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Zipcar: Car Sharing Alternative for Daily and Hourly Car Rental

How Zipcar works

Round Trip

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Join in minutes

Apply trực tuyến vina car rental hanoi
a valid driver’s license. Most people are approved instantly và can book a trip within minutes .
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Drive on demand

Book a màn trip car by the hour or day. Use our car sharing ứng dụng béo unlock và lock during your trip. We’ll also send you a Zipcard .
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When you’re done, park the car in the same location you picked it up from, then kết thúc the trip with the ứng dụng .
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Zipcar in Boston

Zip North Shore or South Shore. Go outlet shopping at Wrentham. Or just cruise around your favorite square—Davis or Copley? Explore more with the world’s leading car-sharing network.

Use the maps Khủng find Zipcar locations near you. Change location.

Address, or zip

Vehicle Type

Trip Types

Zipcar is coming!

Soon you’ll have access phệ cars near you .Check back soon .find-cars


We’re sorry, there are no Zipvans available in your area. To reserve a truck or SUV, nhấp chuột below .find-cars


We’re sorry, there are no Zipvans available in your area. To see if there are other Zipcar vehicles nearby, nhấp chuột below .

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/ min .
/ hr .
/ day

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Estimate your trip cost

How much does a Zipcar cost in Boston? Estimate the cost of your next trip below.

Select your trip type to get started.

Select a trip



Choose a car





Medium (electric)

Select a trip

một – hour errand
một – hour errand

một – day road trip
2 – day weekend getaway
đôi mươi minute errand
40 – minute dash béo the Heathrow

một – hour mua sắm trip
một – day spontaneous road trip

How far are you going?

( included per day)

Max distance:

( included per day)




Estimated trip cost:

View plansGas và insurance options * included .

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Meet some of our cars

Zipcars come in all shapes and sizes—compact sedans, luxury SUVs, vans, and more. Switch it up whenever you feel like it.

    Our cars: FAQ
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    What types of cars can I drive?

    When booking a reservation, you can choose a car type béo fit your needs or your mood — from compact sedans lớn larger cars such as cargo vans & SUVs, và even luxury car rentals, we’ve got you covered .

    How many miles are included?

    No matter where or how long you drive, 180 miles are included per day with most membership plans. Any overage is billed at USD. 58 per mile. Learn more .

    Is gas included?

    Yes, gas is included in the cost of your Zipcar membership. You can find the không lấy phí gas card in the visor kết thúc the driver’s seat of every Zipcar. To use, insert the card at gas station as you would a credit card. Remember mập always return cars with at least ¼ tank of gas Khủng avoid fees. Learn more about how lớn fuel up here .

    How does Zipcar insurance coverage work?

    All members in good standing have secondary third buổi tiệc nhỏ tự động liability & Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ) or ” no-fault ” coverage. A $ 1,000 damage fee may apply which you can reduce or eliminate by buying an optional damage protection waiver. More details .
    More questions?

    Why Zipcar?

    Reserve wheels when you want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time you drive.

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    Save money

    Zipcar covers gas, insurance options, * parking, và maintenance for a potential savings of USD 700 / month kết thúc car ownership .
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    Cars near you

    Zipcars live in your local neighborhood, và in cities, campuses & airports across the globe .
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    Drive on-demand

    No waiting in line at the counter. ( No need bự even tìm kiếm for your keys ! ) Just book và go .
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    Go beyond public transit

    Zipcar is the perfect complement phệ the bus và train — whether it’s local errands or weekend adventures .
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    graduation cap

    Zipcar for Students

    Getting around campus has chưa bao giờ been easier. Drive Zipcars at end 600 university campuses .
    Go bự Zipcar for Universities
    business building

    Zipcar for Business

    Keep your business moving with on-demand cars at low-cost weekday rates .
    Go béo Zipcar for Business

    Ready to drive?

    The backseat isn’t an option where you’re headed. It’s time to start commuting, exploring, and running errands on your own time.

    View Pricing Starting rates are estimates only & bởi vì not reflect variations due mập discounts, availability, holidays, or other factors. Actual prices may vary. Other fees may apply. You may nhận xét your total estimated reservation cost before you confirm your reservation .

    * Some membership plans may limit insurance options .

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