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Cosmic Handbook

Cosmic Handbook

The cosmos is a vast realm of primal powers, alien empires, and wonders and dangers beyond imagining. Now it is yours to explore with The Cosmic Handbook for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game. This sourcebook looks at the universe beyond Earth, from the history of the cosmic in the comics to the conventions of cosmic stories and characters. In the pages of The Cosmic Handbook…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Green Ronin Publishing  $14.95

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Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster's Guide

Mutants và Masterminds Gamemaster’s Guide

While Mutants & Masterminds players create heroes, the Gamemaster creates the villains, the adventures, and the entire world where the series takes place. That can be a lot of work, but the Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster’s Guide is here to help you. This book has everything an M&M Gamemaster needs, from guidelines on creating challenges and adventures to advice on designing…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Green Ronin Publishing  $17.95


Worlds Numberless and Strange

Worlds Numberless và Strange

This is the full version of Worlds Numberless and Strange. Check out the free preview.
What will you find as you venture into Earth’s shoals?
Witch covens battle in the mammoth city of Halloween. Nazis struggle to master mythological relics in the Eleventh Reich. T. rexes hunt hominids on the tropical island of Mesozoica, while skyships fend off pirates and predators in the tempestuous…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Monte Cook Games  $16.99


Adventure System

Adventure System

Limitless adventure awaits!  The Adventure System core rules allow you to breathe life into any campaign you can imagine for a roleplaying game and are suitable for any genre including alternate history, cyberpunk, fantasy, and science fiction. The core rules include everything you need. You don’t have to wait to buy any supplements. In fact, you won’t ever have to buy any…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Idyll Creations  $9.99


Disk Spaceship - NTE-1071 Explorer

Disk Spaceship – NTE-1071 Explorer

NTE-1071 is an Explorer-class disk-shaped spaceship commonly used by a federated union of planets for space exploration and military defence.
Including a bridge, hanger decks, engineering, security, medical, science station, and even two holographic chambers.
When you want to trek across the stars this is the starship you want!
The Imperial Battle Cruiser makes a great foe for this ship. You can…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

MmpApps  $3.99


Power Pack #1

Power nguồn Pack # một

“I want everyone to be aware of what their superpower is because I believe that we all have superpowers.” — Nafessa Williams

The first Power Pack, this small supplement contains 4 new Mega-Edges, 4 new Quantum powers, and 2 new Power tags …   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Onyx Path Publishing  $2.00


SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Open World Gaming for RPG Gamemasters

SoRoPlay GamTools Zine : Open World Gaming for RPG Gamemasters

This 43-page issue is for Open World Gaming for RPG Gamemasters.
So, this issue is entirely focused on open worlds for avoiding the confines of linear adventure worlds. Giving players choices enticing with interesting story elements rather than limiting with artificial boundaries.

Why focus on open world gaming?  
The answer depends on the type of game that a player…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Ken Wickham  USD 4.99 USD 4.98


ICONS: Menagerie

ICONS : Mencalculate my age

A Creature Collection of Iconic Beasts!
Icons Menagerie provides a collection of beasts, creatures, monsters, and foes for use with Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, giving you a ready-made resource for your games. It includes:
Creatures! Dozens of creatures defined in Icons game stats, from ordinary animals to prehistoric beasts and dinosaurs…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Ad Infinitum Adventures  $8.00


ICONS: Rogues

ICONS : Rogues

Even More Enemies!
Icons Rogues offers a collection of criminals both conventional and cosmic for use with Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, dozens of ready-made opponents and adventures for your heroes. It includes: 
Minions! Different villains suited for the role of hireling, mercenary, or minion, or simply looking to commit some…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Ad Infinitum Adventures  $10.00




Legrand Games Studio proudly presents the sixth issue of CRUSADERS SHOWCASE, the monthly, official mini-webzine of CRUSADERS,  the roleplaying game of superheroic action!
This special, double-sized issue brings you 9 pages of exclusive CRUSADERS material:
– Expanded Series & Downtime rules! 
– Three new vicious Powers for Villains:…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Legrand Games Studio  Pay What You Want


Super Powered Legends: Chi-town Villains - Acolyte

Super Powered Legends : Chi-town Villains – Acolyte

He Who Serves
An insane mind-controller, and ex-member of the Omega cult, Acolyte (PL 10), is a recent addition to the criminal gang run by Alraune and Prankster. He had been missing the excitement of villainous life since he left the cult, and has discovered a renewed vigor for an adventure through the lives of these two young women.
Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes you a need a character…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Rogue Genius Games  $2.95


CAPITAL CITY: Building Expansion 1

CAPITAL CITY : Building Expansion một

CAPITAL CITY brings a visually stunning urban environment to your tabletop. This building expansion set includes three new building styles that fold flat when not in use for easy storage, with stackable uptions that allow you to build them as tall as you want, detachable balconies, a clocktower, a junker car, and much more. Most files include user selectable graphic options, allowing you to customize…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Fat Dragon Games  USD 7.99 USD 4.00


Prowlers and Paragons UE: GM Screen

Prowlers và Paragons UE : GM Screen

The official Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Game Master Screen, usable with any landscape-oriented universal insert-friendly GM Screen of your choice (such as the one sold by Pinnacle Entertainment Group or OneBookShelf, Inc.). It has all of the core tables and charts a GM may need for quick reference during play, as well as useful information for quick reference for players. …   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Mobius Worlds Publishing  $4.95


Modern Floorplans: Victorian Style Mansion

Modern Floorplans : Victorian Style Mansion

Where do you go when the action starts? To the battle map, of course! If you need a map of a modern structure, you need Modern Floorplans. The Modern Floorplans series from Fabled Environments and 12 to Midnight offers gamers high quality maps in a variety of configurations:
Want to draw it out yourself? Use the 8.5×11 map as a guide.
Want to simply drop the map on the table and play?…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Fabled Environments  USD 3.75 USD 2.75


SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Character Reaction Engine Expanded

SoRoPlay GamTools Zine : Character Reaction Engine Expanded

This 40-page issue is a Character Reaction Engine Expanded
What causes different types of characters to experience different emotions for different reasons? This system considers personality types and meaning in for how they may experiencel instinctual and initial emotions following an event or situation.   
Something happens in the story that means ‘loss’ leads…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Ken Wickham  USD 4.99 USD 4.98


Science Fiction Codex of Lists 2 (2nd Edition)

Science Fiction Codex of Lists 2 ( 2 nd Edition )

Completely updated and revised second edition.
This book is designed to make a gamemaster’s job easier when he or she creates science fiction roleplaying game adventures and campaigns.  This book includes 107 RPG lists, 308 pages of content, and thousands of entries designed for any science fiction game setting.  These lists will help spark your imagination and add flavor and color…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

JEN Games  $0.99




This is the full version of Unmasked. Check out the free preview.
Superpowers and Horror in a Dark Eighties

Top Gun is in theaters. “Papa Don’t Preach” is on the radio. Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and Iran-Contra is in the news. The Soviets are in Afghanistan, and the Doomsday Clock is at 3 minutes until midnight. But there’s something else going on—something even bigger….   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Monte Cook Games  $12.41


Character Motivation for RPG Gamemasters

Character Motivation for RPG Gamemasters

This 42-page issue is for Character Motivation for RPG Gamemasters.
Why does your characters do what they do?
Character motivation burns within a character to propel them to take certain actions.
Why focus on character motivation?  
The answer depends on the type of game that a player is playing.

For those who don’t care about why a character does something, then this…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Ken Wickham  USD 4.99 USD 4.98


Super Powered Legends: Overpower

Super Powered Legends : Overpower

Singular Potential!
Overpower (PL 13) tried to force an entire city to cede power to him, but was lost to his own hubris. Using his vast power over gravity, he summoned a gravity well while fighting CASTLE and the Sentinels, but was swallowed within the singularity, himself.
In the aftermath of the battle no sign of Overlord remained. He is believed to have perished with the closing of the singularity…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Rogue Genius Games  $2.95


Game Retailer Guide

trò chơi Retailer Guide

Written by a veteran game store owner, the Game Retailer Guide is a how-to industry manual that contains everything you need to know in order to start and run a successful game-selling business.
Topics the Game Retailer Guide covers include:
 * Administration & Planning
* Building and Equipping the Store
* Competitive Analysis
* Products and Services
* Marketing & Advertising…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Skirmisher Publishing  $9.99


Gadget Guides

Gadget Guides

Note: This book is currently available as part of a pre-order print bundle through the Green Ronin Web site.
The Most Toys!
Where do you get all those wonderful toys? Right here! Gadget Guides is a collection of diverse devices for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero Roleplaying Game,from armor and weapons to psychic crystals and steamtech. In this book are twenty-two individual…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Green Ronin Publishing  $15.95


Glade Campsite 24" x 24" RPG Encounter Map

Glade Campsite 24 ” x 24 ” RPG Encounter Map

Glade Campsite – RPG Encounter Map
24″ x 24″ image of a campsite in a glade by a trail and stream with optional square or hex grids.

Files included:

For Large Format Printing
Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1″ and 1.5″ square grid variations
Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1″ and 1.5″ hex grid variations
Zip…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Loke BattleMats  $0.99


Blood & Justice: Welcome to Nocturne

Blood và Justice : Welcome bự Nocturne

Blood & Justice: Welcome to Nocturne presents a gritty Iron Age superhero setting, a dark and frightening place where ordinary people live in terror of crime and senseless violence.

Continually fighting to keep from sinking into the swamp on which it was built, Nocturne is a city of intrigue, danger, and adventure. It’s a wretched place to live—heavy with the…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Mobius Worlds Publishing  $14.95


[ICONS]The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition

[ ICONS ] The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of the Super Villain Handbook gives you:
44 villainous archetypes, from the deadly Assassin to the Villain With All Your Powers.
48 fully developed antagonists, each with history, personality, and story hooks.
The Heroes of the YOUniverse, 8 champions of justice you can use as PCs or NPCs.
Support for 9 different forms of super villain gaming, like…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Fainting Goat Games  USD 10.00 USD 7.00


Tiny Legacies

Tiny Legacies

The Fate of the Universe Is at Stake!
The villains are back and this time their schemes just may work! The fate of the world, the fate of the entire universe, is in the hands of the world’s greatest heroes! Sound familiar? It should! It’s the core concept of every great superhero universe, and the time has come to create your own!
Tiny Legacies is a toolkit to create your own campaign world, with…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Kyoudai Games  USD 11.99 USD 7.99


Super Powered Legends: Silverback

Super Powered Legends : Silverback

Day of the Silverback
Mosi Jelani, exiled ruler of the central African nation of Ophar, with the mantle of the silverback gorilla, operates as a costumed mercenary throughout Africa. He is unwilling to work with warlords who oppress others, choosing instead to work with outreach programs seeking to lend aid where he can; a form of penance given to himself. When push comes to shove, however, Mosi is…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Rogue Genius Games  $2.95


Amazing Universe Adventure: Heroes Assemble (Super-Powered by M&M)

Amazing Universe Adventure : Heroes Assemble ( Super-Powered by M&M )

All stories about superheroes have a beginning, and this is yours! What started out as a simple sunny day turns into a chance meeting with local superheroine, the Knightress, and turns into a battle with the world-known terrorist organization, Helix. And from there, you are drawn into a world of super-heroics and covert agencies like the Espionage and Governmental Law Enforcement Divison better known…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

LPJ Design  $4.99


Temple Hidden Base

Temple Hidden Base

Hidden deep in the jungle of an alien moon, in an ancient temple, lies a rebel base including a starship hangar. Or perhaps after crash landing their spaceship on an uncharted planet, the survivors take refuge in an ancient temple left behind by an unknown race.
Seven levels are detailed on 11 full-color maps.
Hangar – with room for a number of fighters, shuttles, and a stock light freighter
Hangar…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

MmpApps  $1.99


Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition

Mutants và Masterminds, Second Edition

The World’s Greatest Superhero Roleplaying Game Returns!
It has been called “the best, most exciting superhero RPG in years.” It sets “new standards in design and presentation.” It has won awards that include the Pen & Paper Fan Award for Best RPG, the ENWorld Award for Best d20 RPG, and the prestigious EN World Peer Award for 2003. Now the World’s Greatest Superhero Roleplaying Game is even better!…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Green Ronin Publishing  $19.95


Deep Space Station

Deep Space Station

Deep Space Station is a permanent station usually orbiting a planet or providing a base of support for a region of space. It is both military and civilian. It consists of a hub, an inner ring, and an outer ring.
Hub – bridge, transporter, captain’s quarters.
Inner Ring – residences, shops, a casino, restaurants, and the hospital.
Outer Ring…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

MmpApps  $6.99


Strands of Power

Strands of Power nguồn

STRANDS OF POWER is the key that will unlock the true potential of your favorite STRANDS OF FATE characters. With this supplement, you’ve got all the tools to create the ultimate characters for any campaign.  
Strands of Power compiles and updates the Advantages available to your characters, as well as offers a host of new Expert, Heroic and Power Advantages. In addition,…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Void Star Studios  $7.99


Supergame: Super-Powered RPG (3rd Edition)

Supergame : Super-Powered RPG ( tam rd Edition )

Watch Out, Super-Villains! Originally published in 1980, Supergame was one of the earliest roleplaying games specifically designed for super-powered heroes. This all-new, third edition provides quick and exciting gameplay without straining your budget.
Create your own hero in minutes that can be recorded on an index card.
Use a wide range of powers with effects…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Precis Intermedia  $4.95




Use this printable template to create the modular MAGE TOWER sections built in Black Magic Craft episode 206.

This is an easy to build product utilizing very cheap and beginner friendly tools and materials. Dollar store (easy peel) foamcore, an X-acto knife, nail file, glue gun, pencil, mod podge, and craft paint are all that are needed to create these modular…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

đen Magic Craft  Pay What You Want


Mutants & Masterminds Condition Cards

Mutants và Masterminds Condition Cards

See What Condition Your Condition Is In
Dazed, Exhausted, and Defenseless, you nonetheless fight on! Condition Cards are a handy reference for the Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying game, tracking the ordeals your hero survives and the hurt they lay down on villains. No more flipping through the rulebook to remember how being Hindered or Compelled…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Green Ronin Publishing  $13.96


The Ray of the Resizer

The Ray of the Resizer

Watch out Sentry City! The Resizer is on the loose!
Who can stand up to him and his powerful Resizing Ray and endless army of Resize Bots? It will take a true team of heroes to stand tall against the Resizer, but be careful, the Resizer will surely try to cut you down to size. Good luck heroes. The fate of Sentry City depends on you!
This adventure requires the Tiny Supers rulebook.  …   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Gallant Knight Games  $3.99


Structured Free Association Story Plot Method

Structured Free Association Story Plot Method

Do you want to write better role playing game story plots? Don’t have much time but would like to have engaging storylines for your players to explore?
Key highlights:
Harness your full personal capability using keyword association
Write fast – as quickly as in 10-15 minutes from scratch to gaming table
Be more varied than ever – avoid cliched anti-climatic story arcs
How to run…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

ThinkDifferent  Pay What You Want


Villains and Vigilantes 2.1

Villains và Vigilantes 2.1

In 1979, JEFF DEE and JACK HERMAN created the original VILLAINS AND VIGILANTESTM, the game that brought classic comic book style superheroes into the world of role-playing games. It inspired thousands of crossover fans between comics and gaming, and spawned dozens of imitations.
VILLAINS AND VIGILANTESTM is legendary among role-playing games for its random…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Monkey House Games  USD 16.99 USD 7.50


Savage Tokusatsu: Kaiju, Mechs, and Heroes for Savage Worlds

Savage Tokusatsu : Kaiju, Mechs, and Heroes for Savage Worlds

Transform and Fight, Heroes!
Savage Tokusatsu is a game built from the ground up specifically for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition roleplaying game. Within the pages of this book are new rules and character options to help you capture the feel of any tokusatsu story in the collaborative storytelling experience that is tabletop roleplaying. 
You can be the transforming team of…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

BPB Games  $30.00


DunJon eZine (Issue #51)

DunJon eZine ( Issue # 51 )

Perhaps the World’s finest fantasy art and cosplay magazine.
Dozens of printable poster/print quality images, plus random riddles, magic items. dungeon annd city maps. Plus a Unique ancient artifact suitable for most role playing game systems.

DunJon Fantasy Femme Fatale eZine as it names suggests is fantasy art magazine that primarily focuses upon femme fatales. (Beautiful, yet dangerous women.)…   [nhấp chuột here for more]

Stainless Steel Dragon  USD 3.99

USD 1.99


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