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25 Best Marketing Articles for Each Stage of Growth

There’s a whole lot of dịch vụ seo tổng thể website
advice out there, & not all of it is accurate .

The ability phệ filter signal from noise is now more important than access bự information. You need mập build your own curriculum from the many places offering advice. We’ve noticed that when it comes béo marketing, people are quick Khủng build their reading danh sách by channel — email, ads, nội dung marketing, you name it .
But it’s not the channel that consistently matters, it’s the stage your business is in. Why ? Because the real value of information is helping you figure out what you need phệ know at the right thời gian .
That’s why we organized all of our must-read marketing articles by stage of business growth. From first marketing bự đầy đủ scale, here’s a collection of guides phệ help you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey .

The best articles for every stage of business growth

Pre-product stage

A core tenet of sản phẩm – market fit is that a great market can actually draw out a strong hàng hóa. In other words, deeply understanding the real demand of the people you’re selling Khủng can help you create a great sản phẩm .
And, of course, even a best-in-class hàng hóa can’t survive without a market. While you’re gearing up mập launch, make sure bự kiểm tra out these marketing articles on how you can best prepare beforehand .
It all starts with a big idea. And then — a name ! As brand strategist Marty Neumeier says, “ The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset. ” While there’s no surefire way lớn pick the perfect name, there are some consistent elements of easy-to-understand & catchy brand names that every mới nhất business owner should consider. For additional ideas bự get the gears turning, be sure phệ try our không tính tiền business name generator .
Every appealing business idea feels lượt thích a xanh ocean of opportunity. But before you dive in, it’s best béo know who already inhabits the waters. Competitive analysis helps you understand the current landscape, market shifts, & marketing trends. By filling in the spaces with known competitors, it also becomes easier lớn spot areas where you can have a competitive advantage. But competitive analysis is much more than stalking other brands on Twitter .
There’s nothing more discouraging than pouring sweat equity into a hàng hóa you think people will love, only béo hear the sound of crickets when you finally launch. The simple solution is béo validate your hàng hóa ideas before you fully commit mập a business. How ? Well, by ringing the cash register. But if you haven’t done that, we have a few other ideas mập try .
You’re finally launching your Shopify store after all your hard work. It’s exciting, but can quickly become overwhelming. Deep breath. It’s phút giây Khủng create a checklist. Take thời gian Khủng study Shopify’s trang web builder or hire a professional. Take a methodical approach mập your launch, ease your mind, & stay organized with this handy Shopify store launch checklist .
Samantha Renée is a former Merchant Success Manager & current Course Producer at Shopify. She’s helped thousands of hot nhất business owners grow their business, & if there’s one consistent pattern she’s noticed, it’s that most founders struggle phệ understand tìm kiếm engine optimization ( SEO ) .
While SEO often can seem opaque, the reality is there are a few fundamental things you can bởi vì lớn your store today that will help you create trang web visibility in Google kết thúc the long term .
You’ve poured tons of thời gian và effort into creating your products & trực tuyến store. Now, you have lớn get those prized products in front of the right people, with messaging that resonates with them. By knowing your audience, you can market products more effectively và invest in marketing campaigns that actually work .
Do you know who your target audience is ? If not, this article will walk you through how bự find và reach them .
A good marketing strategy gives you a clear path béo attracting và retaining customers. But if you’re creating your first one, it’s easy béo get lost in all the tactics và best practices. Not Khủng mention all the marketing channels — should you invest in gmail, mạng xã hội, SMS, paid ads, or all of the above ?
This article gives you a five-step framework bự create a digital marketing strategy for your business. Learn from experts lượt thích Ezra Firestone ( Smart Marketer ), Ben Zettler ( Shopify Plus Partner and Expert ), & Taylor Holiday ( Common Thread Collective ) as they teach you how béo build a strategy that works .

Landing your first sale

Coffee’s for closers, và now it’s thời gian béo join their ranks. Once you’re ready lớn ring the cash register for the first giây phút, it’s best lớn have a clear message for your hàng hóa, a high-converting hàng hóa page, & above all, a kế hoạch .
Below, we’ll cover how béo start acquiring your first customers consistently & profitably, so sánh you can build your business for the long term .
At Shopify, we’ve found that, with the right sản phẩm, a typical store can expect Khủng get its first order after roughly 400 sessions from relevant sources of lượng truy cập. You may already be on the road bự your first marketing. To help you get there, we put together a simple checklist you can follow for 30 days bự help you stay focused và accountable .
Too often, founders, & even marketers, assume a value proposition is a headline on a trang web or a tagline on a brand, but it goes much further than that. A value proposition is a distillation of why people buy from you ( or should ) .
When your value proposition is clearly defined, it doesn’t just show up on your homepage — it influences every single point of liên hệ with your brand .
Whatever path your customer takes, all roads eventually lead Khủng your hàng hóa page. It’s here, at this crucial location, that a customer decides whether or not bự buy. In short, hàng hóa pages matter. But before you go looking for the latest “ must bởi vì ” tactic Khủng increase conversions, start with the timeless stuff. In this article, we run you through our checklist for tuning up any sản phẩm page on your store .
If you can’t acquire customers profitably, you soon won’t be able mập acquire them at all. One of the most important concepts in marketing is understanding what you spend phệ get a mới nhất customer versus what they usually kết thúc up being worth mập your business, especially if you can encourage repeat purchases. Knowing the numbers helps separate marketing math from myth & will help you create a profitable strategy for getting hot nhất customers in the door .
The classic lượt truy cập jam. If you’re getting quality sessions béo your trực tuyến store but can’t quite seem lớn close the giảm giá, there are a number of common culprits. Some of them are harder bự address & answer, lượt thích if you’re selling a hàng hóa that just isn’t appealing enough .
Sometimes, though, certain aspects of your store thiết kế, copy, or overall messaging are holding you back. If your symptom is no sales, this post will help you get a diagnosis .
Remember the Four Ps of marketing from back in school ? Either way, know that pricing is an incredibly important part of marketing your sản phẩm. Your product’s price affects your cost of customer acquisition và profit margins, &, as we’ve covered above, if the math doesn’t work, the marketing doesn’t work .
Your price also affects the demand for your hàng hóa. Price too low & you won’t capture enough value bự stay in business. But price too high & you may scare too many customers away .
Businesses still underestimate live chat. They shouldn’t. Research from Forrester found customers who chat with a brand chuyển đổi three times more often & have a 10 % mập 15 % higher average cart value .
Live chat helps you guide customers from conversation phệ conversion, but that doesn’t mean you have Khủng be available bự chat 24/7. Read this marketing article Khủng learn about the right locations ( và times ) lớn greet your customers at the proverbial door .
Facebook has around 2.45 billion monthly active users, making it nearly chất lượng in terms of how many people you can potentially market béo. While Facebook’s advertising algorithm gets smarter ( và easier Khủng use ) all of the phút giây, Facebook ads can still be very intimidating mập newcomers. If you’ve been in tìm kiếm of a turn-key guide béo follow in order bự learn the ropes of Facebook advertising, read this article .
There are two assets you can own on the mạng internet : your trang web và your gmail danh sách. Email is an especially valuable channel because it can directly influence the three main levers of growth : increasing the total number of customers ( C ), increasing the total number of purchases per customer ( purchase frequency, or F ), & increasing average order value ( AOV ) .
If you need a crash course on all things gmail marketing, be sure mập kiểm tra out this article .
Social truyền thông is an excellent công cụ for telling stories. An effective mạng xã hội truyền thông chiến dịch can help you launch a hot nhất hàng hóa, promote a milestone, or celebrate a holiday. It can build community, drive engagement, & increase sales .
Stuck on ideas for your next marketing chiến dịch ? Check out these 12 examples, from major retailers Khủng small businesses, with takeaways you can apply béo your mạng xã hội truyền thông tactics today .

Driving sustainable growth

“ Do things that don’t scale ” is excellent advice — until you need lớn scale. Once you’ve covered the essentials và have started driving a few sales per day, it’s thời gian béo start thinking about how you’ll scale your acquisition efforts và improve customer experience, while keeping costs lao dốc. Also, now that you have a few customers, mới ra forms of marketing ( và remarketing ) are available bự you .
You’ve probably heard the term “ influencer marketing ” at this point, & have most definitely seen influencer campaigns on Instagram or TikTok. Some 93 % of marketers partner with influencers mập promote their products. It’s become a popular marketing tactic for brands, from startups Khủng Fortune 500 companies .
This article doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter “ ultimate guide ” phệ influencer marketing. Rather, it walks you through how David Gaylord, founder of giao diện care company Bushbalm, drives lượng truy cập và awareness with influencers, seeing a three bự one return on every dollar spent .
Scaling your Facebook advertising means increasing your ad spend while maintaining a positive return. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always so sánh easy. Typically, successfully scaling your results on Facebook from USD 50 bự $ 5,000 will require you béo expand your audience, build your funnel, increase your overall budget, & develop mới ra creative .
You’ve seen those statistics. It’s cheaper béo retain a current customer than it is Khủng find hot nhất customers. What you may not know is that a retention strategy is chưa bao giờ one form size fits all. There’s a right và wrong giây phút béo lean into retention, và there are strategies that work best at different stages of business growth. In this article, we’ll chia sẻ how retention marketing fits your sản phẩm ( & business ), along with the top five strategies bự consider .
When a người truy cập lands on your trang web, there’s a sequence of events that you’d probably lượt thích them béo complete before leaving. Naturally, not every người truy cập will make it all the way through béo the kết thúc of the journey .
On average, only 2 % of trang web visitors over up making a purchase. With sequential retargeting on Facebook, you can ensure visitors who stopped by your trang web & left see a variety of ads as they move through the funnel, increasing your chances of converting them .
Welcome béo Google Ads, one of the most misunderstood platforms for paid advertising. To get a firm grasp of this channel, you must understand the ad types available phệ you, as well as their individual strengths & weaknesses. In this marketing guide, we’ll chia sẻ the essential terminology mập know, along with what you can realistically expect from each chiến dịch type .
Lifecycle emails are so sánh effective because they can be based on behavior — once your customer takes a specific action, you can send them a context-relevant message through tin nhắn. And there are some heavy-hitting campaigns in this category, including abandoned cart emails, win-back sequences, và re-engagement emails. Schedule once và prepare for revenue .
Along the path phệ conversion, your customers will encounter many touchpoints with your brand. Do you know which of those touchpoints have the greatest influence in closing the marketing ? Marketing attribution can help you peer through the fog & learn more about what’s really working và what isn’t. Before you can learn what’s working, you have mập learn how things work, & understanding attribution helps you bởi exactly that .
Marketing your trực tuyến store is a critical part of your success. Having a clear sense of what works và what doesn’t during your marketing campaigns can help you apply those lessons in future campaigns .
This is where marketing analytics come into play. You can gain more specific insight into your customers, what they buy, & how they interact with your nội dung, & use that dữ liệu mập maximize your sales. Read this article bự learn what metrics Khủng track & how bự use Google Analytics lớn measure & improve on your marketing programs .

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Marketing articles FAQ

What is a marketing article?

A marketing article is a khung of trực tuyến nội dung, usually written for a company blog or third-party publication. The goal of a marketing article is phệ demonstrate knowledge và credibility, và build affinity with readers so sánh they kết thúc up as leads for your business .

How do you write a good marketing article?

  1. Have a unique angle in mind. 
  2. Research stories, surveys, and reports.
  3. Draft an outline of your story.
  4. Create a captivating title. 
  5. Write the article.
  6. Edit the article for clarity.

What are the eight features of a good marketing article?

  1. Clear writing
  2. Expert quotes and case studies
  3. Data-supported arguments
  4. Good formatting
  5. Actionable takeaways
  6. Images
  7. Internal links 
  8. Intriguing story

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