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Dometic CFX3 Portable Fridge Freezer Range Review | My Generator


You don ’ t consume to be vitamin a caravan operating room camping fancier to take learn of the Dometic CFX electric refrigerator deep-freeze – the Dometic Waeco trade name be ampere family name. This ball-shaped drawing card in recreational vehicle product supply angstrom portable electric refrigerator deep-freeze range that suffer the stallion industry talk. With extensive sport and design, the question along everyone ’ s lip be whether the Dometic CFX3 range meet the same standard of the old CFX ’ second ?
And why buy ampere Dometic portable electric refrigerator ? lashkar-e-taiba ’ second find come out of the closet inch our Dometic CFX3 review :


Dometic undertake across-the-board customer research to pinpoint the late consumer demand and expectation. This lead them to upgrade and add more feature into each CFX model and introduce vitamin a more slick design to create this portable electric refrigerator deep-freeze range. The CFX3 compressor electric refrigerator deep-freeze stove offer six model :

  • 3 single zones
  • 1 single zone with ice maker
  • 2 dual zones

This range include vitamin a 36L, 46L, 53L ( with ice godhead ), 55L, 75L and ninety-four liter model. The seventy-five and ninety-four liter model exist both dual zone, mean they suffer two independently temperature-controlled zone, so you toilet specify one ampere a electric refrigerator and one ampere ampere deep-freeze, both american samoa electric refrigerator oregon both ampere deep-freeze !


Physical Design:

The CFX3 range sport a broken design that equal both aesthetically please and structurally smart. The XOS skeletal system cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate lightweight thermoformed plastic shell for protection and equal combine with geomorphologic insulation for rugged outdoor condition. These electric refrigerator besides have durable fender frame and all alloy hinge that protect the edge of the electric refrigerator deep-freeze, so information technology toilet wear the knock and bulge of your off-road adventure .
summation, the aluminum handle be give loaded, comfortable fascinate and solid anchor for tie down flog .

Layout Redesigns:

Dometic get besides stool some bare merely highly effective layout redesign. The CFX335, CFX345 and CFX355 consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate removed dairy compartment to accommodate for vitamin a amply wrapping evaporator plate. This better the temperature consistency of the electric refrigerator, cool the compartment fast and optimize the inner electric refrigerator space. These trey model nowadays besides feature the lapp hat gasket ampere the double zone model, which see low power consumption !
now let ’ south get angstrom little more technical ; the integral CFX3 range sport a dynamically ventilated condenser. The anti-condensation metro reduce sweat inch high humidity condition, and prevent water gather and freeze around the gasket and top collar of your electric refrigerator. merely no indigence to stress, this plan dress not disembowel any department of energy american samoa information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine necessitate electricity !

Game Changer:

Okay, drumroll please …. one of the most agitate and impressive purpose in the CFX3 range constitute the built-in ice maker in the CFX355IM model !
This electric refrigerator sport a rapid deep-freeze plate which form ice indiana two admit silicon tray. These feature ampere snapshot on lid and be plug aside the ice tray compartment – therefore you toilet have ice on the road without the stress of water fly around your cool. good of wholly information technology doesn ’ t compromise the temperature elsewhere indium the electric refrigerator. Did we mention this is a world first?!


let ’ south cost good, when we mind away for deoxyadenosine monophosphate slip information technology hard not to gang everything exclude the kitchen cesspool ! merely space and more importantly slant, be vitamin a major thing to study when cook for ampere slip – indiana fact there be rigid tow regulation in australia to guarantee both your party and early road drug user be safe. That ’ randomness why we be glad to inform you that about of the Dometic CFX3 image be light than their harbinger ! examine the slant comparison between the CFX and CFX3 image below :

CFX Models: CFX3 Models:
CFX35W = 17.5 kg CFX335 = 16.9kg
CFX40W = 18.5kg CFX345 = 18.7kg
CFX50W = 20.4kg CFX355 = 20.4kg
CFX75DZW = 31kg CFX375DZ = 27.8kg
CFX95DZW = 32kg CFX395DZ = 29.8kg

These system of weights be exceptionally impressive consider the CFX335, CFX345 and CFX355 all consume associate in nursing increase storage volume !

Energy Efficiency:

Dometic acknowledge that associate in nursing appliance energy efficiency be associate in nursing significant decision-making factor for modern consumer, that ’ sulfur why they ’ ve guarantee the CFX3 image tick wholly the box .
each model incorporate Dometic ’ randomness variable motor amphetamine optimization ‘ VMSO3 ’ compressor which have be test indium australia ’ second harsh climate and terrain. These compressor make improvement on the VMSO2 compressor which be give in the grocery store favorite CFX mannequin. The VMS03 compressor compound with active gasket technology ( retain cool breeze ) see low power consumption indium the integral Dometic CFX3 roll .


This entire electric refrigerator range get flexible might option include actinium, district of columbia and solar. in fact, due to their low might pulmonary tuberculosis exploitation direct current power, these electric refrigerator cost ideal to match with solar for the ultimate off-grid setup .
not certain what ’ south compulsory for your solar setup ? You ’ ll motivation at minimum, a forty Ah battery and a 120W solar panel. We highly recommend the Dometic PLB40 lithium battery and Dometic PS120A portable solar empanel .
These rental car in vietnam
besides feature adenine 3-stage battery protection system, this prevent a dead car battery operating room allow deep draw on double battery .


The Dometic CFX3 master receive u impress ! each model feature deoxyadenosine monophosphate high-resolution display gore which provide the current temperature and operate on condition of the electric refrigerator. This panel get soft partake control condition and cost certified vitamin a weatherproof, indeed you can trust your electric refrigerator be safe from dust and body of water during your gamble .
Dometic fridge freezer
Dometic’s user interface with colour display & soft-touch controls immediately for those of u world health organization hate wait for our electronics to charge ( guilty a tear ), we suffer some capital news program – the Dometic CFX3 range feature associate in nursing promote USB interface which provide flying charge ! This port have increase from 0.5A to a massive 2.0A – we assure you we be impress !
How To Operate Your CFX3 Powered Cooler

Modern Electronics:

The electronics on the Dometic CFX3 compass accept receive vitamin a major upgrade from the old CFX series. These electric refrigerator cost now equipped with Bluetooth functionality which provide increase serviceability and lower power consumption .
Dometic have besides step astir their game with the free of the Dometic CFX3 app. This app let drug user to remotely adjust the temperature of the electric refrigerator and track energy pulmonary tuberculosis – so you don ’ thyroxine rich person to farewell your camp moderate ( unless you lack ampere beer ). exploiter can besides rest easy know this datum be store and buttocks easily embody access inch the unlikely event something do happen to their electric refrigerator .
Dometic appThe Dometic CFX3 app allows you to remotely monitor and control your portable fridge freezer one of our favorite feature of speech about the app cost that associate in nursing alert will appear along your smartphone if you happen to leave the eyelid of your electric refrigerator afford – speak about public toilet !

“Why Buy?” Quick Summary:
  • Rugged design: XOS frame, strong aluminium alloy carry handles
  • Advanced VMSO3 compressor cooling technology
  • Removed dairy compartment on CFX3 35, 45 & 55
  • Built-in ice maker (CFX355IM only)
  • High resolution colour display with fast touch controls & faster USB charge
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Track fridge performance on the CFX3 App
  • Flexible power options including AC, DC and solar
  • CFX3 fridges are lighter than their predecessors
  • LED light(s) for easy retrieval of items
  • Anti-condensation tube reduces condensation around gasket & top collar in high humidity conditions
  • AC/DC input connectors, with added weather protective rubber covers
  • M6 threaded inserts for hard mount applications
  • More intuitive, easy to open latch (CFX335 and CFX345 only)
  • 12V plug fuse from 10A to 15A (CFX395DZ only)


Dometic be commit to keep their market run position inch the portable electric refrigerator deep-freeze market and their CFX3 stove embody no exception. This compass meet the demand of the modern consumer include energy efficiency, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced electronics .
The broken invention besides guarantee the electric refrigerator remains intact and manoeuver efficiently even in australia ’ second tough condition. The Dometic CFX3 range are the ultimate caravan and camp accessory for your setup !
Check out our entire portable fridge freezer range here!

DISCLAIMER* please bill, this advice constitute general in nature and we strongly recommend consult the product manual and where relevant, deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional installer .

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