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Best Dividend-Paying Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies 2022 – Bitcoin Market Journal


VeChain operates as a platform for fresh contracts, similar to NEO and Ethereum. It boasts a highly scalable Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure that is eco-friendly .Read our review


4.5 NEO – once known as AntShares – is a popular blockchain supporting fresh contracts .Read our review

KuCoin Shares

KuCoin is a popular centralized crypto exchange founded in 2017. Kucoin ’ s latest financing round held in May 2022 points to a evaluation of $ 10 billion .Read our review


Komodo was launched in 2016 as a privacy-centric digital currentness that leverages Zero-Knowledge Proofs to enable users to make individual fiscal transactions .Read our review You already understand the benefits of long-run investing in cryptocurrencies. But possibly you ’ re not aware that some cryptocurrencies have another significant money-making advantage : you can receive even payments in the form of dividends .
In this while, we ’ ve researched the Top Dividend-Paying Cryptocurrencies, ranked by grocery store capitalization, handiness, and popularity. We ’ ve even estimated your annual dividend payment. Read on .

VeChainVeChain (VET)

Market Capitalization : $1,948,137,839
Daily Trading Volume : $107,430,100
No. of Supported Exchanges : 100+
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 580,000
Estimated Annual Dividend : 1.34 %
VeChain operates as a platform for smart contracts, like to NEO and Ethereum. It boasts a highly scalable Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure that is eco-friendly .
One of VeChain ’ s big perks is that it pays “ dividends ’ in the shape of VTHO coins. Users have to hold VET tokens in their wallets to receive VTHO tokens. The payout is at a rate of 0.00042 VTHOR tokens per day per stake of 1 VET. The annual dividend is about 1.4 % .
( BMJ Score: 4.5 out of 5 )


Market Capitalization : $ 787,783,993
Daily Trading Volume : $ 67,991,344
No. of Supported Exchanges : 150+
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 433,000
Estimated Annual Dividend : 2.73 %
NEO – once known as AntShares – is a popular blockchain supporting bright contracts. It is often dubbed the “ Chinese Ethereum. ” It made waves during the ICO craze, but today it has lost land against competitors like Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, and Polkadot, among others .
The NEO ecosystem is fueled by the NEO keepsake, which holders can lock in the NEO wallet to receive dividends in the form of GAS tokens. note that NEO ’ south GAS is different from the Gas fees paid on Ethereum. On NEO, GAS is the second nominal and is besides used for the operation and storage of tokens and smart contracts, ampere well as for dividend rewards .
The price of NEO is $ 11.17 in mid-2022, polish from $ 26 at the begin of the year. Elsewhere, the price of GAS is about $ 3, down about 50 % year-to-date .
The annual share return on NEO is over 2 %. As a dominion, for every NEO token you hold, you receive 0.0003 GAS per day .
( BMJ Score: 4.5 out of 5 )

kucoinKuCoin Shares (KCS)

Market Capitalization : $ 1,639,456,850
Daily Trading Volume : $ 6,586,043
No. of Supported Exchanges : 4
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 1.9 million
Estimated Annual Dividend : 5.93 %
KuCoin is a popular centralized crypto exchange founded in 2017. Kucoin ’ s latest finance round held in May 2022 points to a valuation of $ 10 billion .
The native token of the crypto platform is KuCoin Shares ( KCS ), which represents an ERC-20 nominal. Users holding KCS in their KuCoin central wallet can receive daily staking rewards that amount to a 5.53 % annual return. The daily dividends are paid from 50 % of the substitute ’ s day by day gross from trading fees .
To become eligible for the rewards, users have to hold at least 6 KCS, which is about $ 100 based on the current price .
( BMJ Score: 4.5 out of 5 )

komodoKomodo (KMD)

Market Capitalization : $ 32,285,853
Daily Trading Volume : $ 2,299,637
No. of Supported Exchanges : 20
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 118,500
Estimated Annual Dividend : 5.10 %
Komodo was launched in 2016 as a privacy-centric digital currency that leverages Zero-Knowledge Proofs to enable users to make individual fiscal transactions. The multi-chain platform enables projects to create their own blockchains and host token sales. Komodo is a hard fork from Zcash, which is itself a privacy-oriented fork of BitcoinDark .
The Komodo platform besides hosts decentralize commute ( DEX ) and blockchain exploitation solutions .
Users who want to receive dividends should hold at least 10 KMD tokens in their wallets. The dividends, which Komodo calls Active User Rewards, should be claimed on a monthly basis. The annual matter to on KMD tokens exceeds the 5 % stigmatize, which is impressive .
The price of KMD is presently fluctuating near 25 cents, down from $ 0.74 at the beginning of the year .
( BMJ Score: 3.5 out of 5 )

ascendexAscendEX (ASD)

Market Capitalization : $ 95,399,000
Daily Trading Volume : $ 2,068,742
No. of Supported Exchanges : 5
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 180,000
Estimated Annual Dividend : 9.09 %

AscendEX, once known as BitMax, is a centralized cryptocurrency substitute launched in 2018. last year, it rebranded to adopt the newly name, which better reflects the team ’ second impression in the brilliantly future of digital assets and avoids confusion with Bitmex, another crypto exchange .
As of today, AscendEX handles about $ 100 million in deal book per day. At the end of 2021, the exchange admitted that it was hacked, with experts estimating that about $ 80 worth of digital assets had been stolen. however, the Singapore-based exchange handled the situation and covered the steal funds .
The ecosystem is fueled by ASD ( once known as BTMX ), which represents an ERC-20 token. ASD holders can receive daily rewards and enjoy lower trading fees. About 80 % of the profits made by the exchange are distributed as an ASD-staking bonus .
Users can buy the alleged ASD Investment Multiple Card, which can multiply the potential rejoinder. For exercise, if you have 10,000 ASD in your cash report and buy the menu, the individual contribution of the platform distribution pool will be multiplied by 5. In other words, 10,000 ASD with Multiple Card has the same individual plowshare as the investment of 50,000 ASD .
( BMJ Score: 3.5 out of 5 )


Market Capitalization : $ 8,001,964
Daily Trading Volume : $ 24,534
No. of Supported Exchanges : 14
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 69,000
Estimated Annual Dividend : 8.88 %
PIVX ( Private Instant Verified Transactions ) is a privacy-focused digital currency that was launched in 2016 as a code fork of Dash to provide users with anonymous fiscal transactions using its “ sub-currency ” zPIV .
PIVX uses the Proof of Stake Zerocoin protocol which enables users to impale their coins to secure the net. As a reinforce, users who stake their coins will receive new PIVX coins that measure to around 4.8 % per annum .
To earn PIVX dividends, users have to set up a masternode by locking up 10.000 coins in collateral. The monetary value of PIVX is $ 0.11 as of nowadays, down from $ 0.55 at the beginning of the class .
( BMJ Score: 3.0 out of 5 )

navcoinNAVCoin (NAV)

Market Capitalization : $ 6,447,498
Daily Trading Volume : $ 50,195
No. of Supported Exchanges : 6
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 57,700
Estimated Annual Dividend : 5.16 %
NAVCoin was launched in 2014 to add privacy to digital currentness transactions. Through its dual blockchain system, NAVCoin users can make anonymous fiscal transactions on the NavTech subchain. Interestingly, Navcoin uses a PoS consensus mechanism to secure its network .
Users can bet on NAV to receive dividend-like rewards that amount to approximately 5 % per year .
( BMJ Score: 2.5 out of 5 )

neblioNeblio (NEBL)

Market Capitalization : $ 3,680,142
Daily Trading Volume : $ 48,431
No. of Supported Exchanges : 3
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 41,200
Estimated Annual Dividend : 10.00 %
Neblio, launched in 2017, is a distribute calculate platform for enterprise blockchain applications and services .
NEBL holders can receive up to 10 % in interest per annum by staking their coins thanks to the Neblio network ’ mho proof of stake protocol .
( BMJ Score: 2.5 out of 5 )


Market Capitalization : $ 2,419,726
Daily Trading Volume : $ 1,171,583
No. of Supported Exchanges : 3
Size of Community (Twitter followers) : 82,000
Estimated Annual Dividend : 8 %
Bibox is a taiwanese crypto rally that besides provides decentralize fiscal services to users. Launched in 2017, it has been promoting itself as the first AI ( artificial intelligence ) crypto trade platform, although it has gradually lost momentum over the years .
BIX is the native token of the exchange, and holders are eligible for dividend-like rewards if they lock at least 500 BIX and trade at least once per week. The rewards are paid in ETH, and you may expect the APR figure to exceed 8 % .
It ’ randomness worth noting that the BIX price has systematically declined from over $ 3 in 2018 to the current level near three cents .
( BMJ Score: 2.5 out of 5 )

What are Cryptocurrency Dividends?

In traditional finance, dividends are regular payments made by companies to stockholders. The value of dividends derives from the company ’ mho profits and is decided by the Board of Directors .
When it comes to the crypto market, dividends represent rewards paid by crypto companies from their gross, fees, or profits .
You should not confuse cryptocurrency dividends with stake rewards or airdrops, particularly as the latter create dilution. even though crypto dividends often look similar to staking rewards, they derive from profits or revenues made by the project, normally a centralized service such as a trade platform. In the case of stake, the awards are paid to block validators who maintain the network .
This may be confusing because few projects in this list consult to their rewards as dividends .

Should You Invest in Dividend Cryptocurrencies?

Does it make sense to consider dividend-paying coins at all ? To begin with, there are very few cryptocurrencies that actually pay dividends. Remember you are besides ultimately relying on the monetary value of the underlying token. ( If the keepsake goes down 20 % and you earn 10 % in dividends, that ’ s calm a loss of 10 % ) .
On top of that, securing dividends doesn ’ t guarantee you actual returns, as they are paid in the form of the native token or ETH, both of which can decline in price and leave you with less. On the other hand, the fluctuate price of dividends may increase and finally multiply your holdings in dollar terms .
Our approach path is to invest in choice crypto assets beginning, not merely because they pay dividends .

The Final Note

With traditional stocks, investors receive their dividends as cash or extra shares of a company ’ mho neckcloth, while crypto investors receive dividend payments in cryptocurrency tokens .
As mentioned, the measure of crypto dividends can vary dramatically. Although the value of any partake can change in rate, crypto is notoriously explosive and may result in considerable changes to your projected crypto dividend payouts.

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