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Coin Master: Review of Guides and game Secrets 2022

Coin Master WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Coin Master is a free-and-easy game from Moon Active studio apartment. Your job is to level up and protect your own Viking village. Do you want to get a draw of gold for development ? Spin the wheel of the time slot machine and raid villages of early players. Have you been attacked ? Take revenge on the wrongdoer and take monomania of his wealth. Collect all the maps on the background to occupy new villages and prove that you are the strongest viking ! You can even invite friends to this crippled, which will make the gameplay even more fun .


Coin Master: How to Earn Extra Spins?

There are times when you run out of spins even though you just wanted to play ! Below is a list of all the different ways you can promptly earn spins. Whether you buy them, win them, or get them from your amazing friends, here are the 10 best ways you can keep spin and winning.

1. Buying spins. Spins are always available for purchase in the storehouse, assorted promotions and sets. You can access them by clicking any of the icons in the upper left corner of the home and village screens. then select the items you want and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your buy .
2. Invite friends. Yes, you can earn rid spins by inviting friends who have never downloaded the game before. Just remember that spins can only be earned by inviting 250 friends who join the game through your connection and follow all these steps .
3. Get from friends. Each friend can send you one whirl per day, which allows you to receive up to 100 free spins in full from all of your friends per day. To collect spins from friends, please click the independent menu on the screen door – choice “ Gifts ” – and click “ Collect all ” .
4. Request spins from your team. On your team, you can make one request every 8 hours ( 10 spins from teammates ). Just hit the push button with the spin icon and your teammates can start sending you spins .

5. Events and tournaments. Events and tournaments frequently include spins as rewards. The more you play, the more you win .
6. Balloons. When balloons are active, some of them can turn on spins. Pop them fast for free spins before they fly away .
7. Spinner. Land on three Spin symbols and winnings ! The higher you put, the more spins you can get .
8. Completion of the village. When you finish the village, a box filled with rewards will parachute down and deliver you especial prizes. Often these awards include spins. When the compulsion with Villages consequence is active, you will receive more rewards for completing a village .
9. Completion of the collection of cards. Spins in the cards for you. Every time you complete a stage set of cards, you receive rewards. Each set of cards has its own rewards, and much these are spins .
10. Contests and sweepstakes in social networks. Apart from other great ways to earn spins, players can besides participate in lotteries, contests and sweepstakes that are posted on the game ’ s official social media pages. note that there are respective imposter Facebook pages promising prizes for likes, reposts, comments, and clicks. There are besides websites offering to hack the game. Keep in judgment, they are all scams and can badly harm your device !

Coin Master: Get Prizes

Prize calendar. The Prize Calendar is one of the cool casual prizes that can be obtained by logging into the game after reaching greenwich village level 11. The respect calendar is divided into two parts : at the top there is a 30-day advance banish with different prizes and with the chief choice on the thirtieth day. Seven prizes are shown below, one of which can be earned every 24 hours by adding points to the advancement bar above. If you miss a day, you will return to the first base day of the casual reward, but rest assured that 30 days of build up will not change .
Accelerator. An Accelerator is a respect that, unlike collecting coins and spins, gives events such as Village Master, Slaughter Rate, Slaughter Set, and more ! The accelerator can be obtained during the mission of the event or by purchasing a set. Please be aware that these events will only be active for a limited time. Each booster will have its own timekeeper, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you get one, the timer will start mechanically .
The same event from the accelerator can not be stored. so when you buy or win it, it ’ mho best to wait until it runs out before grabbing the next one .

Mysterious chest. The mysterious Chest provides a great opportunity to earn fantastic prizes, including spins, positron emission tomography treats, pet exp, and cards. Among other capital prizes, there will be a Joker card in every tenth chest !
Completion of card collections. Each completed collection rewards players with spins and other cool gifts, including pets ! The more unique the collection of cards, the greater the choice. When it comes to finding new cards, the greenwich village you are in determines which cards and what rarity you get from the chests .
More gold cards can be found in higher grade villages than others. besides, you can exchange regular cards with friends at any time, and aureate cards – during special events of exchanging aureate cards .

Robbery master. Each extend is considered completed equally soon as the prizes are collected, according to the total available. Offer 1 must be collected multiple times to unlock Offer 2, and Offer 2 must be collected multiple times to unlock Offer 3 .
Prizes-rotation. You can gift each of your friends one spin every 48 hours and they can do the same for you. When your spin barroom is empty, you can collect up to 100 spins gifted to you by your friends every day. And the independent thing is that sending spins to friends will not decrease your stock. To receive and send spins, follow the steps :

  1. Click Main Menu in the upper right corner of the Home or Village screens.
  2. Click Gifts.
  3. Click “Collect and Send All” to collect and send spins to friends.
  4. If you don’t have any spins to collect, but you still want to send them to your friends, click the Send button next to their names, or click Collect and Send All.

You can send the same friend one spin every 48 hours. You can collect spins every day, while your friends send them to you, and your spins jury is empty. Spins you send will not be deducted from your spin counterweight .

Coin Master: A Beginner’s Guide

What are stars? The stars collected throughout the game are used to maintain crying and space players on the leaderboards. Stars can be earned by building items in the greenwich village and collecting new cards. Village items give one star for each upgrade, and cards give the act of stars shown at the top of each. When a actor attacks a village and strikes a direct hit on one of the items, this removes one star from the item, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as from all the stars collected. Please note that duplicate ace cards are not earned .
How does betting work? Bets multiply prizes earned for actions, but do not apply to prizes for special events. Raids and attacks are multiplied after the action ends, and as for the slots, the numbers displayed at the crown are already multiplied. The “ Rate ” release allows you to switch between all available rates from the lowest to the highest .
Daily bonus wheel. Spin the casual bonus steering wheel every 24 hours to win free coins. Once the coins are collected, the player will be shown a countdown timer until the next release daily bonus spin. In addition, there is always the opportunity to buy a spin on the casual bonus wheel, which will be presented in gold and will give you the opportunity to earn cool prizes .
The message that the bonus coin wheel is “ now 10x Better ! ” refers to the fact that the amounts that can be won now are 10 times higher than they were ahead. The numbers on the wheel indicate what you will receive. Both versions of the day by day bonus wheel level up with the player, and the prize increase with each tone .

Super Bet is a feature in Coin Master that enhances the gaming experience by increasing prizes. The more spins a player has in his stock, the higher the stakes he can make !
What are Leaderboards? Leaderboards are the lists of the highest rat players in your set of friends, in your area, and in the global Coin Master community !
How do I earn more coins in raids? Using the “ Bet ” function of the slot machine allows you to increase the number of coins won in the raids by two or three times ( and sometimes more ! ). When using bets, at the end of the foray, the number of coins won will be shown, and after a few seconds it will be multiplied, showing the actual sum received. Another way to earn more in Raids is to use the Chanterelle, which will dig for 4th plaza in each Raid to earn you more coins !
How do action items work when using bets? When it comes to action elements on a slot machine, the stake feature works a little differently than it does with coins or spins. Regarding attacks and raids, bets multiply the numeral of coins received for each natural process. Winning shields by betting increases the number of shields dropped from one spin, and any shields that exceed the maximal of three will be returned to the player in the form of spins .

Coin Master: Combat System

What are attacks? Attacks, which are presented in the form of hammers on slots, allow players to earn coins, and besides add trouble to the quests for the passage of their friends ’ villages. When an approach rolls out on the slot machine, the game automatically takes you to a random actor or friend ’ randomness greenwich village, where you can either approach that player or select person else from the Friends or Revenge lists that are displayed at the top of the screen .
Without a shield, another musician ’ s fire returns the hit detail one level back. This besides removes the leading from the attacked actor ’ s total. If the attacking player is protected by a shield or rhinoceros, the approaching fire will be deflected and will not damage the greenwich village .
What are raids? Raids are one of the action items on slots. When a raid rolls out while spinning, the game will take you to the other players ’ village and give you 3 shovels and 4 places marked with an “ ten ” that you can dig. In each raid, there are coins or chests in 3 places, and the 4th is empty. The Chanterelle darling, which unlocks at Village 4, can help you earn more Coins in Raids by digging up the 4th localization. The actor you are raiding, a friend or a random musician, is called the Coin Master with the most coins .
How to get revenge? When an fire rolls out while spinning, the game will take you to a random village of one of your friends or a random actor so you can attack. At the crown of the screen, you will see a “ retaliation ” button. Clicking on this button will open a list of the last players who attacked you, and will allow you to choose who to take retaliation on .

What are shields? Get these herculean items by landing on three shields while spinning. This is precisely what can protect your village from attacks, so stock up on them to keep your village safe and sound. The shield will automatically protect your village from the attack of another player, without your engagement. Please keep in beware that one shield can alone be used once, so accomplished them when it is seasonably. The lone way to get shields is by winning them during spins, which means they can not be purchased from the shop .
Where can I check the number of my shields? Your shields are located in the upper right corner of the game screen, between your stars and the main menu. When a carapace is used to defend a village from assail, you will notice that it is automatically removed from your armory. The village you are in determines the maximal number of shields that you can accumulate at the same time. To find out how many shields you can collect, look at the inventory of shields in the upper right corner of the plot screen .
Landing on three shields. If bets are used, your shields will fill up a usual and any remaining shields will be returned to you as spins. If you are using bets and you already have the maximum issue of shields, all the spins you used are returned back to you .

Coin Master: Village Development Guide

How can I build a village? Your village represents your level in the game, indeed keep on leveling up and unlock amazing rewards. To complete a village and move on to the adjacent, fully upgrade all five items in the current village. As you progress, the greenwich village build traverse at the crown of the screen will accumulate points, allowing you to see how cheeseparing you are to completing your village and receiving this reward .
After that, a box filled with surprises will drop with a parachute and you can start exploring a newly village. however, it is crucial to beware of attacks that can damage items in your village. however, don ’ thyroxine worry ! You can well fix damaged items and restore the greenwich village to its original appearance .
Construction methods. There are two ways to build a greenwich village :

  • Press the button with the round hammer. As soon as you click on the button with the round hammer under the item you would like to upgrade, the construction cost and the number of stars required to fully upgrade each item will appear.
  • Village shop. If you click on the square hammer icon in the lower left corner of your village screen, you will be taken to the Village Store. From there, simply select the item you want to update from the menu and you’re done. After you upgrade each item 5 times, the village is complete.

How to fix the village? Has your village been attacked or destroyed ? ! When this happens, the village item that was hit directly will be lowered and the stars you earned for that item will be removed. fortunately, there are two ways to get your village rear up and running in no time :

  • Click on the orange “Repair” button. When you click the orange “Repair” button under the damaged item you want to repair, the construction cost and the number of stars required to fully update each item will appear. Just press the button again and start creating.
  • Village shop. If you click on the square hammer icon in the lower left corner of your village screen, you will be taken to the Village Store. From there, simply click the “Fix” button next to the damaged item you want to repair from the menu.

How to protect a village from attacks? There are two ways to protect a village from attacks :

  • The first is with shields. When a player attacks your village, the shield automatically protects items and interferes with the process.
  • The second way to protect the village is to get a rhino pet. Rhino has a certain percentage chance to block an Attack, even if you have shields in your inventory.

Coin Master: Card Guide

What are cards? Cards are collectible items that can be found throughout the game. Each thematic collection consists of nine unique cards. Each completed collection rewards players with spins and early cool gifts, including pets. The more unique the collection of cards, the greater the choice. When looking for fresh cards, the village degree determines the cards that can be found in the chests, equally well as their curio .
note that more amber cards can be found in higher tier villages than the rest. You can besides trade even cards with friends at any time, and gold cards during especial gold exchange events .
What are Seasonal Card Packs? Winter, spring, summer, and fall seasonal Map Packs thrill everyone ! They are like to the standard kits you are used to, but they are still slenderly different. All activities related to the Seasonal Map Packs ( searching, completing collections, trade, etc. ) can only be performed during the schedule temper. The only exception is the exchange of seasonal worker cards for chests, which can be done during and after any season .
seasonal Cards can merely be collected from seasonal Chests and Jokers, and only during the scheduled season. Season Cards can only be exchanged during the Gold Exchange consequence and only during the equate season. At the end of a temper, the relevant Season Packs will expire, which means that cards belonging to that season will nobelium long be available for collection ( or rally ). These seasonal poster packs will then be marked Expired and moved to the end of your solicitation .
What are chests? Chests are items in the bet on that contain cards. They come in three different levels – wood, aureate and magic. A wooden chest of drawers contains 2 cards, a gold one – 4, and a charming one – 8. Chests can be obtained in different ways. During the game, there is a probability to dig them up during raids, passing villages can besides reward you with chests. In addition, chests can constantly be bought for coins in the game memory .

Joker card. The Joker Card is a phenomenal prize that can be earned during events or found in cryptic chests. She can turn into any calling card you want, including gold cards. Be certain to use the Joker card before it expires to get the card you want !
How do I get the cards? Most frequently, cards can be found in chests won in events, during raids, or bought with coins. When looking for newly cards, the village degree determines which cards and what rarity can be found in the chests. Another great way to collect cards is by swapping with friends. regular cards can be exchanged at any time according to the daily terminus ad quem, while aureate cards can be exchanged during special events. last but not least, cards can besides be collected during special events and in chests !
How do I exchange cards? The exchange of cards is carried out by players on different platforms such as Facebook Messenger. To send a map, open your map collections by clicking the map icon in the lower left corner of the screen. then, snap on the put with the tease you want to send. Click on the card you want to send, then on the “ Send ” push button, which will open a list of friends .
Please note that you can alone send a card if you have more than one, and gold cards can only be exchanged during special events .
How do I exchange gold cards? Gold cards can only be exchanged during particular events. Each gold exchange event allows two specific gold cards to be exchanged .

Cards for chests. Exchange extra cards for new chests. Duplicate cards can now be exchanged for 3 new types of chests, each of which is a unlike combination of prizes with a different number of spins, pet food, favored have and cards. Each card shows several stars at the circus tent that indicate its value, and these numbers add up when choosing cards to exchange for a newly chest of drawers .
This feature will automatically select cards for you, but you can turn it off by clicking on “ choose cards for me ” to allow manual selection of cards for change. After the change of a thorax, a timer will appear, which will block the commute for another chest of the lapp type for a certain time. But this timer can be skipped a certain issue of times using coins. Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, exchanging cards will not diminish your stars in the game .
Can’t find new cards. The village flush determines which cards and what rarity can be found in the chests. Maps are scattered throughout the game throughout the villages, then if you notice that you are nobelium long finding newfangled maps, this is a good sign that it is time to move to a few villages before continuing your search .
Please note that not all players will find the same cards in the same locations. Make sure to buy enough chests to find all the cards, though, as you don ’ metric ton want to miss them. Always remember that higher tier villages have more aureate cards than others .

Coin Master: Your Pets

What are pets? The pets in the game are your companions in your quest to win and become a mint dominate. Pets help players in diverse aspects of the plot, whether it is increasing the reward for an attack or raid, or helping to defend your greenwich village from attacks, and make the passage of the village more profitable. After reaching the Inca village, open the fox and go on a travel with her, collecting cards to accumulate collections and unlock new pets .
Pets are available from village 4 and can be found to the forget of the Spin push button. Just tap one of the pets to go to the area where you can feed your pet to wake him up and give them experience potions to level up .
Hatching eggs. To hatch an egg, go to the darling menu and find the egg you want using the arrows on the sides of the screen door, then pawl on it. immediately your darling is ready to help you .
Chanterelle. The Chanterelle is the first darling that can be unlocked in the game, and its skills are incredibly useful. In the raids, the chanterelle will dig into the land at the fourthly placement to earn extra coins. Once you reach village flat 4, the chanterelle, your inaugural darling, will open up and the plot will show you diverse pet-related activities such as feeding and leveling up .

Tiger. The Tiger ’ sulfur undertaking is to increase the number of coins won during attacks on early players ’ villages. The tiger will help every time you attack other players if he is awake. To open the Tiger, you first base need to collect a solicitation of animal cards .
Rhinoceros. The finish of the rhinoceros in the game is to help protect your village. If your village is attacked by another player, your Rhino has a chance to block the Attack, evening if you have shields in your stock. Please eminence that the first time it hatches, the rhinoceros has a 10 % chance to block attacks. Using an have potion to increase its level will increase this prospect. To open a rhinoceros, you first need to collect a collection of creature cards .
How do I level up my pet? Pets perform different tasks within a sealed limit, which can be increased by increasing their level. To increase the level of a positron emission tomography, you need to collect experience potions. The gather experience can be seen in the lower right corner of the darling menu. When you look at a positron emission tomography, pressing the feel release will give it a sealed percentage of the full experience in your collection – this can be seen at the top of the screen door .
When you accumulate adequate feel points, the pet will automatically increase its level and the importance of helping you. Each pet has its own line of experience, and its charge is increased individually. experience is besides earned each time the pet performs an military action, and thanks to this, it can besides level up .

Purchase pet treats and experiences. Pet treats and XP potions can be purchased from the in-game store. It can be accessed by going to the slot machine sieve and clicking on the mint bank in the upper leave corner. In the store, scroll down to find big deals on positron emission tomography supplies. These items can besides be obtained sporadically during the game .
How do I earn Pet Treats and XP? In some cases, you will receive XP potions or treats during the spin, as extra prizes that are given in accession to the coins or actions already earned. know potions can besides be obtained as a prize for buildings or for repairing items in the greenwich village after being damaged by another actor ’ s attack .
How to keep your pet from falling asleep? (How to feed pets) Like pets in actual liveliness, pets in the game need to be fed to keep them awake, glad and active agent ! Without snacks, pets will fall asleep and will not complete their tasks. To feed the pets, click on the pet that sits to the leave of the spin button to load the positron emission tomography menu. once there, select the positron emission tomography you want to feed, and click on the button with treats in the lower right corner of the screen. You can use respective pet snacks at the same prison term to activate it for longer periods of time .

Coin Master: Overview of the events in the game

Disco action. Dance all day ( and nox ) for the limited clock of the Disco promotion. brief instructions for the game :

  1. Click on the stock icon on the home screen and a pop-up window will appear that takes you directly to the disco.
  2. Click on the green “Dance” button and navigate the board until you receive one of the many tempting prizes.
  3. You can land on each item only once, after which a green checkmark will appear on the specified item, indicating that you have already picked it up.
  4. After your Free Tango, the green Dance button will change to a countdown indicating the amount of time remaining until your next Free Dance.
  5. Want to keep dancing to win all the prizes? You can pay to skip the timer by clicking the green button that says “Skip the timer …”.

The first dance is free. You can either pay to skip the timekeeper or wait for the timer to end for the adjacent spare dance. You can land on each item entirely once .

Thor’s wheel. The Wheel of Thor is an consequence that features impressive rewards, including the coveted distinguished choice highlighted in imperial. In club to spin the wheel and land on the rewards, you will use wheel tokens, not spins or classic coins. Thor ’ second wheel rotates “ in a lap ”. And where it will stop is known merely to Thor !
Each reward can only be earned and collected once, so after the reinforce is received, Thor will highlight it in grey on the steering wheel so you can know which rewards are hush available. The only exception is landing on the independent loot : in this case, the bicycle is discarded, and then a new, improved roulette wheel appears with more interesting rewards. When the event begins, plainly tap its icon on the home screen to navigate to the Wheel of Thor .
Wheel of Thor Tokens can be earned in main events, like other rewards, and can besides be purchased through promotions .
Obsession with villages. Village Obsession is an consequence where you will receive discounts on village build up. There are different types of village compulsion events : you can get either 20 % off all greenwich village items, or 65 % off all levels for the final item !

Coin hype. The Hype Coin is an event that helps you collect even more coins ! When the Coin Rush event is active, it adds an extra multiplier to your coins and turns the tailspin button to gold ! Using the golden spin button, you can earn extra coins for spins, raids and attacks on other players ! When the event ends, the rotation push button will turn red again .
Gift wizard. Any leverage of a arrange of coins or spins with a complimentary Gift badge will reward the player with a cool endow. These cool gifts can contain sets of spins, coins, chests, pet food, and even favored exp. The larger the purchase, the larger the endowment .
Village master. The Village Master event is a bang-up direction to celebrate your progress. Each completed village will bring players prizes that no other event gives. The further you advance in the crippled, the bigger the loot you get .
Slaughter rate. The kill rate event disproportionately increases your winnings, due to higher rates and larger prizes. Attack villages, raid friends, attack rivals – all with steep stakes and astronomic prizes .
Card boom. During the Card Boom event, each chest will give players 50 % more cards. In this event, a wooden thorax will give the actor 3 cards, a gold one – 6, and a charming one – 12 .

Tournament. Coin Master is ready to challenge you in the tournament ! ? a newfangled playfulness multiplayer event that allows players to compete and track each early ’ sulfur advancement ! Players split into groups and compete to become the number 1 mint master on the tournament leaderboard. To join a tournament, each actor must first earn a certain come of tournament points by performing different actions, including attacks and raids. Each completed action will be reflected in the cup icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This number will represent your ranking on the leaderboard, where you can besides see electric potential prizes and ferocious rival to come .
Stage of the tournament. This new tournament sport makes it potential to win cool prizes by competing for the top spots on the leaderboard. A Prize Progress Line will appear, giving you the opportunity to get different prizes with items such as Spins, Coins, Pet XP, Pet Treats, or Gold Cards. Each degree line of a tournament can be completed multiple times, as shown above the progress line. Clicking on each pry on the note will show its contents a well as the phone number of points required to earn it, while clicking on the tournament icon on the leave side of the progress telephone line will show the final examination loot that can be won .

Special events. particular events fuel the morale of Coin Master. Increase your advance by completing actions, ampere well as attacking and raiding your colleague Vikings. Rotate to get 3 theme icons in a row, increasing your progress and progressing faster to increasingly cool prizes .
Frenzy of attacks. The Attack Master Event adds completely modern prizes to attacks. During this event, each attack on a different Viking village will bring you closer and closer to the cool prizes. At each stage, events, goals and prizes become more significant .
The madness of the forays. The foray into victor event makes raids evening more amazing. During the event, each foray into on a different Viking greenwich village gets closer and closer to getting you closer to cool prizes. At each phase, events, goals and prizes become more significant .
Exchange of gold cards. During these limited events, players will have the option to exchange two gold cards that appear in a pop-up book window. This is a great opportunity to expand your poster collections, angstrom well as help your friends on their mission to expand their own collections .
Balloon madness. Balloon Madness is a fun and simple mini-game. Don ’ metric ton pay back distracted during the spins and actions in your village to explode flying balloons and earn prizes .

Viking quest. Viking Quest is an in-game game that allows players to spin new Viking slots with coins alternatively of spins and earn astronomic prizes. Clicking on the trophy picture in the lower right corner of the screen will open up a mission map that shows how players progress through 10 unique and stimulate missions. By clicking on any reward picture on the deputation map, you will see items there that offer more and more significant prizes, including gold cards. All coins won in Viking slots are protected from raids for 3 minutes after each crusade of the Viking “ Spin ” button .
Slaughter set. The Slaughter Set is the epic circuit board consequence for Coin Master. Each set completed during this cool event rewards players with bigger prizes .
Missions and prizes of the Viking quest. When you play Viking Slots, the mission can be seen above the spin push button. For model : if the mission says “ Win 12.5 million coins ”, this means that the musician must earn 12.5 million coins by spinning Viking slots in order to receive the honor. The Viking quest is divided into two different types of missions : regular and bonus. normal missions simply require the player to earn a certain amount of coins in rate to receive the prize .
The Bonus Wheel Mission checks if the musician can earn the specified number of necessitate coins by clicking on the Bonus Wheel icon 3 times in a row. In any early combination, the progress line will not move, alternatively, coins will be added to your balance to help you continue the game. All coins won in Viking slots are protected from raids for three minutes after each press of the “ Spin ” button in the Viking quest .

Lots of luck. Set cruise on the ocean of ? ? luck and hybridization it to collect cool prizes, but watch out for the greedy octopus. Sea of ? ? Luck is a mini-game that can be obtained as a loot for events. At each level, you must choose one of four wooden boxes, three of which contain a choice that can be saved up from level to tied. The fourthly box, however, will contain a greedy octopus .
If the avaricious octopus is dropped, you have two options. The foremost option is to pay with coins to skip the trap and continue the game, or finish the sea of ? ? fortune without any prizes. If at any clock time you are happy with the prizes you have accumulated, you can click on the “ Leave and gather ” button. This will allow you to exit the game with all accumulated prizes .
It is crucial to note that after you receive this game, you will need to complete it or click “ Quit and Collect ” before moving on to another share of the crippled. This means that if you leave the sea of ? ? luck ahead of fourth dimension, you will not be able to return to it .
Event error. If you receive an error that the event could not be loaded, or if the event is plainly missing from your game, follow these steps to resolve the issue :

  • Close all applications and restart your device.
  • Make sure you have the latest game update installed.
  • Check for updates for your device.

It is crucial to make certain that you have enough free storage distance on your device vitamin a well. the game needs to download new subject to trigger events. As a final recourse, you can try reinstalling the game .
Please note : your game progress can only be saved when you play with your Facebook account, so make surely this is the subject before reinstalling it !

Coin Master: Friends in the Game

How do I add friends? The new and better Friend Invite pop-up book now has a advance cake that will award points every time a new player uses your invite to join the game and completes the tutorial. once you collect adequate points to complete the deputation, you receive a giving. You don ’ thyroxine even need to be Facebook friends with a invited player to get points on the advancement bar .
If your friend joins the game via Facebook and completes the tutorial, you ’ ll get supernumerary spins on top of advance !
How do I invite friends to play? To invite friends, follow the steps :

  1. Click the Friends icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the Friends tab.
  3. Click “Invite Friends” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When you get to the Invite Friends window, you will see two ways to invite: click the green Invite button and send the invite link in any way you like. Click the blue Invite button and send your invite link via Facebook Messenger.

Important notes. You will alone receive advancement points and gifts if your friend has never downloaded a game to their device before. If two ( or more ) players invite the like friend, only one person can receive the spins ( the one whose link was actually used to join the game ). You can invite up to 180 friends to add points to the give progress browning automatic rifle. After you successfully invite 180 friends, you will still receive progress, but you will nobelium retentive be able to receive Friends Invite gifts through the progress bar .
Spins can be collected for 250 friends who join the game using your connection and fulfill the necessity conditions .
How to get spins for inviting friends? To do this, your supporter will have to follow respective steps after receiving your invitation :

  1. Click on the invitation;
  2. Down-load a game;
  3. Start the game;
  4. Login to Facebook through the game;
  5. Complete the training.

You will lone get spins if your acquaintance has never downloaded a game to their device before. Spins can be earned by up to 250 friends who join the crippled through your radio link and follow the instructions mentioned above .

How to send gifts? Click on the menu icon displayed in the upper mighty recess of the screen to open the bet on menu. Click on “ Gifts ” to open the gifts menu where you can send and collect gifts in the phase of coins, spins and cards. As indicated at the bottom of the gifts menu, spins and coins sent to friends are not removed from your balance. In terms of spins, you can send and receive up to 50 spins each time ! And the numeral of coins that can be sent and received depends on the level of the village .
I can’t invite or play with any of my friends in the game. You may not have given Coin Master permission to access your Facebook friends list. sometimes these permissions are revoked after an upgrade and must be re-granted. Follow these instructions on your computer or mobile device :
Computer :

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Home button in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Settings.
  3. Select “Applications” on the left sidebar.
  4. Hover your mouse over the Coin Master app and click the X button, then click Uninstall.
  5. Restart Coin Master on your device and login to Facebook again. When asked to grant permission this time, be sure to grant it to your friends list by clicking Edit This and seeing that there is a check mark next to Friends List.

mobile device :

  1. Open the Facebook app and click the menu button.
  2. Scroll down and click on Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on Applications.
  4. Click on the first option “Login with Facebook”.
  5. Scroll down and click “Coin Master”.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click “Uninstall Application”.
  7. Click Remove.
  8. Restart Coin Master on your device and login to Facebook again. When asked to grant permission this time, be sure to grant it to your friends list by clicking Edit This and seeing that there is a check mark next to Friends List.

I can’t find a specific friend in the game. presently, there can be no more than 151 friends in the game. If you have more than 151 friends who are playing Coin Master, some of them will not show up. For the same reason, you can see your friend in your game, but he will not see you. You can remove friends from the game by removing them from Facebook friends, and after updating this friend in the game, he will be randomly replaced with another .
A friend attacks me. Players with many spins can play endlessly and receive many items ( attacks / raids ) in abruptly periods of clock time. Unlike raids, players can choose who to attack. In addition to asking this ally to stop, you can besides remove him from your game by being removed from his Facebook friends .
Please note that after deleting person, it may take up to 24 hours for the friends list to be updated, during which time that ally can still interact with you in the game .
How do I remove a friend from the game? Friends can be removed from the game if they are not added as friends on Facebook. When deleted, they will be randomly replaced by a different supporter on Facebook .

Coin Master: The Essentials for Teams

What is a Command Chest? One of the best ways to interact and play with friends is to work together towards a common goal. Let me introduce you to a new event : the Team Chest, where you can win a Chest with charming rewards along with the pillow of your team .
How it works? First, if you have joined teams before, please make surely you are on a team before starting the event. If you have never joined a team before this moment, you can do then at any meter during the event. For each “ team Chest ” event, you need to collect the minimum total of certain special icons in order to add them to the sum and take part in the future. And that ’ s it, you ’ re in the game ! Consider this your contribution to the coarse dependable .
There is a progress stripe just above the leaderboard where you can track your status and that of your team on the way to the grand prize .
Missions and Awards. You and your teammates will go through several missions and after completing each of them, the contents of the breast will be updated with even more cool loot ! besides good to be true, but yes, the prizes will only get better and better .
How do I know the event has ended? If you and your team meet the minimum requirements for a team thorax, the reward will become available for obtaining and the advance banish will indicate “ Team chest complete ”. If you and your team could not reach the minimal, you will not be able to pick up the Command Chest and on the indicator you will see : “ The Command Chest is complete ” .
How can I get the top prize? Click on the progress bar to see the leaderboard for team members. There you can see the results and cluck on the “ Collect ” clitoris. Keep in beware : team Chest rewards will disappear if you don ’ t collect them, so preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate and grab the rewards a soon as they become available .
After your team completes the last deputation, the build up barroom will remain full until the end of the consequence. If you leave your team during the consequence, you will no longer be able to win the Team Chest. If you leave your team during the event and join another, then you will no longer be able to receive prizes for any of the teams .

Information about the teams. The amazing new Teams have lets you join a team of up to 50 players where you can chat, make new friends and send each other gifts in the form of spins and cards. Finding a team to join is identical easy ! Click the search bar at the top of the screen and search in the title. If you are not looking for a specific command, you can simply scroll through the number of all available commands and select one of them .
Please keep in mind that there are two types of teams : “ open ” teams allow anyone to join vitamin a long as they meet the want requirements, while “ close ” teams require the team drawing card to approve candidates. You can besides create your own team and become its drawing card ! This can be done by clicking the “ New ” button on the command page and entering all the details. once a team is created, its name can not be changed, so choose carefully !
Each team has a rank based on the sum issue of stars of each team penis, so together you can reach the clear rank and championship of the best coin Master team ! If the drawing card leaves the team, the musician who has been on the team the longest becomes the new leader automatically .

Coin Master: In-Game Shopping

What is a piggy bank? The piglet bank accumulates spins every meter you land on the symbols listed in the paytable. You can find the paytable by clicking the gold hoggish bank icon in the upper left corner of the home screen and then clicking the blue information icon. As usual, the higher the bet, the more spins you will add to your toilet. Whenever you want to use the roll up spins, you can purchase a piglet bank and play it. Don ’ triiodothyronine concern, you will receive a new piglet deposit a soon as the former one is used up .
There is a hardening limit for the piglet bank, and once it is wax ( which can be checked by clicking on your piglet bank ), it will stop accumulating rotations until you redeem it. once you get the piglet deposit, you can break it. The piglet bank collects spins that would not have been added to your total of spins before the piglet bank appeared in the game .
What is the Multiplication Wheel? When you make an offer purchase in a coin or tailspin game, you may besides be prompted to purchase a generation rack, which multiplies the master number of items from the offer you purchased by the count you landed on. Let ’ s say you bought 100 spins. then you were offered the multiplication wheel, you bought it, made a spin and landed at x50. This means that the original purchase of 100 spins will be multiplied by 50 for a sum of 5000 spins ( 100 ten 50 = 5000 ) .
Coupons and the Multiplication Wheel. The multiplication bicycle does not multiply the measure you received from the coupon. besides, the coupon can not be applied to the generation steering wheel. For example, if you purchase 100 spins using the 300 % coupon, then you will receive 300 spins over and above the original 100 spins ( 100 adam 300 % = 300 ). If after that you buy the multiplication wheel and x2 comes out, then the original 100 spins will be multiplied by 2, which will add up to 200 ( 100 ten 2 = 200 ). thus, you will get a full of 500 spins ( 200 + 300 = 500 ) .
Coupons can not be applied to the multiplication wheel. If you are using a coupon and multiply wheel with one purchase, the reproduce wheel will not multiply the sum you received from the coupon .

Coupons. In this deal, you get a certain percentage more items in excess of the pin down initial quantity. The coupon can entirely be used for a limit time, so you must use it before the time expires. You will see an in-game crispen telling informing you that the coupon is available. Please make sure you hit the Get button so you don ’ thymine miss out on this amaze offer .
How do I activate and redeem a coupon? After receiving the coupon, you will be taken to the “ Gifts ” menu .

  1. Click “Apply” to activate the coupon and close the “Gifts” menu.
  2. Press the menu button.
  3. Click “Buy Coins / Spins” in the main menu.

You can now purchase any number of coins or spins, to which an extra sum will be added due to the lotion of the Coupon. Each coupon can only be used for one buy. Coupons can lone be applied when purchasing coins or spins .
Sets with spins – How can I get an extra percentage? When you purchase a determined and see “ X % more ”, it shows you the add value of that typeset. In this way, the game shows you that you will receive a certain percentage more items than is normally offered. The pack price shown already includes these extra items, so you get precisely what you see – no hide fees .
For exemplar, let ’ s say a set normally costs $ 4 per 100 spins. If after that you see that the $ 4 set includes 150 spins ( with a “ 50 % more ” dagger ), then the price of the adjust and the issue of items that you will receive in the set already include an extra share. That is, you just get 50 % more spins than a standard located of 100 spins for $ 4 .
I have not received the item I purchased. Make certain you have the most holocene version of Coin Master installed. To do this, go to the app store and see if there are any game updates available. If it is there, download the update. exit and restart the bet on. From time to time it is needed to load items. If you placid can not see the buy items, check with your trust or gaming platform to make surely the payment went through .

Coin Master: Account Issues

How do I log into Facebook? The Facebook login to Coin Master not lone tracks your game advancement, but besides allows you to play with your friends. Whether you decide to connect to your Facebook report when you beginning launch the game or a little late, it ’ s adenine easy as possible. Connecting to Facebook when you opened the bet on for the first gear time :

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on “Play with Friends” and then “Continue”.
  3. In the newly opened window, select “Open with Facebook” and click “Open.”
  4. Click Continue As.

connect to Facebook via the game home page :

  1. Click on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner on the main page of the game.
  2. Click on the blue “Login” button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the newly opened window, select “Open with Facebook” and click “Open.”
  4. Click Continue As.

How do I change my language settings? Follow these steps :

  1. Click the menu in the upper right corner of the game screen.
  2. Click “Settings” – “Language”.
  3. Click on the green button and select the desired language.

Saving the progress of the game. Game advancement can be saved and used across multiple devices, or after reinstalling the crippled, only after the player has logged into the game ’ randomness Facebook report. Players playing as a guest can continue to progress on the device they are using, but reinstalling or installing on another device will start the game from the begin .
My Amazon device cannot connect to Facebook. If you have the Facebook app installed on your device, we recommend uninstalling it, launching the game, and then trying to log into your Facebook bill. If you don ’ t have Facebook installed, we recommend installing it, logging in, and then launching the game and trying to connect .

Can I change my username or picture? If the game is linked to a Facebook score, it uses your name and picture from there and can not be changed from within the game. If you are playing as a guest using an iTunes, Google Play or Amazon account, the mention and picture chosen for your viking at the startle of the game can not be changed .
My game is connected to the wrong Facebook account. You can disconnect your Facebook explanation and connect another one by following the steps below on your calculator or mobile device. Please note that game build up can not be moved from one account to another. Computer :

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the home button in the upper-right corner of your screen, then select Settings.
  3. Select “Applications” on the left sidebar.
  4. Hover your mouse over the Coin Master app and click the X button, then click Uninstall.
  5. Sign out of Facebook and then sign back in to the account you want to play with.
  6. Restart Coin Master on your device and login to Facebook again.

mobile device :

  1. Open the Facebook app and click the menu button, which looks like 3 lines, to the right of the notification icon.
  2. Scroll down and click on Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on Applications.
  4. Click on the first option “Login with Facebook”.
  5. Scroll down and click “Coin Master”.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click “Uninstall Application”.
  7. Click Remove.
  8. Sign out of Facebook and then sign back in to the account you want to play with.
  9. Restart Coin Master on your device and login to Facebook again.

Troubleshoot common mobile device problems. If the crippled freezes, crashes, does not load, or runs abnormally, we recommend that you follow these steps :

  1. Close all applications and restart your device.
  2. Make sure you have the latest game update installed.
  3. Start the game.

If the game however does not work properly after following the steps above, please contact the support team .
article writer : Nadezhda D .

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