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Garena Free Fire APK for Android – Free download


Garena Free Fire APK

Garena Free Fire APK

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Battle it out with a bunch of other warriors in this very exciting mobile game

Free tải về

Battle it out with a bunch of other warriors in this very exciting mobile game

Vote : ( 617 votes )
Program license : Free
Program by : 111 dots Studio
Version : 1.98.1
Works under :
Vote :
Program license
( 617 votes )
Program by
111 dots Studio
Works under :
Android 8.0

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a third-person action shooter that’s designed to play like a hectic battle royale title. Like many of its kin, it follows a character from right behind them and gives you a good overview of all the action that’s happening on the map. All of the characters in the game are placed on a single island, and it’s their job to get off of said island alive.

Unfortunately, it seems that only one of these individuals will live to accomplish that feat. Up to 50 players can be assigned to a single map at a time, but they’ll have to fight to the death until only one remains. When maps get full up with 50 people, the action can get extremely hectic and it can be difficult for individual players to follow what’s going on. That being said, you shouldn’t experience much in the way of lag when this happens as long as your connection is solid.

Many players will find that this almost anarchistic phong cách of gameplay is where much of Free Fire Battlegrounds ‘ appeal comes from. It doesn’t have many of the rules or đội orientation that modern trực tuyến shooters are known for. As a result, you may start mập drop in và out of various map seemingly at random. That makes it a good pick for anyone who wants phệ play a game for just a few minutes while they’re waiting for something béo happen in the real world .

If you were to try that with any other battle royale game,then you might end up caught into a fight for 20-30 minutes. Free Fire Battlegrounds tends to have a much faster style of play. For that matter, it lends itself well to modern online competition. You won’t be able to join teams with many other players, however, since the game tends to encourage a sole survivor sort of situation at the end.

Those who prefer to have a single winner to any challenge will certainly appreciate this. That also makes Free Fire Battlegrounds a great choice for anybody who likes to challenge their friends. They shouldn’t have any difficulty recruiting people since the controls are so remarkably simple that almost anyone could learn them in just a few minutes.

Along one side of the màn hình hiển thị is a virtual d-pad that allows players mập move their characters in every direction. Action buttons phệ shoot, crouch và drop lao dốc are all located around the right side. This makes it easy Khủng play the game by holding a phone or máy tính bảng just lượt thích it was a controller. There’s also an interdependent jump button, though it requires some additional manipulation of the d-pad in order béo use .
Each thời gian you come across an thành quả or power-up, you’ll be given a special button in the middle of the màn hình hiển thị that will allow you bự interact with it. There’s an inventory in the upper-right corner of the UI that shows you what you’re currently holding onto. Depending on the specific rules of the bản đồ you’re on, you might have a limited inventory that ensures you’ll need béo decide which items béo hand onto và which bự use or let go of .
Eventually, you may be able mập put together a collection of different weapons you can hold all at the same phút giây. If you bởi, then you’ll be able bự switch between them with another conveniently positioned button. This makes it easy Khủng switch between weapons for use in close quarters combat as well as those designed for ranged attacks. While it might take a bit of practice mập get used mập this mechanic, it’ll be phút giây well spent since you can use it Khủng dominate some of the smaller map. While it might not be as effective on larger ones, it’s still a decent strategy .

When you first start a new level, all players signed into a particular map will parachute down onto an island. Once they land, they’ll have to run and grab a weapon before anyone else has a chance to jump them. Starting a map in Free Fire Battlegrounds is far more challenging than you might expect. The developers did their best to make every aspect of the game interesting.

Other challenges are built into the game too, which helps to keep things interesting even if you’re playing a long map. Over time, a force field will start to close in on you. It moves from all directions at a constant rate. One touch of this field will kill you in an instant, so it’s best to avoid it at all costs.

Of course, you’re free Khủng use the force field phệ your advantage as well. Crafty gamers might want lớn figure out how bự shove their opposition into the force field without getting themselves stuck in it. Rather than trying mập wrack up eliminations, Free Fire Battlegrounds is about pure và simple survival .
Thos e who get too close béo the field might have a chance phệ grab a vehicle & tốc độ away in it. Steering a stolen vehicle in this game isn’t hard because of just how tight the d-pad is. A number of different vehicles are included, which once more helps bự keep things interesting even for those who play all the thời gian .
In spite of the fact that Free Fire Battlegrounds doesn’t really have any combos, frequent players will probably start Khủng learn what attacks work best in succession. Different characters have slightly different stats, so sánh dedicated gamers will certainly want mập try all of them out before they decide on which are their favorites .

Game managers can make a round last as long as they want, but the overwhelming majority of games won’t last for more than maybe 15 minutes. As the time limit starts to tick down, players might start to behave more and more erratically. That alone should help to make it attractive to those who don’t have the time to explore serious triple-A shooter games. Free Fire Battlegrounds offers everything they do in a much more compact and enjoyable package.


  • Fast, hectic gameplay
  • Support for up to 50 players
  • Multiple weapons and vehicles
  • Tight controls


  • Less variety than other battle royale titles
  • Rounds might be too quick for some players

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