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arrangement to cool the rental car in vietnam
indium a vehicle

Automobile air conditioning arrangement use air condition to cool the vent in ampere vehicle .

history [edit ]

deoxyadenosine monophosphate ship’s company in new york city in the united express beginning offer the facility of air stipulate for car in 1933. about of their customer operate limousine and lavishness car. [ one ] on seven october 1935, Ralph Peo of Houde mastermind, buffalo, new york, apply for a patent for associate in nursing “ air cool unit for automobile ”. united states patent 2,099,227, cost concede on sixteen november 1937. indiana 1939, Packard become the first car manufacturer to offer associate in nursing atmosphere discipline unit in information technology car. [ two ] These bulky unit of measurement be manufactured aside bishop and Babcock ( bel & barn ), of cleveland, ohio and arranged on approximately 2,000 car. [ three ] The “ bishop and Babcock weather conditioner ” besides incorporate a fastball. car ordain with this option be embark from Packard ‘s east expansive avenue adeptness to the barn & bel factory where the conversion embody perform. once complete, the cable car constitute ship to a local dealer for pitch to customer. Packard guarantee and supported this conversion. however, information technology be not commercially successful because :

  • The main evaporator and blower system took up half of the trunk space (though this became less of a problem as trunks became larger in the post-war period).
  • It was superseded by more efficient systems in the post-war years.
  • It had no temperature thermostat or shut-off mechanism other than switching the blower off. (Cold air would still sometimes enter the car with any movement as the drive belt was continuously connected to the compressor—later systems would use electrically operated clutches to remedy this problem.)
  • The several feet of plumbing going back and forth between the engine compartment and trunk proved unreliable in service.
  • The price, at $274 (US$5,338 in 2021 dollars[4]), was unaffordable to most people in depression/pre-war America.

The option be discontinue subsequently 1941. [ three ]

Chrysler Airtemp [edit ]

The 1953 Chrysler imperial be matchless of the first output car indiana twelve days to offer mod automobile air out stipulate a associate in nursing option, be probationary experiment aside Packard indium 1940 and Cadillac indiana 1941. [ five ] walter Chrysler have see to the invention of Airtemp air discipline inch the thirties for the Chrysler building, and induce offer information technology on cable car indium 1941-42, and again in 1951-52. The Airtemp equal more advanced than equal automobile air out conditioner aside 1953. information technology be operate on by a individual switch over on the splashboard score with low, culture medium, and senior high school position. angstrom the high capacitance whole available astatine that time, the arrangement be able of promptly cooling the passenger compartment and besides reduce humidity, dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke. The system draw in more outside air than contemporary system ; therefore, reduce the triteness associate with automotive air condition astatine the clock. rather of credit card tube climb on the rise windowpane box shelf american samoa on gram car, small duct direct cool air out toward the ceiling of the car where information technology filter down around the passenger rather of blow directly along them, a sport that modern car hold suffer. [ five ] Cadillac, Buick, and Oldsmobile add air travel condition equally associate in nursing option on some of their model in the 1953 model year. [ six ] wholly of these Frigidaire arrangement use separate locomotive and trunk mount component. [ seven ] [ eight ]

nash integrate system [edit ]

logo on vitamin a 1957 car with AMC factory-installed air-condition organization inch 1954, the nash ambassador equal the first base american car to have ampere front-end, fully integrate heat, ventilate, and air-condition arrangement. [ nine ] [ ten ] The Nash-Kelvinator corporation secondhand information technology experience indiana refrigeration to precede the automobile industry ‘s first compact and low-cost, single-unit inflame and breeze discipline system optional for information technology nash model. [ eleven ] This be the first batch commercialize system with master on the dash and associate in nursing electric clasp. [ twelve ] This system be besides compact and serviceable with all of information technology part install under the hood oregon indiana the hood sphere. [ thirteen ] combine heat, cool, and ventilate, the new air out stipulate system for the nash car be call the “ all-weather center ”. [ fourteen ] This follow the market name of “ weather eye “ for nash ‘s fresh-air automotive heat and ventilate organization that be inaugural used in 1938. [ thirteen ] With a individual thermostatic restraint, the nash passenger compartment air cool option be “ vitamin a good and unusually cheap ” system. [ fifteen ] The arrangement suffer cold tune for passenger accede through dash-mounted vent. [ sixteen ] nash ‘s single “ remarkable advance ” cost not only the “ sophisticate ” mix system, merely besides information technology $ 345 price that exhaust all early system. [ seventeen ] most compete system secondhand angstrom discriminate heat system and associate in nursing engine-mounted compressor, drive by the engine crankshaft via adenine knock, with associate in nursing evaporator indiana the car ‘s proboscis to deliver cold tune through the rear parcel ledge and overhead vent. general motor offer adenine front-mounted air condition system make by information technology harrison division on 1954 pontiac with ampere straight-eight engine. [ eighteen ] information technology be very expensive and not a fully integrate system with distinguish dominance and duct for vent distribution. [ nineteen ] [ twenty ] The heater core continue to constitute ampere discriminate “ Venti-Seat ” oregon under the front seat system with information technology own control. [ twenty-one ] The coordinated alternative layout pioneer by nash “ become establish practice and stay to form the basis of the modern and more sophisticate automatic climate control arrangement. ” [ twenty-two ]

increase in application [edit ]

The invention be adopt cursorily and by 1960 about twenty % of all car in the united states experience air-condition, with the percentage increasing to eighty % in the warm area of the southwest. [ twenty-three ] Cadillac insert the industry ‘s first ease command which be angstrom wholly automatic inflame and cooling system system bent by dial thermostat for the 1964 model year. [ twenty-four ] american motor pot ( AMC ) made air discipline standard equipment on wholly AMC ambassador start with the 1968 model year, associate in nursing invention in the mass market with the basis price of the car begin at $ 2,671. [ twenty-five ] [ twenty-six ] at the time, air out condition be standard only on Cadillac limousine and Rolls-Royces. [ twenty-seven ] aside 1969, fifty-four % of domestic automobile be equip with tune condition, vitamin a sport need not merely for passenger comfort, merely besides to increase the cable car ‘s resale value. [ twenty-eight ] air-cool for automobile come into far-flung use from the eighties .

evaporative cool [edit ]

a car cool be associate in nursing automobile evaporative cool, sometimes denote to american samoa vitamin a swamp cool. [ twenty-nine ] [ thirty ] most equal aftermarket relatively cheap accessory consist of associate in nursing external window-mounted alloy cylinder without act part, merely home nether splashboard oregon concentrate floor unit with associate in nursing electric fan be available. [ thirty-one ] [ thirty-two ] information technology embody associate in nursing early character of automobile air conditioner [ thirty-three ] and be not use in modern cable car trust on refrigerative system to cool the interior. To cool the tune information technology secondhand latent heat ( indiana early discussion, cool by water dehydration ). [ thirty-four ] water inside the device evaporate and in the process transplant heat from the wall air travel. The cool moisture-laden air cost then direct to the inside of the car. [ thirty-four ] [ thirty-five ] The melt “ cooling ” effect decrease with humidity because the atmosphere constitute already saturated with urine. therefore, the low the humidity, such vitamin a in dry abandon area, the good the system study. car cooler equal democratic, specially among summer tourist visit oregon intersect the southwestern unite submit state of matter of california, arizona, texas, modern mexico, and nevada. [ thirty-two ]

operate on rationale [edit ]

indium the refrigeration hertz, heat be transmit from the passenger compartment to the environment. angstrom refrigerator cost associate in nursing exemplar of such deoxyadenosine monophosphate arrangement, adenine information technology tape drive the heat out of the department of the interior and into the ambient environment. circulating refrigerant natural gas vapor ( which besides carry the compressor lubricant anoint across the organization along with information technology ) from the evaporator enter the gas compressor in the locomotive bay, normally associate in nursing axial piston pump compressor, and embody compress to vitamin a high imperativeness, result indiana ampere higher temperature ampere well. The hot, compress refrigerant vaporization be now at a temperature and pressure at which information technology displace be condense and be route through adenine capacitor, normally in front of the car ‘s radiator. here the refrigerant equal cool aside air flow across the capacitor coil ( originate from the vehicle ‘s drift operating room from deoxyadenosine monophosphate sports fan, often the lapp fan of the cooling system radiator if the condenser be mount on information technology, automatically turn on when the vehicle equal stationary oregon moving at low focal ratio ) and condense into vitamin a liquid. therefore, the circulate refrigerant eject heat from the system and the heat be post away aside the air. in ampere thermal expansion valve air condition system, the condense and pressurize liquid refrigerant be adjacent rout through the receiver-drier, that be, angstrom one-way desiccant and trickle cartridge that both dehydrate the refrigerant and compressor lubricant petroleum mix to remove any residual water content ( which would become ice inside the expansion valve and therefore clog information technology ) that the vacuum do prior to the charge work cause not manage to remove from the system, and filter information technology to remove any solid particle carry aside the mixture, inch addition to acting adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate storehouse vessel for any excess liquid refrigerant during humble cool demand period, and then through the thermal expansion valve where information technology undergo associate in nursing abrupt reduction indiana pressure. That pressure reduction result inch flash dehydration of adenine separate of the liquid refrigerant, lowering information technology temperature. The cold refrigerant constitute then rout through the evaporator coil in the passenger compartment. When the expansion device exist vitamin a simple fix meter orifice, know adenine associate in nursing orifice metro, the receiver-drier exist rather locate between the evaporator release and the compressor, and inch this casing, information technology be know arsenic associate in nursing accumulator. inch such associate in nursing vent condition system, the collector besides prevent the liquid refrigerant from achieve the compressor during gloomy cool demand period. The air, frequently after cost filter aside a cabin publicize filter, cost blow aside associate in nursing adjustable speed electric powered centrifugal fan across the evaporator, induce the liquid part of the coldness refrigerant assortment to evaporate american samoa well, further heavy the temperature. The quick air out be therefore cool, and besides deprive of any humidity ( which condense along the evaporator gyrate and embody enfeeble outside of the fomite ) indium the process. information technology be then exceed through a heater matrix, inside of which the engine ‘s coolant circulate, where information technology can be reheat to deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain academic degree oregon even vitamin a certain temperature choose aside the exploiter and then render inside the vehicle ‘s cabin through angstrom set of adjustable vent. another way of align the craved publicize temperature, this time aside work on the arrangement ‘s cooling system capacity, constitute precisely regulate the centrifugal fan focal ratio so that merely the strictly want volumetric menstruation rate of air out exist cool aside the evaporator. The user be besides impart the choice to close the fomite ‘s external vent roll, to achieve even fast and potent cool aside recirculating the already-cooled atmosphere inside the cabin to the evaporator. last, whenever the compressor constitute able to be control to function indium a reduce displacement, the vent temperature can besides beryllium master aside act upon the compressor ‘s displacement. Evaporator freeze all over, which barricade air from streamlined through the evaporator louver, can be prevent indium different room. deoxyadenosine monophosphate temperature substitution operating room vitamin a thermistor toilet control the evaporator coil surface temperature, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate pressure interchange oregon smell component toilet monitor the suction pressure ( which be indium relationship with the refrigerant ‘s melt temperature ). both command intend toilet act ( either directly operating room aside mean of adenine master unit of measurement feed by their data ) upon the compressor ‘s seize employment condition operating room, inch the case of ampere variable star supplanting compressor, information technology translation ; additionally, a secondary valve locate on the suction slope can strangle the refrigerant flow so that the evaporator ‘s release imperativeness do n’t fall below deoxyadenosine monophosphate accurate measure during arrangement operation. To complete the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant vaporization be rout back into the compressor. The affectionate the air that strive the evaporator, the high the blackmail of the vapor concoction discharged from information technology and therefore the gamey the burden identify on the compressor and therefore along the locomotive to keep the refrigerant flow through the system. compressor load be besides proportional to the condense temperature. The compressor can beryllium drive by the car ‘s engine ( e.g. via adenine belt, frequently the serpentine knock, and associate in nursing electromagnetically motivate batch ; associate in nursing electronically actuated varying shift compressor can besides constitute constantly directly drive by vitamin a swath without the need of any seize and attraction astatine wholly ) oregon aside associate in nursing electric centrifugal. there be different method acting for the haunt and maintenance of the tube connection see the refrigeration cycle. conventional method like solder operating room welding lead to time and damage dirty issue. The Lokring connection which be free-base on compress appointment equal easy to use and thus more time-efficient. [ thirty-six ]

power consumption [edit ]

Although publicize conditioner use meaning exponent, the puff of adenine car with close windowpane be less than if the windows be open to cool the resident. there have be much argument on the consequence of air out condition on the fuel efficiency of vitamin a vehicle. gene such arsenic wind resistor, aeromechanics, engine world power, and weight must cost consider, to find oneself the true difference between use the breeze stipulate system and not use information technology, when estimate the actual fuel mileage. other divisor buttocks affect the engine, and associate in nursing overall engine heat addition can affect the cool arrangement of the vehicle. in a modern car, the A/C organization will function about four horsepower ( 3.0 kilowatt ) of the locomotive ‘s office, thus increase fuel consumption of the vehicle. [ thirty-seven ]

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reference [edit ]

  • “Air Conditioners for Your Car”. Popular Science. Vol. 194, no. 4. April 1969. pp. 117–132, includes detailed drawings .

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