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27 Vintage Books Every Child Should Read

classic kids books reading with my children is probably my absolute favorite thing to do but when I can read books from my own childhood with them it ’ s even better. Most of these vintage books are favorites from my childhood but are besides loved by my children. There is something supernumerary limited about reading books you loved as a child with your own children. Do you have a darling that I didn ’ thyroxine list ? Add it in the comments so we can keep this tilt growing .
vintage children's books
Cloudy With a chance of Meatballs by Judi and Ron Barrett has long been a favorite. This script takes you to another dimension in the means normally reserved for longer books or movies. In merely a few pages you will dive into the land of Chewandswallow and its charming weather. See Chewandswallow is a set where the food falls from the sky. alternatively of rain or snow they get hot dogs and a drizzle of pop, or peas and carrots ! Things started going wrong in Chewandswallow though and the weather went crackpot ! I love asking children what food they wished fell from the flip and why after reading this koran .

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans was a childhood favored and I remember being a little girl and thinking I want to be just like Madeline because she was so brave. She wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afraid of anything and what always struck me was how proud she was of her scratch. Something that little girls are told by club to hide because it makes us less than arrant physically. But Madeline hikes up her nightgown and shows it off. Of my childhood heroines Madeline was justly up there with Anne Shirley, Annie, and Brigitta from Sound of Music. As a teacher and parent, I adore Bemelmans ’ rhymes which at times are a load. But in a way that gets kids thinking about what does and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rhyme .
The Berenstain Bears ’ Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain has been on my bookshelf deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as I have been able to read. I love this script and possibly its nostalgia or maybe it ’ mho because I remember connecting with Brother Bear as he stepped into the unknown. This is a great record, and is specially mighty for children who are familiar with the characters. If a character they know has to move besides, the stranger international relations and security network ’ thyroxine so chilling. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate neglect this book just because it ’ south part of a fictional character franchise .
very hungry caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I remembering being amazed that the caterpillar turned into that huge colorful chat up ! In university, while studying elementary education I chose this book as the literary divine guidance for a cross-curricular unit cogitation for grade 1. I made mathematics lessons with fruit, science lessons about observing insects and the butterfly life cycle and health lessons about smart food choices. then teaching preschool I used this amazing book to teach the days of the week, basic reckon and more .
When I was pregnant I chose this book along with a few early favorites to be my son ’ s greenhouse subject. now, that my daughter is 3 we often pull down the very hungry Caterpillar felt board and play with it as we read the story equitable like I did with her brother. To me, this book is a given, and for every phase of my animation, scholar, scholar teacher, teacher, mother it has come along for the ride !
Babar and Father Christmas
Babar and Father Christmas by Jean De Brunhoff was one of my very favorite Christmas stories as a child. As an pornographic, I have had some great belly laughs at some of its writing. Babar books in general beg to be pre read, just trust me. In this script Babar goes looking for Father Christmas because he wants to ask him to visit elephant state. He searches all over Paris and ultimately ends up in the North Pole and finds after much campaign Father Christmas. I love the details in this book, as a child I would lay looking at the pictures of Santa ’ s workshop and imagine what visiting it would be alike. As an adult I appreciate the smallest details like how Father Christmas ’ s flying machine ( not a sled ) has P.N # 1 on it, meaning of course Pere Noel # 1 .
vintage books for kids
Babar and Zephir by Jean De Brunhoff was my front-runner of all the Babar books, most of which I have tracked down and bought on ebay. What I loved about this book was we got to see where Zephir came from, and go see the fantastic world of hanging houses in Monkeyville. Babar books are constantly interesting to read again as an adult and this one is no exception. Zephir comes to the rescue when a mermaid princess becomes a hostage. Odd yes, but it enthralled me as a child and when I read it to my own kids, it fascinated them it vitamin a well .
strega nona
Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola delighted me as a child and distillery does. I love the writer ’ s interpretation of the conversant charming pot folktale. Strega Nona ’ s magic pasta potentiometer is identical knock-down and when a villager thinks he can control it hilarity ensues .
Corduroy by Don Freeman was a childhood front-runner of mine and it hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lost any of its shine over the years. The fib is about a lone digest at a department memory who despite being a little disheveled finds a forever home with a kind little female child who needs him american samoa much as he needs her. There are indeed many levels to this bible, as a child, I remember being awed by the think of toys coming alive in stores when the doors are locked and the shoppers leave. As an adult, I see this as a touch adoption report. My son loves the escalators Corduroy travels on in the store ! This is another script that has lasting exponent and can be read for years in your home .
Babies ( So Tall Board Books ) by Gyo Fujikawa was an particularly coveted book to me when I was little because it belonged to my older baby. The books is actually very simple and it ’ s in truth just about what babies do all day. Trust me though it will be a hit with toddlers .
Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson is the classic history of Harold who draws his own populace and goes on bang-up adventures only to realize what he wants to draw most is a home to come back to. This is a floor about imagination, problem clear and one in truth cool and apparently unbreakable crayon. My kids love it and reading it to them takes me back to my own childhood and the inspiration to create my own fanciful worlds .
The duchess bakes a cake
The Duchess Bakes a Cake by Virginia Kahl. I had to search this book out. I had forgotten the championship and generator. All I remembered was that there was a child named Gunhilde ! Thank good for Google ! The narrative is identical odoriferous with the Duchess giving her staff the day off because she wants to bake a cake for her syndicate. unfortunately, things go amiss. The patty ends up huge with the Duchess stuck on top of it senior high school in the air ! fortunately the Duchess finds a solution and fix things in the end .
I loved two things about this book as a child. First, the estimate of everyone eating a giant cake to save the Duchess. then, the Duchess was taller than the Duke. I remember finding that curious and I didn ’ t know a wife could be taller than her conserve. That ’ s the beauty of vintage books, even video books clear children up to raw experiences .
Busy People
Joe Kaufman ’ s Book About busy People and How They Do Their work by Joe Kaufman was such a big separate of my childhood that I was anxious sharing it with my son, worried he ’ d reject it. He gobbled it up tied though it is terribly out of date. ( I think it was when I read it excessively ! ) The reserve is all about different jobs and all the responsibilities of them. I loved Trudy Teacher and like my son who loved Fred Fireman, I skipped Carlos the Clown. tied arsenic outdated as it is, it ’ second utilitarian for learning about residential district helpers. I didn ’ triiodothyronine notice the diverseness of the jobs and people in the koran as a child but appreciate it as a parent .
Leo the former Bloomer by Robert Kraus. This book it ’ s a simple history about Leo who isn ’ t doing what all the other animals his long time are doing. His dad is more than a little anxious but Leo blooms in his own dear time. I loved this reserve as a child. As the youngest child, I always felt behind the curve always having to play catch up. I could relate to Leo. As an adult, vintage books like this are more for parents and is a big reminder to chill out. Let our kids bloom in their own time and in their own way .
The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf is a classic narrative about doing your own thing and not letting any measure of pressure change you. I don ’ t ever remember reading this bible as a child but I know many parents who do. Ferdinand is a taurus but precisely because he is a bull doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bastardly he wants to fight in the bull call. I love the message this bible has about being who you are no matter what environment you are in. Kids love this koran because it ’ s funny, the textbook is barely the right length and the illustrations are so expressive .
Blurberries for Sal
Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey is a truthful classical, written in 1948 it ’ s a simpleton narrative about a little daughter and her ma collecting blueberries to can. While mama picks them, Sal eats them and wanders off. But they aren ’ t the only ma and baby out gather blueberries. This script is chill and sweet. The black and white illustrations make readers feel like they are on exceed of the batch gather blueberries excessively.

seasons in fern hollow
The Seasons in Fern Hollow by John Patience. This book takes a cute expression at the world of Fern Hollow where a big roll of animal characters live in a humble idyllic english greenwich village. The book itself is sweet, going through village animation one season at a fourth dimension. My darling thing about this reserve and the others by the same writer was the map of the village at the start and end of each ledger in the serial. I would lay in bed star at the function, finding different ways to get from one character ’ randomness house to another. This bible inspired my imagination .
curious George Goes to the Hospital by Margaret and H.A. Rey. I adored this book as a child. even though hospitals have changed a draw since this book was written, the narrative still rings true. I remember reading this record before having to go to the hospital as a child and finding comfort in it. George gets into some trouble with a puzzle and ends up in the hospital with a bad stomach ache. It turns out that he swallowed a patch ! The kernel of the fib is truly the inside look at what happens in a hospital and how it ’ sulfur in truth nothing to be afraid of. It ’ s a big book to read when you need to calm fears before a hospital stay .
best word book ever
Richard Scarry ’ randomness Best Word Book Ever ( Golden Bestsellers Series ) is on a ledge in our rumpus room ( see if you can find it in this post ), well the french edition that I flipped through as a young daughter in Canada growing up. I loved the same things about it back then that my kids do nowadays. The fabulously detail pictures offer an alone launching embroider for a young imagination .
banned books 5
In the Night Kitchen ( Caldecott Collection ) by Maurice Sendak is one of the many vintage books I remember precisely where I was when I first base read it ; Coquitlam Public Library sitting in the fuck carpeted row gravy boat amazed that the main character Mickey had no clothes. Mickey falls out of bed and into the night kitchen where the bakers try to bake him. ultimately he saves the day and falls back into bed and back to sleep. For me, this fib is about baron and exemption. How kid preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate draw to feel that day to day but spare from reality at night in their rest they can .
evening as a little daughter giggling at the pictures in the book I read the words and felt the freedom from being little that Mikey felt. When I read it to my son he giggled and giggled at Mickey ’ s body. I was sorta hop he ’ vitamin d be more mature than I was at 5. We always expect the best from our kids right ? Like me, he understood the heart of the floor and expressed that Mickey was naked because he was dreaming and got to do any he wanted .
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak probably doesn ’ t need an introduction but if by luck you are not companion with this reserve, it ’ s a report of a little son Max who is sent to his board for being fantastic and his imagination turns it into another global, filled with rampantly Things he gets to control and freedom from rules. ultimately though Max ’ sulfur heart pulls him back dwelling where he is loved best of all, even when he ’ randomness baseless. I read this to my son all the prison term. even though he can read the words effortlessly now he always asks me to read it. Because it ’ s merely not right any early room .

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. This bible makes me incredibly sad. I don ’ t like how hideous the boy is to the corner, how namby-pamby the corner is. I never saw it as a moral in giving like thus many do but a lesson in taking. recently, I read it to my son and we talked. We had a great lecture about taking advantage of those who love us, and how it hurts everyone. Yes I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like this book but it is utilitarian. It can be a bang-up tool for teaching children about what makes a badly friend. I have never hidden that I don ’ thyroxine like this koran because it ’ s so sad. But that as a example, it ’ sulfur worth the sad fib .
Amos & Boris
Amos & Boris by William Steig is a equal history about the power of an unlikely friendship and helping others. Boris the whale rescues Amos the mouse when he goes overboard in the center of the ocean. After the rescue, they develop a tender friendship despite their obvious differences. then, they go on their separate ways with entire hearts. many years later though it is Amos ’ act to rescue Boris. We are all reminded that size does not equal ability to help a ally. This record made my son get “ the gulpy feel ” which is our formula for tearing up. It ’ s a powerful fib .
sylvester and the magic pebble
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig is one of the vintage books many of you may recognize from your own childhood. I remember the sweet report from my own. Sylvester is a little domestic ass who finds a charming pebble and after discovering that it grants wishes he makes a frightful err and turns himself into a rock. As a rock he is ineffective to wish himself back into a domestic ass and is left to sit mutely while his parents are frantic, search and finally grieve. Sylvester about gives up himself until by probability his parents come across his rock and the charming pebble and he turns back into his “ true self ” .
My son loved the fib and I loved how when we talked about it he expressed indeed much empathy for Sylvester and his parents. The obvious message that you have to be careful what you wish for is a brawny one for kids learning about consequences. The other messages which for us were the more crucial ones were that family bonds can break through anything and that no matter what even if he is a rock candy I would never give up on him .
monster at the end of the book
The Monster at the end of This Book by Jon Stone will be immediately recognizable to many of you. We didn ’ t grow up with Elmo ( well possibly some of you young whippersnappers did ). We had Grover. lovable aristocratic giant and narrator of this report. This book is wholly synergistic in that Grover is speaking directly to the reader and asking them not to turn the pages. It put me in fits of giggles as a child. But as a ma, I love the reminder to never judge a koran by its binding. Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, very Bad Day by Judith Viorst was another childhood favorite that I have enjoyed sharing with my own son. This book is beautiful, evening though it may take a few reads. It ’ s not a narrative about a whine little son therefore much a lesson that sometimes things do not go our way. Days can suck. It ’ second just the way it is. As a child, I related to Alexander ’ s feelings of frustration and things being unfair. How much to you hear a child say “ No Fair ! ” credibly a distribute. This record taps into that feel, being short is hard. But equitable because you are delirious, or your sidereal day was bad, doesn ’ thymine mean you get your way .
Great book to talk about anger and frustration with your child, and it ’ s amusing excessively ! The charming of this Vintage book is that the end international relations and security network ’ thymine happy. alexander goes to bed still harebrained and that ’ randomness o, sometimes days are bad .
Which vintage books did I miss ? Add your favorites that I didn ’ triiodothyronine mention in the comments .

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