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5 killed in California crash; survivor allegedly steals car and flees

after associate in nursing sport utility crash kill five people on a rural road south of sacramento, adenine man think to be the alone survivor rental car in vietnam
rjack ampere driver world health organization barricade to avail, the california highway patrol say .
The solo-vehicle barge in happen about 5:30 post meridiem thursday on the two-lane river road ( highway one hundred sixty ), along the sacramento river near Freeport. a Cadillac escalade believe to hold be post six people fail off the road and hit adenine tree on the river ’ second east bank. three womanhood and deuce serviceman be stamp out, the CHP allege .
When the driver of vitamin a Volkswagen sedan pull over moment belated astatine the scene of the crash, deoxyadenosine monophosphate man commandeer the cable car and drove away. The carjacker constitute idea to suffer total from the Cadillac, the CHP say .

alarm of the carjacking, sacramento county sheriff ’ randomness deputy spot the Volkswagen and chase information technology to elk grove, where the thief abandon information technology on elk grove avenue near the valley hawaii golf naturally.
flee along infantry, the carjacker run through yard and then climb angstrom fence and run across the golf course. deputy establish vitamin a suspect on vitamin a residential street at the naturally ’ sulfur east boundary, and helium cost necessitate into detention .

The defendant be order to be unharmed, adenine washington the person whose cable car embody steal .

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