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Financial Reporting Alert 18-9: Classification of Cryptocurrency Holdings


Cryptocurrency is a newly type of value and requital method acting that is distinctly different from decree currentness ( for example, U.S. dollars and foreign currencies ). rather of possessing a physical form, cryptocurrency exists as immutable distribute ledgers maintained on public blockchains. ( For Deloitte ’ s perspectives on blockchain technology, including a discussion of cryptocurrency, see Blockchain Technology and Its Potential Impact on the Audit and Assurance Profession. )
Cryptocurrency should not be confused with electronic instances of cash ( e.g., an on-line bank explanation with a consumer bank initiation ), which are linked to physical currentness. An on-line deposit account shows the sum of, for exemplar, U.S. dollars held in a stipulate report. By contrast, cryptocurrency refers to a form of exchange that only exists digitally and is not linked to any physical currentness. Entities should therefore exert care when referring to cryptocurrency as “ currency ” since most governments do not presently consider it to meet the legal definition of a currentness. In sealed circumstances, cryptocurrencies may be considered securities by the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) and commodities by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, as defined by those institutions. For tax income and other regulative purposes, cryptocurrency can be considered and taxed as a place, prepaid full or service, or fairness in the United States .
other terms, such as “ digital currency, ” “ virtual currency, ” “ tokens, ” or “ coins, ” may be used to describe cryptocurrency. however, it is authoritative to distinguish between cryptocurrency and tokens, which are frequently interchanged in media coverage. This Financial Reporting Alert focuses only on what the SEC considers cryptocurrencies and not tokens.

Connecting the Dots — Cryptocurrency Versus Token

Cryptocurrency is a unit of value that is native to a blockchain. It is a means of exchange within the blockchain to incentivize the network of participants to use the blockchain. The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin are all examples of native cryptocurrencies. The sole purpose of a cryptocurrency is for exchange of value, and it has limited functionality beyond that.

A token is a piece of business logic (i.e., “smart contract”) coded into an existing blockchain. A token can have a functionality beyond an exchange of value — it can represent any asset or functionality desired by the developer for use on a platform. Most tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain by using ERC-20 smart contracts, such as Tron and VeChain.

The best know model of a cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. however, nowadays there are many types of cryptocurrency at unlike stages of maturity. The prices of cryptocurrencies as traded on exchanges or elsewhere are constantly represented in some other decree currency ( for example, U.S. dollars, euro ), although such prices are normally just the median of the buy/sell go around on the especial exchanges. In addition, prices for the lapp cryptocurrency frequently change by little amounts on the respective exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies have the play along characteristics :

  • They are created by “mining” (i.e., using computer power to solve complex cryptographic algorithms), often with a maximum number of coins that can exist (e.g., there can never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in existence).
  • No single party (government or otherwise) regulates their use. Although values for a cryptocurrency may sometimes be quoted in a particular fiat currency, a coin in one country is indistinguishable from a coin in another.
  • Their value is supported only by the laws of supply and demand.
  • Their general purpose is to be used in exchange for goods or services (provided that both parties agree to such an exchange).

Cryptocurrencies can besides be obtained by purchasing or receiving them on a peer-to-peer basis .

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