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10 Excellent ESL Video Activities: Lessons and Clips Students Will Love | FluentU English Educator Blog

In this day & age there is no shortage of Quay video timeslape
material trực tuyến .But what’s the best way béo use it ?

Here are a few activities using English videos that are guaranteed mập keep your students interested và engaged in your English classes .

Aim: To practice speculating and predicting, initiate authentic discussion and generate interest in a topic.

Material: You’ll need a video with some kind of cliffhanger, like a trailer for a TV show or a movie. Make sure it’s something exciting, like this video for “Jurassic World Dominion”!


Aim: To practice describing people and using language of speculation (could be, looks like, seems like, etc.)

Material: Find a short clip that clearly shows one person and key details about them such as age, clothes, features, mannerisms or voice. This could be someone in a TV interview, a character in a film and so on.

Try this video of Jimmy Fallon interviewing Post Malone. They’ll have a lot of fun describing someone lượt thích Post Malone !


Aim: To practice language of opinion and speculation, show the importance of body language and generate interest in a topic or story.

Material: Find a short clip of two or more characters talking. You could show this video from “Modern Family,” where two of the characters get called into the principal’s office. 


Aim: To practice telling a story, giving descriptions (for example, scene, characters and setting) and practicing language of speculation and decision making.

Material: For this one you’ll need a clip of a movie, TV show, advert or other video with a strong storyline which has a distinctive beginning, middle and end. This has to be divided into three (or more) parts.

There are also plenty of animated short films on YouTube you could use, such as this one called “ Purl ” from Pixar .Each nhóm will watch a different part. So you’ll need access phệ separate computers or TVs in different rooms .If this isn’t possible, then one nhóm can watch the film in a corner of the room while the other two groups work on a related task — then they all swap around until each of the three groups has watched their clip .


Aim: To draw attention to the importance of the shape and position of the jaw and mouth muscles in the target language. To highlight the rhythm, stress and intonation of the language.

Material: Choose a video clip where there’s a close-up of someone talking for at least 20 seconds. For example, you can use this clip from “Modern Family.”


Aim: To practice listening for meaning and to practice role-play and improvisation.

Material: Choose a clip with a short dialogue between two characters, such as this clip from “The Devil Wears Prada.” Make sure that it matches the level of your students!


Aim: To practice giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing. Persuasion.

Material: Find several movie trailers which would be appropriate and entertaining for your class. Try vastly different movies, such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Lightyear” and “Spider-man: No Way Home.”


Aim: To help students remember and practice new vocabulary words. 

Material: Use a video which features images of a lot of the new vocabulary, usually within a set theme.

For this example, it’s animals, so sánh you can use this nature video from BBC Earth .


Aim: To practice describing a scene and sequence of events.

Material: Find a video that has a scene that is easy to understand, and one that your students would be able to describe based on their level and vocabulary knowledge. 

You could try using something exciting, lượt thích scenes from Marvel movies, but make sure it’s age appropriate !



Aim: To practice reading comprehension through the use of true or false statements. 

Material: Choose a clip in which quite a lot happens.

A compilation video of some kind could be a good choice, for example, this video on funny farm animals. Always make sure you watch the whole thing yourself first !



So there you go ! Try these activities with them và watch your students improve their English step by step .

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