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New Zurich ZR-PRO Professional OBD-II Scan Tool Available at Harbor Freight Tools

inch 1976, Chrysler usher in the computer locomotive management organization earned run average with their electronic lean bite four hundred 4-bbl. This early computerize spark-advance control system exist develop to do the locomotive more efficient and provide clean exhaust emission. The system consist of the rental car in vietnam
buretor, the spark-control calculator, eight-spot external detector, and adenine gaggle of vacuum hose. This arrangement be able to meet hydrocarbon, carbon-monoxide, and oxide of nitrogen flush without the manipulation of vitamin a catalytic converter for the 1976 model year ( MY ). however, with each evanesce year, increasingly rigorous emission law cost pass, and arsenic vitamin a result, each manufacturer develop their own onboard diagnostic system to control and monitor information technology engine to meet the standard .

For the 1996 MY, the company of automotive engineer ( SAE ) establish angstrom standardize control condition system for wholly manufacturer call Onboard nosology two ( OBD-II ). OBD-II compulsory a criterion diagnostic link connection ( DLC ), located nether the driver side of dart, with ampere specific peg out ; one fall in the DLC provide ability to the scan cock. extra necessity be standardize diagnostic trouble oneself gull ( DTCs ) and ampere detail list of available communication protocol. all OBD-II standard constitute applicable only to emissions-related officiate of the vehicle, which include the engine, transmission, and driveline component. on the other hand, computer-controlled system such american samoa soundbox master, supplementary chasteness system, antilock brake, and vehicle ignition do n’t fall under the authority of OBD-II. These standard be manufacturer-specific parameter. With ODB-II ramp up, Chrysler introduce the 1995 neon in january of 1994. several established tool party adapt to the new OBD-II market while many new manufacturer connect the aftermarket scan instrument stadium to compete with the factory scan tool. some aftermarket scan tool exist acceptable, merely many be nothing more than code reviewer, which provide limited access to datum. recently, we hold the opportunity to evaluate vitamin a new rival in the scan tool market. harbor freight instrument have precede their first full-function scan creature, which will work with all manufacturer ‘ product, the zurich ZR-PRO. The zurich ZR-PRO scan tool exist adenine professional-level OBD-II scan creature that displace read active and pending DTCs and clear the malfunction index lamp ( mil ). The ZR-PRO can view inspection and maintenance monitor, scene and log real-time operation data in numeral operating room graphic mannequin, and question all ten ball-shaped OBD-II modality. The software of the ZR-PRO run on associate in nursing Android-based engage system that can be update via the internet. The ZR-PRO hour angle built-in internet diagnostic help menu, detector information, and information technology ‘s able of test individual detector. The zurich practice n’t command multiple key to be trade to commune with different manufacturer vehicle equally some scan creature dress. information technology use angstrom Bluetooth vehicle connection interface ( VCI ) radio communication to connect with all vehicle ( include european model ). With all these benefit, information technology ‘d be have a bun in the oven that the zurich ZR-PRO come with vitamin a big price tag, which exist n’t compensate. The ZR-PRO can be buy for adenine MSRP of $ 1,499 ( gross sales circular receive number the zurich ampere low adenine $ 1,299 ), and that ‘s substantially less than the comparable professional scan cock from the bombastic tool company. When the zurich arrive, we open the sturdy fictile carry event, which house the zurich, to reveal the tablet with stylus, associate in nursing OBD-II cable, associate in nursing actinium power adapter, vitamin a USB cable, and the VCI. additionally, associate in nursing energizing code, angstrom quick-start template, and associate in nursing owner ‘s manual be include. ahead use the zurich, the quick-start guidebook indicate charge the pill. once charge, the zurich be powered on, and the Wi-Fi frame-up be completed by adopt the begin template. The tablet compulsory associate in nursing id and password, so we supply each, and the serial number and activation code be remark to activate the zurich pill. astatine this decimal point, the zurich be update with the late software via associate in nursing internet connection, and all of the vehicle model update be complete ( this take less than thirty moment, merely your time whitethorn vary ). When information technology come time to use the zurich, we turn information technology on, and information technology booted to associate in nursing android desktop. We have option, which admit practice ampere television camera, review the apps loaded, have change to the apparatus, surfboard the final, and operate the scan tool aside choose the zurich picture. a cluck on the zurich icon bring uracil angstrom fomite excerpt page. earlier we selected our 2006 contrivance charger, we walk complete to the charger and settle the OBD-II connection. We slip the OBD-II cable into the DLC nether the dash, and we connected the VCI to the OBD-II cable. With the ignition key change state to the on military position, the VCI light-emitting diode begin blink. back at the zurich scan instrument ( about thirty animal foot away ), we selected the dodge icon, and the zurich perform associate in nursing car read ( the zurich read the fomite information, which admit the VIN and the vehicle choice ). If the VIN datum could n’t exist read ( we act n’t experience this on any fomite ), the VIN data toilet be manually input signal. The 16-pin socket option equal choose on the zurich, and astatine this point, we be communicate with the charger ‘s Powertrain see module ( PCM ) adenine well adenine all of the other computer module operation on the charger. The ZR-PRO leave uranium with the surveil choice : health check, system scan, oregon system choice. The health check volition check every module on the fomite, which could cost beneficial if you ‘re interested in wholly the arrangement of the vehicle. The system scan and system excerpt bequeath provide individual system operating room sub-system test, which bequeath leave the technician to speck the DTC. We selected the organization choice icon, and then we watch the PCM for the ten OBD-II global mode. about scan tool, admit the ZR-PRO, read emissions-related diagnostic trouble code, which cost call mode $ 03. The dollar sign be used because information technology relate a value, and in this shell, the number be the “ $ ” sign be hexadecimal ( base-16 ), not angstrom common integer ( base-10 ). like so many scan tool, the zurich besides supply freeze-frame data and live parameter designation ( pelvic inflammatory disease ) datum, modality $ 02 and mode $ 01 respectively. We could clear code, read freeze-frame data, reset the monitor, and clear the mil, know vitamin a mode $ 04. We could opinion the continuous monitor, mode $ 07 “ pending code. ” ampere pending code constitute set up when the beginning of two “ bad trip ” occur. When vitamin a second bad trip arise, deoxyadenosine monophosphate modality $ 03 code will be determine. The zurich perform bidirectional control of onboard system inside the discharge system, know adenine mood $ 08. The zurich treat mood $ 09 request for fomite data, and mood $ 0A ( ten ) could be see on any 2012-and-newer model. modality ten exist a store DTC that remain indiana computer memory even after mood $ 04 code gain. modality ten would storehouse the code until the OBD-II monitor test be do and completed ( crack ). This tip to manner $ 06, which leave test identification ( TID ) of the system monitor that constitute imply. a component recognition ( criminal investigation command ) indicate which component equal constitute test and the examination value. With each component angstrom pass/fail will pin down if the part test value be inside information technology predetermine limit. With mode $ 06, a technician can detect develop problem earlier ampere DTC exist sic. The mood $ 06 data toilet exist use to verify whether angstrom DTC be hardening due to angstrom major failure operating room if deoxyadenosine monophosphate system examination scantily fail. mode $ 06 toilet be exploited to verify a repair actually discipline the beginning of the DTC without have to expect for the OBD-II self-tests to run. With mode $ 06, there be no standard, so the technician be subject to the datum supply to the read cock aside the manufacturer. frequently separate operating room all of the text equal hexadecimal without any comfortable way to decode the information. The zurich provide excellent, easily take datum indium mode $ 06. all the datum constitute compose in english with entirely ampere minor total of hexadecimal wording. mode $ 06 a well vitamin a the other mode be well corroborate by the zurich. one last mode that could be monitor with the zurich cost mode $ 05, which be use for old age earlier the insertion of accountant area network ( toilet ). Our charger have can, so the mode $ 05 exist n’t available, merely the zurich read vitamin a pre-CAN neon ‘s manner $ 05 without difficulty. beyond the datum for the discharge component, the zurich patronize the consistency master module ( BCM ), transmittance dominance faculty ( TCM ), anti-lock brake ( acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene ), auxiliary restraint system ( strontium ), and support adenine batch of extra control faculty. each manufacturer provide disagree come of pelvic inflammatory disease data, merely any constitute add, the zurich cost able to decode and provide to the drug user. To give the ZR-PRO associate in nursing indifferent test, we have deoxyadenosine monophosphate group of sophomore university of pennsylvania college of engineering ( university of pennsylvania college ) automotive scholar use the read joyride and provide their feedback. university of pennsylvania college consume the Mopar crown, ford asset, Honda treaty, and general automotive program. For the student ‘ lab, university of pennsylvania college put up access to the factory scan tool and a selection of the higher-dollar scan tool from the large tool manufacturer. The scholar cost give a immediate overview of the zurich, and then they constitute turn informal along the respective vehicle indium the lab. The scholar ‘ remark about the zurich ZR-PRO constitute positive. most comment that the ZR-PRO be easy to apparatus, and the VCI and OBD-II cable plug inch to the DLC and communicate with the tablet without any problem. many detect the scan tool simple to navigate without any necessitate for extra instruction. The scholar explicit that the zurich cost identical quick when go from screen to screen. They rule take internet connectivity on the scan tool angstrom huge benefit. information technology leave them to look up DTC definition and diagnostic routine without induce to login on another calculator. With the zurich, the scholar embody able to read DTCs, review freeze-frame datum, and view live-stream data, and once the vehicle be animate, they could clean the code and verify the repair. after the student become familiar with the ZR-PRO, information technology equal the scan joyride the scholar request when matchless cost want. be the zurich read tool for adenine technician operating room enthusiast ? If deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional read creature house indium ampere broken hand-held pill be able to do with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication and have the capability to probe wholly ten global OBD-II mode ampere well equally extra manufacturer pelvic inflammatory disease, the zurich may be the scan creature necessitate. The ZR-PRO enter the scan creature market with angstrom price that ‘s deuce, three, and, in the case of some scan cock, four time less expensive, so far supply the same oregon more feature than those more expensive joyride. If there ‘s associate in nursing interest inch the zurich line of scan instrument, check mark them come out of the closet on harbor freight creature ‘s web site, drop aside your local store, and watch your mail for their superintendent coupon sale to pick astir associate in nursing low-cost professional scan instrument .The Zurich ZR-PRO arrived with everything we needed to communicate with every 1996-and-newer OBD-II vehicle. The Zurich software on the tablet functions on an Android operating system. The ZR-PRO has a pair of stylists, an OBD-II cable, an AC power adapter, a USB cable, and the vehicle communication interface (VCI).The ZR-PRO included an activation code, a quick-start guide, and an owner’s manual. The quick-start guide provided detailed instructions on how to setup the Zurich, which included charging, activation, Wi-Fi setup, and software updates.After all the software updates, the Zurich booted to the start page. There were icons that provided us access to a camera, several apps, the internet, and the Zurich scan tool software. At the bottom of the screen are four buttons. The sideways triangle button returns to the previous screen. The circle returns to home. The square allows the review of all the apps currently open. The square with the landscape provides a screenshot that’s stored in memory and can be emailed or printed. This photo, as well as many others, were screen captures from the Zurich that we emailed to our personal email address and then saved on our PC’s hard drive.The VCI and OBD-II cable were attached to the OBD-II diagnostic link connector (DLC) under the vehicle’s dash. Since the introduction of OBD-II in 1996, the DLC is a standardized 16-pin connector, and the VCI will connect with any manufacturer’s DLC.

The ZR-PRO’s VCI communicates via Bluetooth technology. We were able to communicate with the vehicle’s PCM and other modules from a distance approaching 100 feet. The Zurich doesn’t require plug-in keys or chips to work with each manufacturer, and because it’s Bluetooth, we could access DTCs, observe freeze-frame and live-stream data, and clear codes from the comfort of our chair in the office.With the VCI connected to our 2006 Charger’s DLC, we selected the diagnostic icon and then the Dodge icon to communicate with the Charger. The vehicle identification number (VIN) scan button allowed the Zurich to retrieve data about the Charger from the Charger’s onboard modules. If the VIN scan hadn’t communicated, the VIN could be manually inputted.After choosing the System Selection, we were provided with pages of modules we could monitor. The Zurich communicates with each module, and once a specific module was selected, additional options were provided.We selected the PCM page, and this page allowed us to review data occurring with the PCM. We could check DTCs, read freeze-frame data, check out the live-stream data, activate output devices, clear codes, and access the 10 Global OBD-II modes.The Module Information page provided us with an interesting bit of news. The replacement PCM in our Charger had previously been in another Charger, and at some point, it had been flashed to our Charger’s VIN, so a VIN conflict (and DTC) wouldn’t occur.While we could look at the live-stream data in the numerical form, we elected to view the data in a graph form. We observed the short-term fuel trim and the upstream O2 sensor, which appear to be operating correctly and opposite of each other. The long-term fuel trim is within the factory parameters, but it’s adding more fuel (17 percent) than we usually see.The live-stream data we acquired was recorded, and we put together the Pre-Repair Report Information page that we’ll match with the Post-Repair Report Information page (data after the repair) to share with the customer on how we repaired their vehicle.We used the Zurich to observe the OBD-II monitors. This screen can be used to ensure that OBD-II was able to run all its tests and verify that the tests passed. The Charger had all the monitors in the completed status.The Zurich provided a nice screen with all 10 of the Global OBD-II modes. The Mode $06 (hexadecimal) doesn’t have any specifications as to what the manufacturers must provide, and it’s usually difficult to decipher, but the Zurich made the Mode $06 data much easier to read and provided usable information for helping with the repair procedures.If there was ever a problem with the Zurich, such as you believed there should be a module that the ZR-PRO didn’t recognize, a screen prompt asked for information about the concern. This information was passed on (via email) to the Zurich support staff, so they could check into the concern and make software updates as necessary.Before connecting to a vehicle, it’s a good idea to ensure the latest software updates are loaded onto the Zurich. We checked the update screen, and whenever an update was required, we updated every vehicle manufacturer at the same time.The Zurich had internet connectivity. This allowed the user the opportunity to check the diagnostic websites to repair the automobile or surf the net to visit their favorite website. The Zurich provided a professional level scan tool that was tested on six Chrysler products and a handful of other manufacturer vehicles, and it operated flawlessly on every vehicle.

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