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Review: COIN’s Newest Album ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’

By Monica Pizzo
COIN, a poppy dance band from Nashville, released their second album on Friday called How Will You Never Know If You Never Try. The album itself is sweet and energetic and evocative of their classic style : pumped up summer-time synth .
The album kicks off with a track called “ Don ’ metric ton Cry, 2020, ” its lyrics telling the hearer in a boppy tonicity not to worry about the future. Their style of carefree dad saturates this birdcall, starting the album with an energetic spirit.

The future few songs include “ Boyfriend, ” “ I Don ’ t Wan sodium Dance, ” and by far their most known sung, “ Talk Too much, ” These songs are still energetic and quite similar to the tone set by the beginning song, each with variations of their own. The lyrics of the songs don ’ thymine tell any particular floor in regards to a common theme, but all have a sound and general likelihood to love songs .
The follow four songs are slower, bringing the vibration of the album down a sting. It picks back up again with “ Feeling, ” a bouncy birdcall following the lapp tone they broadly use, but lacks chord mutant and differentiation from their other tracks .
The album ends with the song “ Malibu 1992, ” a drumhead, light track that acts as the perfect closer. The synth aspect of the birdcall reminds you of stars and ripples in water, with Chase Lawrence ’ mho articulation taking you on a summer-time travel .
The album itself is nice and energetic, but it lacks assortment from other tracks they have released. Although a band should have consistency, repetition should be avoided as fans look for new songs and vibes to relate to. Their songs, when performed live, much have a singularity to them, lended by the band ’ second energy and incredible stage operation. But without this, the songs become a small lack-luster and blend into each early — not on determination but because of their similarity.

How Will You Know If You Never Try is an album worth listening to, however. Their pop-synth tracks make a commodity soundtrack to hazy summer nights. barely know that their fresh songs can blend into each other and become backdrop noise on your summer road trips .
The album is available on Spotify and Apple Music .
Featured Photo Credit:  Guitarist and singer Joe Memmel ( left ) and lead singer Chase Lawrence ( right ) of COIN do at Terpstock in the Nyumburu Amphitheater. ( Cassie Osvatics/Bloc Reporter )

Monica Pizzo is a freshman journalism major and can be reached at mpizzo @ .

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