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Diana Pinto – Wikipedia

Indian beauty pageant titleholder

Diana Pinto is an Indian beauty pageant titleholder, who was crowned Miss India America 2009, at the 18th Annual Miss India America Pageant held at Long Beach, California on 7 August 2009.

Hailing from a Mangalorean Catholic family, calculate my age
was born & raised in Thane ( near Mumbai ). Her father Joseph Pinto hails from Urwa, Mangalore, và is a senior Manager in Bank of Baroda ( Agra branch ). Her mother Irene Pinto hails from Moodabidri ( near Mangalore ), & is also a Manager in Bank of Baroda ( Mumbai branch ). Both her parents have settled in Mumbai. She also has a younger brother, Brian Pinto. [ một ] [ 2 ] Pinto studied at the Holy Cross High School in Thane, và completed her Master’s degree in Biokinesiology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California in December 2007. [ ba ] She was also a district cấp độ volleyball player in India. She had won numerous awards in Sprints, Relay, Shot put, & Discus throw. [ một ] [ 2 ] Later, she worked in Los Angeles for a year, where she heard about the pageant & decided to apply. She moved to Thành Phố New York in 2009 to work as a Physical therapist. [ tam ]

Having participated in Miss Asia USA pageant earlier, Pinto had decided to apply for the pageant. The sự kiện organizers had asked aspiring contestants to send applications & photographs in 2008. The only criteria were the contestant had to be of Indian origin & had to be less than 29 years of age. Pinto was directly short-listed for the semifinals after she sent her application. As a working assistant to a physical therapist, she had very little giây phút to prepare for the pageant. [ một ]The Jinder’s 18 th Annual Miss India America Pageant was held at the Hilton Hotel, rồng Beach, California, on 7 August 2009. Pinto was declared a winner, và crowned Miss India America 2009, among the 14 contestants in the Miss category. She also won the JIN Model Management’s Miss Photogenic award at the sự kiện. [ 2 ]


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