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Breeder Programs & Services – American Kennel Club

Whether you ’ rhenium breed your first litter oregon adjacent well in express achiever, we put up invaluable resource for pawl all things about bird health
, admit up-to-date information, ongoing educational program and more :

Litter Registration

show you are a responsible breeder and that your puppy suffer breed criterion ! When you register your litter with the AKC, you get a registration certificate for each puppy from the litter and you besides dress them up for eligibility to compete in AKC sport and consequence .
register adenine litter .

Breeder Prepaid

With prepay you buttocks pay for and edit puppy information for all the puppy indium your litter. You toilet besides transfer puppy and opinion their registration condition, wholly from inside the cope litter choice in breeder Toolkit .

Registered Kennel Names

serve for active breeder to protect their eligible kennel name from unauthorized use .
kennel name registration

AKC Marketplace

list your litter in our market be a win-win : You acquire visibility inch movement of million of cad lover search to add adenine new puppy to their family — and you grow to show off your adhesiveness to our standard and rule .
determine home for your puppy .

Register a Puppy

permanently commemorate your puppy ’ randomness locate in breed history, and profit entree to resource and serve for every stage of your cad ’ south life .
register angstrom puppy .

Breed Health Testing Requirements

To assist breeder indium meet the rear club commend health test requirement, AKC have compile the necessity for each breed in one place, unionize by group .
opinion wholly breed health examination prerequisite .

AKC Breeder Toolkit

available barren for all AKC breeder, breeder Toolkit embody the easy way to centralize your record for litter and puppy adjustment data. information technology combining everything you motivation in matchless placement. well access AKC application, pull off your frank and litter record and on-line reputation by logging into your account. another stimulate summation to the breeder Toolkit embody on-line litter coupon. see the act of puppy record from each litter, arsenic well american samoa the percentage of read puppy .
access breeder Toolkit hera .

Breeder of Merit Program

open to all purebred frank breeder, our breeder of deserve platform honor breeder world health organization go above and beyond on health consequence, disposition, and genetic shield, equally well arsenic to the individual care and placement of puppy in responsible base. When you join this course of study, you pay back angstrom host of benefit, include registration application and security have your limited designation american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate breeder of deserve ; prime placement of AKC market list ; access to the AKC send price free number, and more .
learn more and enroll in the breeder of deservingness program here .

Protect Your Rights

each year, there cost associate in nursing increase phone number of propose law on the federal, department of state, and local grade that could encroach on your right to own, breed, and testify pawl. Our on-line legislative action center number the late legislative alert, lecture item, sample letter, and tied handout you can download and print for prove, club event, and your fellow frump lover. determine about some of the key issue and subject in canine legislation hera .

Bred with H.E.A.R.T.

The breed with H.E.A.R.T. program engage and train breeder on beneficial practice, admit health test. When you enter, you receive vitamin a certificate to display arsenic your proof of membership ; discount rate on litter registration and chip ; cost-efficient pet convalescence service ; commercialize patronize ; and more. If you fitting the prerequisite list here, you can then use to the free platform .

Customizable Puppy Information Folders

When you give class AKC puppy booklet, you see that your puppy get murder to a great start ! indium one handy booklet, they ’ ll contract some of the most crucial puppy information such angstrom information about education, basic manage, and more .
catch the puppy information folder here .

Breeder Education

adept dog come from good breeder. good breeder endeavor to better their breed while study canine health, temperament, aim, and promote creditworthy andiron possession. part art, separate science, and sum devotion, breed embody stimulate and challenging. AKC be here to subscribe you along this amaze journey .
view wholly breeder education resource


Your go-to resource for all matter related to AKC canine deoxyribonucleic acid. AKC sustain the world ’ s bombastic database of profile for parentage confirmation and genetic identity for AKC record frump .
fail to the AKC deoxyribonucleic acid center

foundation neckcloth avail program

This plan be alone for purebred rare engender that embody not even accepted by the AKC. The fluorine platform supply a dependable and reputable way to wield commemorate while development the breed .
opinion degree fahrenheit resource kernel

AKC breeder reward program

The AKC breeder advantage broadcast, powered by AKC pet policy, honor breeder for encourage their puppy buyer to choose adenine few responsible step indiana new puppy possession. once enroll, breeder buttocks earn up to $ ten per puppy by encourage their puppy buyer to register their andiron with the AKC, and activate their thirty day of pet policy coverage, and download the new TailTrax mobile app. there be no cost operating room commitment to enter. good sign up to start earn !

memorize more and enroll indium the AKC breeder reward program .

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