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Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

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It’s wedding season, y’all. And with weddings come fun bridal showers. If you’re helping organize a shower, I’ve got free printable bridal shower games ready phệ help you out. Thes e watercolor & floral free printable bridal shower games are not only a lovely addition mập your buổi tiệc nhỏ, they’re also a great ice breaker & entertainment for your guests .

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are such a fun celebration. But, chances are, not every guest knows everyone at the tiệc ngọt. It’s nice phệ have a couple of icebreakers going ( even if they’re just in the background ) phệ help add some excitement & make everyone relax a bit. I’ve got a couple of great ones bự chia sẻ with you today. Fire up your printer & tải về these free printable bridal shower games below .

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games

When I was a kid, I remember going with my mother to a wedding shower. We had to put clothespins on our skirt hems that kept getting stolen when we said certain words. It was a fun game to mingle with other guests and giggle quite a bit, too. Ironically, I won the whole thing. I was eight and basically blew it out of the water. It was probably due to the fact that I wasn’t nearly as interested in the bride-to-be’s new Corningware and bath towels as I was in getting a fun gift to take home for winning this thing (although, my mom whispered to me that the polite thing to do was to give my prize to bride…upon which I was gutted. Thankfully, the bride was kind to eight-year-old me and gave it right back). The modern version of that silly ol’ clothespin game is one of the free printable bridal shower games I’m featuring below: Put a Ring On It. I’m also sharing the He Said, She Said printable, too. And, I even have a fun add-on pack of six more games in my shop, for all of you die-hard bridal shower gamers (it includes the infamous, What’s in Your Purse? game). 

Free Bridal Shower Game Printables

Free Games Included :

  • He Said, She Said
    • This quality game requires a little consulting with the bride before the shower begins. Or, have her phệ tell her answers Khủng the crowd at the over of the game, so sánh participants can add up their scores .
    • Included are both 8.5 x11 ” và 5×7 ” versions of the game. Both versions are PDFs for easy, at-home printing ( but you can also upload béo your local print shop ). The 5×7 ” sizes come two Khủng a page, Khủng help you save a bit of cardstock. But, I vì recommend the larger, 8.5 x11 ” phiên bản, especially if there are older guests at the shower, for easier reading .
  • Put a Ring On It ( this is the mới ra phiên bản of the ” collecting clothespins ” game ) .
    • Included in this free bridal shower game are both 8×10 ” & 5×7 ” versions of the game. You can frame either one & have it ready for guests lớn read & take part in, as soon as they arrive. The 5×7 ” is a JPEG, so sánh you can print it lượt thích a photo, if you prefer. The 8×10 ” prints onto letter-sized cardstock. Just trim và frame .

Put a Ring on It Bridal Shower Game

The Put a Ring On It game is a great interactive game mập get your guests mingling. I have information on the rings below .

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