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At beginning glance, the Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet looks like your traditional bifold wallet. That ’ sulfur because, for the most part, it is ! Although there are a few cagey details that make it exceptionally useful for travel .
Bellroy Coin Fold On Table
We ’ ve been testing this wallet for about two months now in Detroit and Minneapolis, and overall, we ’ re impressed ! sol let ’ s prima donna in .

Materials & Aesthetic

Bellroy is not known for its wild patterns or neon prints. so, unsurprisingly, the Coin Fold Wallet has a classy, sophisticate appearance. While we ’ ve been testing the black colorway, we ’ re besides digging the early two available colorways : Navy and Java .
Bellroy Coin Fold Logo
The sew is clean and slick, which we think adds an component of stylus without detracting from that traditional leather wallet aesthetic. The stigmatization is besides minimal—you ’ ll find the Bellroy name pressed into the penetrate right of the outside and the company ’ randomness owl logo near the pen up of the inside.

The wallet is on the larger side for traditional bifolds a far as distance goes. It ’ ll still fit in most practical pockets, so we don ’ thyroxine think it ’ s a huge bargain, but it ’ sulfur something you should know before you buy it .
If you ’ re companion with Bellroy, then you likely already know that this wallet is made of leather. The party ’ south founders began with a dream to create a reduce leather wallet, and they haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate strayed far from those roots .
Bellroy Coin Fold Material
While leather probable international relations and security network ’ thyroxine everyone ’ s cup of tea, Bellroy does try to source and tan its leather sustainably. The folks there get their leather from gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries. The Leather Working Group is a third-party administration that ensures all leather whipping is done in an environmentally creditworthy way ( a a lot as possible, anyhow ) .
nowadays, besides the environmental and ethical implications, leather can besides be a slippery material for locomotion. It ’ s not necessarily bad, but it ’ mho delicate compared to some celluloid materials on the market. If you expose leather to sealed types of weather—heavy rain, for example—you could end up damaging the wallet in the farseeing race. So you ’ ll want to ensure you take manage of it ( and check weather reports ) .
That said, leather is known to improve with historic period, and we do agree with that to an extent. When by rights cared for, leather will get a beautiful “ patina ” over clock that gives it a singular and sophisticate spirit which we can surely dig. Over time, your wallet will truly become your wallet, thanks to all the marks and fading that can only come after years of use .
however, you do need to be careful with it. intemperate exposure to water or major scratches can take leather from “ aged ” to “ ruined. ” If you ’ re newfangled to leather, keep this in mind—and if you ’ re not new to leather, you ’ re credibly already well aware of this.

Features & Usage

We mentioned earlier that the Bellroy team included a few apt details that make this wallet ideal for travel. The first is the roll closure that ’ s secured with a cadaver leather latch. At first, we thought this latch was gimmicky, and we worried about its durability—but indeed far, so good !
Bellroy Coin Fold Clasp
After using the wallet a good bite, we truly enjoy using this latch. not only does it keep the wallet securely closed, but it ’ sulfur satisfying to use. The sound it makes when you flip it open is … ah. seriously, it ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate satisfy as one of those ASMR YouTube video where person is cutting backbone or whatever .
Bellroy Coin Fold Open
The wallet opens up like a traditional bifold. On the left, you ’ ll see two batting order slots with an extra third base slot on the right. To keep things interesting, the wallet engineers at Bellroy designed these slots to slope down from left to right. It looks dope and allows you to see a sneak peek of the bills you have in the two-dimensional eminence section of the wallet ( in case you forget how ample or not-so-rich you are ). This area holds between three and eight cards .
One downside is that there is no ID-window, which means you can ’ thymine flash your ID to the bartender cop-style. You ’ ll have to take it out wholly. not a dealbreaker for us, but we can understand that it may be for others .
Bellroy Coin Fold Cash
The beak section is tall enough to hold most currencies. We ’ ve tested it with japanese Yen, which are tall compared to U.S. dollars, and they do burst, but precisely barely. Within this section, you besides have a small, dedicated spot for a SIM card, which is a nice feature of speech for traveling, particularly when jumping from area to area .
Bellroy Coin Fold With Coins
And last, we ’ ve got the wallet ’ s namesake : the mint pouch. We don ’ thymine habit coins much in the U.S. but when traveling to countries where coins are worth more—basically anywhere in Europe, Japan, etc.—it ’ randomness courteous to have a dedicated spot for them. And if you ’ re hopping from country to area, you can design a coin organization organization that works for you. possibly you ’ ll keep coins from one country in your pockets, coins from another in your Coin Fold Wallet, and coins from another in an accessory pouch. Or keep them all in your wallet. You do you.

Bellroy Coin Fold Lip
This coin air pocket is wonderfully designed, with a brim that keeps coins from spilling out but calm allows easy access. Simply pinch the wallet, and the coins will slide out enough for you to grab them .
Bellroy Coin Fold With Tile
We ’ ve besides kept the Tile Mate in this pocket, which is a small device that hooks up to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to find any it is you ’ ve put it with ( in this font, the Coin Fold Wallet ). We haven ’ t had a cause to use it so far, but it offers decent peace of take care. Losing your wallet while traveling is one of the worst feelings ever—at least with this you ’ ll be able to locate it ( even if you did leave it in the airport that is now 2,000 miles aside ) .

Durability & Testing

We ’ ve been testing the Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet for a calendar month now, and the leather is starting to look wear with a few scratches and marks. But we think of this as a dear thing ! Who doesn ’ t like the spirit of faded leather ? other than that, we ’ ve had no issues with lastingness. The sew still looks elegant with not a unmarried free thread in spy .
Bellroy Coin Fold Worn Leather

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