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Chemotherapy for pleural mesothelioma | Cancer Research UK

Clare Disney (nurse):  Hello, my name is Clare and this is a cancer day unit .
therefore when you arrive and you ’ ve reported into with the receptionist, one of the nurses will call you through when your treatment is ready, sit you down and go through all the treatment with you .
dawn, Iris. My name is Clare. I am the nurse who is going to be looking after you today. We ’ rhenium going to start by putting a cannula in the back of your hand and giving you some anti nausea medicine. And then I am going to come back to you and talk through the chemotherapy with you and the possible side effects you may experience throughout your discussion. Is that o ?
Before you have each treatment you ’ ll indigence to have a blood test to check your bloods are approve. And you ’ ll besides be reviewed by one of the doctors to make sure you ’ re fit and well for your treatment. sometimes you ’ ll have the rake test taken on the day of your treatment ; other times you ’ ll have it the day before your treatment when you see the doctor of the church.

Each chemotherapy is made up for each individual affected role, depending on the type of cancer they have and where it is and depending their acme, burden and blood results .
then, depending on where your cancer is some people have their chemotherapy drug, their cancer drug by drip, some will have an injection and early people will have tablets .
so, Iris, your chemotherapy is going to be given to you in what we call cycles and the cycles are given every three weeks for a period of six cycles. so, you will be coming in for approximately five months for your chemotherapy.

Depending on where your cancer is and what type of cancer you have will be dependent on how frequently you come in for discussion. An exercise of a treatment cycle would be for you to come in on Day 1, Day 8 and Day 15 then to have a week ’ sulfur break before you come back again for Day 1 treatment .
Depending on the type of discussion that you are having we will besides give you some anti illness tablets to take alongside your chemotherapy and besides some drugs to prevent any reactions if that ’ sulfur appropriate .
All chemotherapy is given over unlike meter periods so it ’ mho best to check with your nanny about how farseeing you are probable to be in the unit for. This can range from anything up to an hour to an all day treatment slot so please be prepared to bring along some bits to keep you occupied books and music.

so, before you go home it ’ s important to make sure you have got the tablets you need to go base with your anti sickness medications and any other symptom manipulate tablets that you may require. besides, to make sure that you ’ ve got the call numbers for the oncology unit to earphone if you have a temperature or you are experiencing any other symptoms at home that you need to ask advice about .
indeed, please make certain when you leave the unit that you ’ ve got all the information you require and if you ’ ve got any questions at all wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to ask the nanny who will be able to answer them for you .
Before your next bicycle of treatment you will come in and see the doctor in the clinic board, you ’ ll have a blood test and an examen to make sure you are suit and well for treatment you will then come back the follow day or later on that workweek for treatment .

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