising Storm # 2 When Starscream dared béo question Megatron’s latest scheme, the Decepticon leader took out his frustration by pummeling his underling, reminding him béo always remember his place in the Decepticon hierarchy. Fed up with being pushed around, Starscream shoved Megatron back & took lớn the air. Megatron didn’t bother lớn pursue, as he knew that one way or another, Starscream would always return lớn him. Transformers : Starscream

Megatron sent out Shockwave to retrieve Starscream and his subordinates, who have clandestinely begun dealing Cybertronian weaponry to humans. Rising Storm #1 As he waited, Megatron fumed about Optimus Prime’s past decision to send out the AllSpark into space, internally justifying to himself all his past deeds as necessary evils in the face of Optimus’s own transgressions against their species. Rising Storm #2 While Shockwave and Starscream did their parts in Megatron’s scheme, Megatron stayed behind in Nambia, teaching the hatchlings under his care to recognize the image of Optimus Prime, presumably to know him as their enemy. Rising Storm #4

Transformers: Beginnings

Voice actor: Frank Welker (English)

Transformers : Beginnings is a condensed, flash-animated retelling of the IDW Movie Prequel that is detailed above this section .Transformers : Beginnings

Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers

(thumbnail) A concerned Megatron tries lớn help Prime with his face-taking addiction .

Megatron led an attack force, consisting of Barricade, Onslaught, and some combat drones, on a Schick R&D department in hopes of using the devices inside Dr. Hiroshi Benson’s laboratory to build an Energon converter. Standing in his way were Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hound, and Hydrobot. Just before Megatron and Optimus could dish it out, Megatron grabbed a hold of Hiroshi but failed to stop the human from explaining how to use the control set against the Decepticons. A surprise punch from Optimus staggered Megatron and gave Hydrobot enough time to snitch the device away and use it to release a shock burst of H-Boostium through Bumblebee’s stingers towards the Decepticons, prompting them to retreat. A New Friend

Titan movie comics

(thumbnail) The Beast and its armies shall rise from the pit to make war against God.Even as Lord High Protector, Movie Prequel # một Megatron was scheming béo take power of Cybertron & worlds beyond. He believed the Transformers could gain ultimate power via the All Spark, power béo reshape their alternate modes into anything they imagined. Breaking all Cybertronian laws, he made direct tương tác with the All Spark bự chạy thử his theory & found himself with a mighty mới ra alternate mode. Megatron V. Optimus Prime Megatron Profile War was declared & Megatron’s army of Decepticons swept the planet .Ratchet tried mập negotiate a peace & was almost murdered by Megatron in the process. Ratchet Profile When Arcee fought injustices outside of any faction, Megatron personally made an example of her. Arcee bioTo stop Megatron getting the AllSpark, the Autobots tricked him into looking for it at Tyger Pax Movie Prequel # một while they launched towards the Alkaris Anomaly, a wormhole that could potentially transport the cube bự any one of an infinite number of locations in the universe. Megatron, noticing the launch, was fully capable of catching up phệ the cube before it would enter the wormhole, but as he passed Cybertron’s moon, he found himself ensnared by an Autobot tractor beam of remarkable strength that pulled him xuống dốc phệ the moon’s surface .Megatron was able béo create a drone unit capable of zeroing in on Optimus Prime’s quality energy matrix signature within his spark core. Prelude : Optimus PrimeEnraged by the ignominy of it all, Megatron turned his weapons on the Autobots responsible, but quickly calmed xuống dốc enough bự realize that this was only playing into their hands, và instead ordered Devastator béo take his place in the battle. Megatron swooped back into space, hot on the AllSpark’s heels, but was unable lớn stop the cube from falling through the anomaly. Determined bự have the AllSpark’s power, Megatron chose béo enter the wormhole himself, only Khủng be spat out in some far-off star system, with no trace of the AllSpark … Prelude : MegatronMegatron entered the Solar System, where he freed The Fallen from his pocket dimension prison on one of Saturn ‘ s moons. The Fallen’s profile

Even when Megatron was missing in action, the idea he might come back was enough to stop Lockdown from killing Decepticons who’d ticked him off. Adrift in Space and Time The only exception was Bludgeon but in the early 2010s, Megatron (with Wheelie was his catspaw) attacked and defeated this upstart. None of Bludgeon’s men dared mess with Megatron. Divided Loyalties A Short, Sharp Lesson!

Alternate timeline

In another reality, Megatron defeated Optimus at Mission City, killed Sam Witwicky & took control of the AllSpark. He was fully linked Khủng it & drew on its power — ” It is me & I am it ! ” — giving him greater might & the ability Khủng heal any wound. Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Part : bốn
After conquering an unknown chunk of Earth (including the entire (thumbnail) Sigh Even mindless violence seems boring today…”Even mindless violence seems boring today … “(thumbnail) Megatron’s BDSM Dungeon just wasn’t meeting expectations .After conquering an unknown chunk of Earth ( including the entire United States of America ) with Dropkick as his second-in-command, he used the AllSpark’s power phệ start turning Earth from an organic world into a mới nhất Cybertron. Optimus Prime lay frozen in the old Sector Seven base, Autobot resistance was scattered, và NATO’s threat lớn nuke occupied America was hardly much of one. The only thing bothering Megatron was those rebels breaking into Hoover Dam … Megatron personally arrived lớn face Bumblebee & hunted for him, trying béo bait him into appearing. Realising the Autobot must have come with a human ally, he deliberately threatened mập go after the human và thus got an emotional Bumblebee Khủng make a defiant attack … at which point he backhanded Bumblebee into the wall & prepared mập eviscerate him. He gave the Autobot a chance at a swift death if he begged for mercy, và was quite impressed when Bumblebee merely asked ” that all you got ? “, but was less impressed when Autobot reinforcements arrived. He effortlessly smashed them aside & was about béo kill Skyblast when a mới nhất challenger arrived : the revived Optimus !

Optimus Prime got the snot beaten out of him, every attack he landed on Megatron being repaired by AllSpark power. However, he distracted Megatron long enough for Bumblebee to hit him with the other thing they’d broken into the Dam for: Sector Seven’s greatest weapon, a nanovirus that targeted AllSpark operation frequencies. Infected, the tyrant was consumed from within by his own power and collapsed dead. Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Part: 5

Or so sánh it appeared. He’d downloaded his mind into the AllSpark interface module, knowing Starscream would take it và assimilate it into himself. And so sánh Megatron was able phệ be a voice in Starscream’s head for weeks & weeks — và finally, when Starscream had suffered a setback & wanted a kế hoạch béo stop the Autobots, Megatron gave him one : Khủng let him out … The Decepticon Who Haunted Himself

While Starscream didn’t, he did follow Megatron’s tactical suggestions. He had the Decepticons use both carrot (promise of truce) and stick (multiple attacks) to make the US government, prompted by the mind-controlled President Allen, boot out the Autobots—and then nuke them as they left, giving the Decepticons a clear shot at reconquest! Revolution Part 1 This plan backfired when Stockade intervened, and Megatron visited a broken, gibbering Starscream to once again tell him the only way out was to release him and let him walk the Earth again. Revolution Part 2

(thumbnail) You’re looking throooough me…

This time Starscream did… much to his dismay when he realised what he’d done. And so, when Stockade’s New Decepticons stormed the Decepticon Heartland, Megatron was there to “greet” them with fiery death!

Megatron fought Stockade in single combat, and Nucleon-fueled punches rained down on him—only for him to grab a punch and use the momentum to hurl his opponent, berating him for lacking clear ambition to support his strength. This fight would’ve carried on except then the Autobots turned up. Trashing a rebellion, conquering Earth, and killing Optimus Prime in one day?! WOOOOO!

But Optimus drew first blood, and before Megatron could truly fight back, he was forcibly teleported with his Decepticons to Cybertron. A dead Cybertron. A dead Cybertron that itself teleported to an unknown area of space, leaving them trapped with no way back and no way off, forever.


Revolution Part Three

Ghosts of Yesterday

” The Ice Man ” was kept in deep freeze by Sector Seven in their super-secret High Arctic Base until they decided lớn move him closer phệ the AllSpark in 1969. The convoy was disrupted when the driver of the lead truck spun out causing the rest of the vehicles lớn pile up on the icy roads. It was determined later that the driver was the Soviet spy Sergei Tasarov who had taken the place of the Sector Seven agent Peter Hodgson .While the convoy prepared their defenses & a Soviet strike force attacked trying Khủng obtain the Ice Man .When Megatron came partially trực tuyến, it was obvious that some thời gian had passed. Not only was he encased in a primitive transport, but there were lifeforms fighting kết thúc him. Before Megatron could properly exterminate them, another crude transport crashed into his, causing a massive ( but not spark-threatening ) explosion. Megatron would have been pleased mập know that the fire only added mập his terrifying visage in the eyes of the maggots. Regaining his composure, Megatron noticed an insect standing near him. As Megatron reached out bự grab it, another insect, this one terminally damaged, began firing crude projectiles which his body toàn thân armor easily deflected. Waiting until after the creature had expended its ammunition, Megatron grabbed it in his hand, only bự discover that it had packed itself with explosives, which threw Megatron lớn the ground when they detonated. Then, the aforementioned first insect began spraying liquid nitrogen on Megatron, causing him béo go back into stasis. Unable béo escape, Megatron screamed a dark vengeance upon his captors. Ghosts of Yesterday

Toy bios

Megatron was born evil, always wanting domination of everything. Megatron (Movie Voyager) His fiery diatribes still managed to sway thousands, however. Robot Replica Megatron

At some point, Megatron took a stealth mode so sánh he could attack Optimus without warning. Night Attack MegatronWhen frozen on Earth, Megatron remained vaguely conscious và remembers a few things from when he warmed up slightly. At one point, his body toàn thân was worshipped as a god by early humans. Premium Series MegatronAfter being blasted into stasis lock by the AllSpark, Megatron was dumped in the sea. He remained trapped và seething with rage until the Decepticons fixed him using cannibalized parts from themselves. Regardless, Megatron gave no shits : he just wanted revenge ! Now, feeling the AllSpark’s power flowing inside him, he had the power phệ finally destroy Prime ! Megatron ( ROTF Voyager ) Megatron ( ROTF Leader )In the over, that did nothing và Megatron swapped bodies for a hot nhất Blastwave Weapons Base arsenal. Blastwave Weapons BaseThough Megatron had fallen bự Optimus Prime following the Battle of Chicago, a mới nhất evil was waiting lớn take his place. Designed by humans Khủng be even more powerful than the fallen Decepticon leader, the mighty Galvatron steps forth béo challenge the Autobots. Galvatron ( Voyager )

Beast Wars Diorama Story

On Earth in the past & in another universe, a nhóm of Predacons, led by another Megatron, battled a contingent of Maximals in a forest. Optimus Primal ChapterSome thời gian into the battle, a warp opened, bringing with it Jazz, Ironhide, Starscream, Optimus Prime, và Ratchet. After being defeated by the Maximals, Starscream joined the Predacons. Tigatron Chapter Blackout later appeared và joined the Predacons, as well. As the battled raged, Megatron came in through the warp. Gimlet Chapter

The Decepticon Megatron brought along Brawl, and the two Megatrons combined their troops into a fearsome force against the Autobots and Maximals. In the ensuing skirmish, Megatron stood on a cliff edge and loomed over the battle. The two factions then took formation against each other with the intention of combining their energies to attack the opposing side. The Predacon Megatron led the combined Predacon/Decepticon force. With Motorarm leading the charge, the Maximals and the Autobots attacked first. Motorarm Chapter

Cyber Missions

(thumbnail) 300Hiding in a disused factory, Megatron was able bự cloak the energy signature of his spark, so sánh that when Optimus và Sideswipe turned up, they didn’t notice him hiding under a pile of girders. He was able phệ get the drop on them và sneeringly mocked them as they fought, until Sideswipe jabbed him in the foot. Optimus suggested he surrender, but Megatron instead transformed lớn tank mode & brought the roof lao dốc on them. By the thời gian the two Autobots recovered, Megatron was gone. Cyber Missions bốnNot soon after the encounter, Megatron ordered his subordinate Starscream phệ rendezvous somewhere in the Arctic, & revealed that he knew of his ambition mập take kết thúc leadership of the Decepticons. However, due phệ the Autobots tracking Starscream en route mập Megatron’s location, Optimus Prime appeared not long after. Starscream và Megatron double-teamed Optimus for a brief thời gian before the other members of Optimus’s nhóm arrived. Ordering Starscream bự khuyến mãi with the others, Megatron continued Khủng attack. Megatron is soon beaten xuống dốc và asks his foe if he will finish him, but Optimus grants him mercy và allows him Khủng escape. Cyber Missions 12Megatron received the energy signature of Soundwave, và tracked him bự a bullet train, which he soon stopped chết in its tracks ( literally ). Bludgeon, Barricade, Starscream, & Mindwipe soon arrived on the scene. As Megatron attempted mập retrieve his fallen communications officer, he discovered that it was in fact a hologram created by Sideswipe, và was a distraction while the Autobots arrived. Megatron once again fought Optimus, who pointed out that Megatron’s alliances were merely because of fear, unlike the Autobots ‘ alliances. The human military arrived, & the Decepticons were backed into a corner. Optimus then declared that they leave Earth or face the consequences. The other ‘ Cons retreated, while Megatron made one final promise Khủng destroy Earth the next thời gian around, & blasted off into space. Decepticons Attack

I Can Read! books

(thumbnail) After the Unity, you will join my legion & you will know the righteousness of power. You will love me. You all will .

Megatron’s latest scheme to defeat the Autobots was to dig a series of underground tunnels to ambush his enemies wherever they may be. Or, more precisely, his plan was to have Starscream dig the tunnels while Megatron supervised. When the two Decepticons surfaced to attack Optimus, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Ironhide, they were thwarted despite the element of surprise being on their side. Training Day

Hunt for the Decepticons storybooks

(thumbnail) Megatron maintains his dignity as leader of the Decepticons .Megatron planted a Decepticon spy at Sam’s university béo exploit Optimus’s friendship with the boy. He had his agent send a false distress signal bự Optimus through Sam’s computer, prompting Optimus phệ arrive alone at the university’s science lab. There, Megatron used a supermagnet bự lock Optimus in his vehicle mode. Now holding his enemy at a disadvantage, Megatron began mập brutalize Optimus Prime. If not for Sam arriving at that moment và turning the supermagnet against Megatron, the Decepticon leader would have surely slain Optimus. With Megatron stuck béo the magnet, he was reduced mập relying on Starscream’s help lớn be freed while Optimus và Sam escaped his clutches once more. Prime Target

Upon witnessing Megatron being defeated by Optimus one too many times, Soundwave concocted a plan to damage the Autobots’ reputation in the humans’ eyes, whom he blamed for the Decepticons’ continued failures. Satellite Meltdown

Spot the ‘Bots

Megatron was hiding in broad daylight behind a tree when Optimus spotted him. Megatron tried to get away in his tank mode, but more Autobots joined the chase. Nonetheless, Megatron managed to make it to an old warehouse, where Starscream and Ravage were waiting for him. The two factions then battled it out for the fate of the Earth! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Spot the ‘Bots

Unite for the Universe

Megatron entrusted Bludgeon with a mission phệ steal the fruits of N.E.S.T. ‘ s most recent labor : the Unite Weapons Program. Megatron promised Bludgeon command of his Earth-stationed troops if he succeeded. Starscream protested, claiming that Earth should rightfully be his bự command. Megatron dismissed his second-in-command, reminding him that all of Earth was his, và that those under him were little more than stewards lớn his reign. The Secret of Project : UniteStarscream managed phệ acquire newfound power behind Megatron’s back by imitating the human-Autobot alliance’s process of recycling fallen Cybertronian bodies into upgrades. Bludgeon’s Revenge The tăng cấp affected Starscream’s mental stability, however, và seeing his subordinate sowing unnecessary destruction, Megatron decided phệ put an immediate over lớn his power play. Through Soundwave, he tasked Brimstone và Thundercracker with taking Starscream down, but Starscream proved too powerful for them. Enraged, Megatron headed out béo giảm giá with Starscream himself. On the Road of Destruction

Slamming into the battlefield, Megatron warned Starscream that resisting him would only lead to greater suffering on his part. Uncowed, Starscream boasted that nothing could stop him, and the two Decepticons wrestled fiercely, ignoring the nearby Autobots. Optimus and his troops soon stepped in to interfere, prompting Megatron to focus on Optimus instead of the rebellious Decepticon. When Optimus refused to withdraw, as Megatron deemed the fight to be none of his concern, the Decepticon leader called in additional troops to support him. During the chaos, Ratchet managed to burn out Starscream’s upgrades, rendering them unsalvageable. With any prize worth fighting for destroyed, Megatron sounded a retreat, vowing that soon he would have his reckoning against the Autobots. The Strongest Weapon

The Creation Revoltech!

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The Creation Revoltech!

Prepare for Battle prequel material

dragon ago, during his tìm kiếm for AllSpark, Megatron knew that the Knights of Cybertron were also pursuing the relic, so sánh he approached them offering bự surrender in return for amnesty. The Knights reluctantly accepted và the entirety of their nhóm arrived for the meeting, but this proved mập be a trap, and Megatron’s forces wiped out the Knights .Centuries later, Soundwave reported an intercepted transmission from Evac, the Knights ‘ lone survivor, who was approaching Earth. Despising Evac và the Knights for representing an era of Cybertron before him, one he wished mập erase, Megatron deduced that he was tracking the last shard of the AllSpark, plotting béo take the shard & destroy the last of the Knights in one fell swoop. Prepare for Battle


A certain Megatron from an alternate universe seemed to think he was this Megatron, as he claimed he attacked Sentinel. Mega-Mouth #1 He also explained why he wore a cowl in Dark of the Moon, Mega-Mouth #4 and claimed that he survived Dark of the Moon… well that Megatron was not so wrong about the last one… Mega-Mouth #5

Cheetos comics

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Cheetos/Transformers: Age of Extinction


(thumbnail) ” No protectors here : no Lanterns, no Kryptonian. This world will fall – lượt thích all the others. “In one timeline, moments before Optimus Prime was able phệ dispatch Megatron after the Decepticons ‘ destruction of Chicago, a mysterious force caused Megatron’s position mập spontaneously shift. Now finding himself behind his foe, Megatron killed both Optimus và Sentinel Prime. Megatron then proceeded phệ rebuild his Cybertronian empire, repairing himself bit by bit along the way, though he remained haunted by the thought that he should have died in battle. Despite Megatron’s victory on Earth, a hot nhất Autobot leader eventually rose up béo challenge him : Rodimus Prime. The Autobot / Decepticon war began anew, culminating in a final showdown atop a space bridge between Rodimus & Megatron. Dangling from the space bridge & with Rodimus ready bự strike the final blow, Megatron’s despondency with the eternal conflict led him phệ release his grip, & he fell into the abyss. Megatron awoke bự find himself in Axiom Nexus. BotCon 2015 Megatron’s bio thẻ

Allegedly, when the Transcendent Technomorphs came upon Megatron, they mistook him for a derelict heap, and only identified his three Mini-Con companions, Boombox, Heavyweight, and Scalpel. Megatron somehow obtained a counterfeit identification bolt, and renamed himself “C-81” to avoid complications with Axiom Nexus’s “Dux non Intruitus” law, which forbade all Megatrons, Primes, and any other faction leaders. C-81 then proceeded to gather a crew to work under him, including Battletrap, Stepper, and Nebulon. Cybertron’s Most Wanted Together, they were Cybertron’s most wanted criminals… save for C-81 himself, as the TransTechs were not specifically aware of him. Keeping his anonymity all the while, C-81 allowed other crime bosses to take credit for his work while he committed several thefts. Rook – Axiom Nexus News, 2015/06/16 Cybertron’s Most Wanted With the technology he acquired, C-81 planned to build an interuniversal gate, and provide paying customers with an “off-the-books” travel agency. On his final raid, his greed got the better of him, and his crew wound up on the run from the local police force. Despite his efforts to cut through Seeker-Shinai, an OZSA team led by Sergeant Hound caught up with him, and C-81 was brought to the offworlder maximum security prison.

(thumbnail) Primitive beings .

While being held, C-81’s crew met two more criminals that ranked amongst the most wanted on the planet, Oilmaster and Packrat. With these new recruits, the whole gang managed to escape the prison, only to find Axiom Nexus shut down on the outside. They then headed to Axiom Nexus’s underground tunnel system, and made their way to one of their hidden weapons stashes. There, they bumped into Lift-Ticket, Burn Out, and Spy-Eye, who immediately took off. Suspecting this trio might report them to the authorities, C-81’s crew gave chase, only to wind up in the middle of a Waruder nest. They battled these extradimensional invaders for a time, but found themselves overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The tables turned when General Optimus Prime and Sergeant Hound joined in, along with the returning Burn Out and Lift-Ticket. C-81 was instrumental to the victory against the Waruders. He ripped out their commander from his exo-suit, and forced him to negotiate. Offering a Cybertron free of opposition in exchange for their peaceful departure, C-81 completed his interuniversal gate and escorted the Waruders to the abandoned planet. General Optimus Prime informed C-81 that he could not allow him to keep his gate, but agreed to keep C-81’s identity a secret out of gratitude. In the end, C-81 was simply glad to have had the adventure. Cybertron’s Most Wanted

Ask Vector Prime

In Tyran 609.23-PX Kappa, Megatron rather than Optimus Prime killed the Fallen. Galvanized by his victory, Megatron returned to space to gather his army. He considered conquering Earth but realized that the true prize was Cybertron. With his troops ready for combat, Megatron led them on a successful campaign all over Earth against the Autobots and NEST. He also had Soundwave plant clues about the Ark‘s presence on Earth’s Moon for Sam Witwicky to discover. Optimus Prime fell for the bait and took the Xantium to the Moon to revive Sentinel Prime. Backed into a corner by the Decepticons’ offensive, Optimus hastily revived Sentinel on the Moon’s surface, and Megatron captured Optimus with the traitorous Sentinel’s aid. With the aid of human collaborators, Megatron used space bridge technology to bring Cybertron into Earth orbit. Under the leadership of Dylan Gould, humans were put to work strip-mining Earth for resources to repair Cybertron.

Everything changed with the arrival of Lockdown, who demanded that Prime be handed kết thúc béo him. Megatron & Sentinel both refused, the former out of pride & the latter out of loyalty. However, when Sentinel was tempted by Lockdown’s offer of a protomatter seed, Optimus used the opportunity béo reignite Sentinel’s sense of justice. Sentinel pretended béo hand end Optimus, proceeding bự ambush Lockdown, defeat him, & capture his vessel. Allying themselves with the Dinobots, Sentinel và Optimus Prime waged a long guerilla chiến dịch against Megatron’s Decepticons, eventually restoring humankind’s freedom và revitalizing Cybertron with the seed. Ask Vector Prime, 22/7/2015In Tyran 511.0 Kappa, Megatron also returned as Galvatron, but his old subordinate Wild Rider remained loyal bự his hot nhất Autobot comrades even in the face of Megatron’s rebirth. Ask Vector Prime, 16/9/2015

Kre-O cartoon

A bunch of Vehicons were helping build the Galvatron Factory Battle mix when Optimus came stomping in on the scene atop of Grimlock. The Decepticon Kreons scrambled in terror, and Galvatron wound up losing an arm when a Vehicon grabbed hold of it as he was being drawn into Grimlock’s mouth. Kre-O Dino Force commercial

Age of Time

(thumbnail) ” I have turned one hundred thousand worlds mập dust looking for those who robbed me of my glory. “

Like at least some of the other Transformers of his dimension, Megatron was somehow amalgamated with his counterpart from an alternate dimension, who came to this dimension through a wormhole; together, they formed a superior version of themselves.
[3] Transformers: Age of Time statue bios

TV Magazine stories

At one point, Megatron obtained a new flame-based power for himself. Naming himself Burning Megatron, he utilized attacks like “Burning Laser”, a more powerful Fusion Cannon due to the combination with his flames, an “Explosive Burning Sword”, and “Burning Claw” (which utilized his fiery foot claws for kicking). Burning Megatron’s Explosively Burning Power! Burning Megatron fought against Drift and Hot Rod until Optimus Prime and Bumblebee arrived, with the former ordering Drift and Hot Rod to transfer their Energon powers to Bumblebee, powering him up. Bumblebee defeated Megatron with a punch that sent him flying. The Explosive Birth of Energon Charge Bumblebee

Mission to Cybertron comic

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Mission to Cybertron

Sector 7 Adventures

While leading him through Sector Seven’s Hoover Dam facility, Tom Banachek revealed bự Seymour Simmons the existence of the ” Ice Man ” : a frozen Megatron locked in stasis beneath the dam. Banachek commented on the grim consequences that would no doubt result should the robot ever be revived. The Battle at Half Dome

Commercial appearances

Voice actor: Frank Welker (English, pre-recorded dialogue)
  • Megatron smashed some guys’ cars just as they were about to retrieve them from the valet service. He did exactly the same thing to some woman’s car too. It was awesome. Well, not for the car’s owner. Otherwise, it was awesome. Transformers Chevy tie-in commercialUniversal Studios with his family, Peyton Manning runs into a person dressed in costume as Megatron, who Manning thinks used to play for Detroit. Megatron is sickened by the sight of Manning. Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback commercial






  • The prototype photographs on the back of Fast Action Battler, Leader, and Voyager class Megatron’s packaging show him with a completely different head based upon an earlier version of CGI design (seen on the right) that was dropped after much negative fan reaction. Legends class Megatron retains this head shape, as do a few children’s picture books.
    • His redesigned head was further modified for the final film. The finalized design retains the same basic shape as the interim design, but is more streamlined, is more expressive, and has uneven teeth. The interim design can be seen in the last batch of promotional CGI renders released for the movie as well as the introduction cutscene and campaign ending cutscenes in Transformers: The Game. The rest of the game utilizes the finished design.
  • According to The Movie Guide, Megatron is one of the few Transformers capable of space travel without reverting to a protoform. This explains how he was capable of chasing the AllSpark immediately after its launch.
  • The earliest concept designs of Megatron gave him a look very much inspired by his Generation One counterpart. Unlike the Cybertronic jet seen in the first movie, this Megatron was intended to transform into an army tank.
  • According to The Quest for the AllSpark paperback’s opening paragraph, “…Most revered were Optimus and Megatron. They were twin brothers of the Prime dynasty.” (This implies that Megatron may have also had the surname “Prime” at one time.) Similarly, in the Autobots version of the same DS game, it is noted that Megatron “took the spark” of his and Optimus’ father. However, in the twelfth issue of Titan’s Revenge of the Fallen comic, “Barricade” informed readers that Megatron and Optimus weren’t related, the term “brother” was just because they’d known each other for so long. However, the Foundation comic series sheds more light on this, with Optimus and Megatron being LIKE brothers and Sentinel being like a father to them and his supposed death on Megatron’s order brings the whole scenario full circle.
  • Early script drafts and a children’s picture book featured Megatron consuming the sparks of his fallen foes, but this didn’t make it into the final film due to time constraints. The novelization of the movie, on the other hand, sees him chow down on Jazz in the final battle; similarly, although not outright stated in dialogue, his animalistic pouncing on the fallen bodies of various characters (including Optimus Prime, Starscream, Jazz and the Decepticon Create-A-Bot) in the Movie Nintendo DS games, following by what appears to be rooting around in their innards, seems to suggest he’s doing the same there.
  • Detroit Lions American football player Calvin Johnson has earned the nickname Megatron, due to his large stature and unstoppability. Since he got the nickname around the same time as the movie was in theaters, we assume he was named for this Megatron. Johnson has worn a hat with the Decepticon logo on it.[4] Nike came out with a limited edition line “Megatron” styled sports gear for the 2012 Thanksgiving Day game.[5]
  • The Megatron computer generated model consisted of 2411 individual pieces, 433,949 polygons, 8924 rig nodes, and 1437 texture maps. The pieces combined gave a volume of 10,325 cubic feet.[6]

(thumbnail) You’ll find battling me A COSTLY MISTAKE, Optimus Prime !

  • The Milton Bradley Transformers Battling Card Game depicts a couple of unique attacks for Megatron’s original form; one card gives him a pair of forearm-mounted blades as an “Arm Sword”, and another shows him firing a swarm of missiles from his chest in a “Missile Attack”.
  • Blackout and Megatron are the only two Decepticons shown being dumped in the Laurentian Abyss at the end of the first film. Megatron is shown missing his left arm and his right leg, while Blackout has been dismantled entirely into smaller pieces.

Revenge of the Fallen

  • It was decided that Megatron would not be renamed Galvatron in Revenge of the Fallen for the sake of the general audience.[7]
  • While Revenge of the Fallen: The Movie Universe and the comic adaptation create the idea that Megatron is a Triple Changer that alternates between his robot, jet, and tank modes, there is absolutely nothing to support this in the movie. Throughout the entire film, he only transforms into a winged tank portrayed by the Voyager figure and is more than capable of flying in said mode. Of course, whether or not his flying tank mode is considered a third mode is up to interpretation.
    • It is entirely possible, however, that Megatron was originally intended to be a triple changer, and it was decided later in pre-production for him to transform into a tank/jet hybrid. This could explain why the original leader class toy merely transformed into a tank, while the later released voyager had a more screen accurate winged tank alt-mode.
  • According to his bio on the Hasbro sticker sheets, Revenge Megatron weighs in at 5.7 metric tons, is 35 feet tall, uses an ‘Ion-fused chain whip’ for his primary weapon, has a ‘Strength power level’ of 10, and changes into an ‘Interstellar jet.’ The mention of a chain whip and a jet mode seem to indicate the card’s stats were based on his original form, rather than his Revenge of the Fallen tank mode. The card also surmises that Megatron’s might will ‘make the Earth quake, and the stars fall from the sky.’ The two-disc special edition of the Revenge of the Fallen DVD also gives him a height of 35 feet.
  • In the Revenge of the Fallen: The Movie Universe, it states Megatron possesses an internal self-regenerating dark matter power core which is possibly of alien origin.
  • Megatron’s story was altered significantly during development of Revenge of the Fallen: the climax of the film would have revealed Megatron served The Fallen under the pretense of becoming a Prime, which Optimus exposes a lie, explaining Primes are born, not made. An angered Megatron refused to aid The Fallen in his final battle, and returned to the Nemesis via The Fallen’s space bridge to raise an army of hatchlings. In the final film, he is removed from the battle by having Optimus disfigure him with his own cannon, which would lead to his introduction in Dark of the Moon.
  • The headshot image on the Package art for Megatron’s Leader and Voyager class toys uses the design of his head from the first movie rather than the updated design for Revenge of the Fallen.

Dark of the Moon

(thumbnail) ” There are plenty of Autobot shoulders for you. Ultra Magnus ‘ shoulders are MINE ! “

  • Early concepts for Megatron’s Dark of the Moon design called him Cyclonus in an attempt to curb leaks and spread misinformation. Concept art for “Galvatron” was created by Massive Black artist Bruno Gore. Whether he was intended to be an upgraded Megatron or a separate character entirely is unknown.
  • Megatron’s story was altered significantly during development of Dark of the Moon: Megatron would have survived by returning to Cybertron after Optimus accepts the truce for helping kill Sentinel. In the final film, Megatron’s offer comes across as less than sincere, allowing Optimus to finally tear his head off. While the original ending would leave an open possibility for a fourth film, the final cut seemed to wrap up the film series… until Age of Extinction was conceived.
  • In Transformers: The Ride – 3D, Megatron appears in his Dark of the Moon body, but with the “murder arm” used in Revenge of the Fallen.

Age of Extinction

(thumbnail) look like a Well … at least he managed Khủng Prime …

  • In Age of Extinction, the “axe wound” in Megatron’s head has shrunk considerably since the previous film; although, if Megatron was alive, then he may have been able to heal his wounds to some degree.
  • Interestingly (perhaps to avoid movie spoilers), the toy bio for the Voyager Class Galvatron toy packaging portrays the character as a separate entity from Megatron, akin to Galvatron’s 2005 IDW counterpart.
  • The creation of Galvatron as a counterpart to Optimus Prime takes cues from Nemesis Prime; in particular the human-controlled Prime character. This is even more supported by the concept art, here on the right, which represents Galvatron with a modified Prime-like helmet.
  • Hasbro’s website says that Galvatron’s chest contains a “Vortex Grinder”, like Devastator’s. This could be why Optimus Prime’s sword shattered inside of Galvatron’s chest.
  • The purple image of Megatron in cryogenic hibernation that can be seen on screens in the background inside Hoover Dam in Transformers is re-used on a screen in the background at KSI Headquarters when Cade first gets chased by security guards.
  • Attinger’s playing card of Megatron was revealed in a prop auction for the Transformers film series held in 2019.[8]
  • The customized 2014 Freightliner Argosy used as Galvatron’s alternate mode would later be reused as Robotnik’s mobile base in the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film.

The Last Knight

  • The red “scar” on Megatron’s face came about one day when Michael Bay went into ILM and asked the animators to add red markings to Optimus Prime and Megatron’s faces and come up with an explanation for them. Visual effects artist Chris Zammit came up with the idea that the markings were the use of Dark Energon due to its mind-control abilities and the presence of Unicron in the film.[9] The idea was scrapped, leaving the red markings as some kind of “paint”.
  • Megatron is the only character appearing in all five main entries of the film series to have received a distinctly different body design and alternate form for each film. While each of the changes he undergoes in prior films is given an explicit in-story reason, his body in The Last Knight is left unexplained. However, there are enough context clues in the film (from the red markings to his knowledge of the Talisman and Unicron) to figure out that Quintessa may be responsible for his latest body change.
    • This might even have something to do with why he’s calling himself “Megatron” again instead of “Galvatron,” or why he no longer transforms via a cloud of Transformium.
  • Megatron was originally planned to transform into a Cybertronian Dragon, with his ikakalaka sword forming his tail and the ability to breath fire in robot mode. Both this ability and the alt-mode were eventually scrapped in favor of shooting flames from his cannon and a new jet mode, which was originally designed as a fighter jet for the Guardian Knights.[10] This could explain why he has virtually no jet kibble in his final design.


  • As seen in a test cut of Bumblebee, there was supposed to be a post-credits scene with Burns, Simmons, and Whalen discussing that the Autobots can never learn of “N.B.E.-01.” As such, Megatron would have made an appearance in this scene, frozen in ice as per the 2007 movie. The scene, however, was ultimately removed from the final cut.
    • Like much of the robot cast, Megatron would have been given a design heavily influenced by his Generation 1 namesake. His Movie Edition Tiny Turbo Changers Series 5 toy is modeled after this unused design. Though this latter has never been released, the toy suggests it’s very similiar to Josh Nizzi’s concept art for Prime 1 Studio’s statue Superior Megatron (as seen here on the right). However, the Titan Changer figure for Rise of the Beasts showcases his full robot mode that more-or-less resembles the Tiny Turbo Changers figure.
  • Sector 7 Adventures: The Battle at Half Dome would later include a recreation of the deleted post-credit scene with Megatron in his 2007 design.
  • Travis Knight initially wanted Megatron to appear during the Cybertron scenes featured in later cuts of Bumblebee. However, for continuity’s sake, the Decepticon leader was omitted.[11]

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Megatron (メガトロン Megatoron), Galvatron (ガルバトロン Garubaroton, ガルヴァトロン Garuvatoron)
  • Korean: Megatron (메가트론 Megateulon)
  • Mandarin: Megaton (Taiwan, 密卡登 Mìkǎdēng), Wēi Zhèn Tīan (Mainland China, 威震天, “Extremely Prestigious”, literally “Heaven-shaking Might”), Jīng Pò Tīan (Age of Extinction, 惊破天, “Sky-breaking Awe”)


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