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All Hidden Coin locations in Cuphead

One of the keys to snagging 100 % completion in Cuphead comes down to knowing all of the game ’ s hide mint locations. If you ’ ve finished the primary game in Cuphead, you may notice a few percentage points missing from your overall game completion. not to worry, though, as there are extra coins hidden in a variety of locations that count towards your overall completion .
There are hide coins in each worldly concern, many of which you might have already found. Need help finding the rest ? Read on to learn where all of the hidden mint locations are in Cuphead !

All Hidden Coin Locations in Cuphead

All hidden coin locations in Cuphead
Below, you’ll find a list of all the locations where you can find hidden coins in Cuphead! © Studio MDHR

Tutorial (Inkwell Isle I)

Where to find all Hidden Coins in Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
The very first hide mint is located within Cuphead ’ s introductory tutorial. To collect this concealed coin, all you need to do is complete the tutorial !

Axeboy (Inkwell Isle I)

Hidden Coin guide for Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
In order to collect this hidden mint in Cuphead, you ’ ll necessitate to first defeat all of the bosses in Inkwell Isle I. once you ’ ve done this, revert to Axeboy and he ’ ll be active aside, revealing a obscure mint in the trees nearby .

Gingerbread Girl (Inkwell Isle II)

All Hidden Coins in Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
To collect this hidden coin in Cuphead, you ’ ll necessitate to head to the Aviary Action boss phase, then make your means the Bird House. Next, head right and follow a shortcut to the early side of the island. finally, take the shortcut that returns you to the Gingerbread Girl. If you ’ ve completed this lap correctly, she ’ ll give you one of Cuphead ’ s hidden coins .

Juggler (Inkwell Isle II)

Where to find Hidden Coins - Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
To collect this hidden coin in Cuphead, you ’ ll want to locate the Juggler near the Dragon ’ s degree. Upon interacting with him, he ’ ll ask you to parry four times before land. Do this in a phase, then return to the Juggler. As a reward, he ’ ll give you one of Cuphead ’ s concealed coins .

Green Shack (Inkwell Isle II)

Hidden Coins in Cuphead
© Studio MDHR

Near the exit that heads toward Inkwell Isle III is a green trail. Before proceeding to Inkwell Isle III, interact with the fleeceable hovel to reveal even another hidden coin in Cuphead .

Stairs (Inkwell Isle III)

Inkwell Isle - Hidden Coin locations in Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
Another hide coin in Cuphead can be found in the Finale section of the plot behind a stall near a set of stairs .

Dice (Finale)

Casino - Hidden Coin locations in Cuphead
© Studio MDHR
To snag the final shroud coin, head Underground and make your way to the Casino. At the Entrance will be a set of die, On your entrust, the first die block hides the last shroud coin .
There you have it, all of the concealed mint locations in Cuphead. By collecting them all, you should now be one step closer to 100 % Cuphead completion. Another tone centers around the Cuphead endings. Have you unlocked them all ? If not, pawl here to check out our guidebook on how to get all of the Cuphead endings !

By reading through this template, you should immediately know where all of the concealed coins are located in Cuphead .

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