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Final Fantasy XV Oracle Ascension Coins Locations Guide

One of the most important items in Final Fantasy XV are Oracle Ascension coins. These can be sold for gil and can be found throughout the map. The following guide will help you find concluding Fantasy XV Oracle Ascension Coins .
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Final Fantasy XV Oracle Ascension Coin Locations

Ascension Coin #1 : Access the board with lock doors inside the Keycatrich Trench dungeon. Look for it near the barrels .
Ascension Coin #2 : Go to Galdin Quay restaurant and go toward the docks from the central desk. The coin is sitting on a mesa.

Ascension Coin #3 : Go to the road in the south from Cornix Station – Alstor outstation. Go to the park fortune and count for the mint between two cars near the construction debris .
Ascension Coin #4 : Praire outpost in northerly Leide is unlocked at the begin of Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy XV. Look for a hunter ’ s station and locate the bust up cars near a brick build up. Reach the top of the build to find the mint. Ascension Coin #5 : There is another coin inside the Keycatrich Trench keep. Look for it in the debris of a break down tunnel in the are with lock doors .
Ascension Coin #6 : Go to Burbost Souvenir Emporium and expect for the mint near the dealings coins .
Ascension Coin #7 : During the chief pursuit “ Stroll for Two ” you will come across a coin.

Ascension Coin #8 : Go to Greyshire Grotto dungeon to find the coin near the end of the keep .
Ascension Coin #9 : trial of Ramuh Chapter 5 chief quest will take you to Fociaugh Hollow keep. Look for the coin near the plants .
Ascension Coin #10 : There is a parking set in the Visit Coernix Station – Cauthess in Duscae, a few buildings across the accelerator station. Cross the road and go down some stairs to find the coin. Ascension Coin #11 : There are respective buildings south of the gas station near the Cauthess Rest Area outpost. Go to the furthest construction to find the mint on the roof .
Ascension Coin #12 : Go to Taelpar Rest Area and you will find the coin behind Crow ’ mho Nest.

Ascension Coin #13 : Go to Verinas Mart – Ravatogh and to the right of the weapons vendor you need to find the trash cans. The mint is near the cans .
Ascension Coin #14 : More coins can be found in the secret dungeon at the end of Final Fantasy XV .
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