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The Peace Silver Dollar: Grading, History, and More – Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve

The Peace Silver Dollar: Grading, History, and More

The Peace Silver Dollar is a cherished patch of United States history, and this series is one of the most popular among numismatists. If you are interest in owning this piece of history, keep take to learn more about the peace silver dollar series ’ history, scaling, and rate .

The History of the Peace Silver Dollar

At the end of 1921, the United States was experiencing an economic thunder after the end of World War I. This economic boom caused a strong demand for silver coins because all the Morgan dollars were melted down for the war attempt. The Peace Dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci and was named to “ commemorate the end of the war to end all wars. ”
This theme to commemorate peace with a new argent dollar mint was beginning introduced in 1920, and the Treasury Department liked the idea so much that they announced a invention rival for the new coin. As a result, 33-year-old italian immigrant Francisci defeated feel coin designers with his design of Lady Liberty .

Peace Dollar Design

The obverse side features Lady Liberty ’ second left visibility, and she is wearing a tiara that resembles the one that appears on the statue. This side besides included the word “ Liberty, ” the date, Francisci ’ randomness initials, and “ IN GOD WE TRVST. ” The letter “ V ” in “ TRVST ” symbolized “ V ” for victory.

The reverse side features an american english Eagle placed on a mountaintop with an olive branch in its talons. This persona symbolizes the world ’ sulfur desire for peace after World War I ended. This side features inscriptions of the words “ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ” “ ONE DOLLAR, ” “ E PLURIBUS UNUM, ” and the word “ PEACE. ”

The Production of the Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar was issued from 1921-to 1928 and again from 1934-to 1935. They were struck at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver Mint facilities. It was the end 90 % silver dollar circulated in the United States until the Eisenhower Dollar was issued in the 1970s. It was produced through the thunder twenties and the Great Depression but discontinued in 1935 .

The Peace Dollar mint mark

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The Peace Dollar ’ s mint cross off is located on the reverse side, and it can be found directly below the give voice “ ONE. ” These dollars were struck at the Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia Mint facilities. The Peace Dollars struck at the Denver and San Francisco Mints will show their respective D and S mint marks, but the Philadelphia-struck dollars will not have a mintmark .

The Value of the Peace Silver Dollar

The measure of the peace silver dollar varies importantly throughout the serial. The rate of a coin from this series depends on its condition, rarity, and the year it was struck .

1921 Peace Dollar Value

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The 1921 Peace Dollars are highly unique in this series and among silver dollars overall. From December 26-31, 1921, over a million peace Dollars were struck at the Philadelphia mint. This write out of Peace Dollars was struck in highly high respite, which accentuated the dollar ’ randomness incredible aesthetic details. unfortunately, striking coins in such high relief made them difficult to mint in bombastic quantities, so the Mint lowered the relief in 1922 to make them easier to strike. The singularity of these 1921 dollars, vitamin a well as their incredible detail, make them some of the most valuable in this serial. A proof condition 1921 Peace Dollar can be worth over $ 84,000.

1922 Peace Dollar Value

The 1922 Peace Dollars were the first of the series to be struck in low relief. A little number of the 1922 dollars were struck in high easing, but most were melted down at the Mint once they decided to switch the series to a lower relief. merely about 35,000 gamey relief 1922 dollars were minted before the interchange. A proof condition 1922 Peace Dollar can be worth over $ 84,000 .

1923 Peace Dollar Value

The 1923 Peace Dollars were minted at all three mint facilities and were struck in regular stand-in. Over 30 million peace Dollars were minted in 1923, making this year the second-highest mintage issue in the Peace Dollar series. In the best discipline with an MS65, a 1923 Peace Dollar can be worth $ 178 .

1928 Peace Dollar Value

The 1928 Philadelphia-struck Peace Dollar has the lowest mintage of the series, with only 360,000 dollars minted in 1928. Its highly humble mintage makes this offspring very valuable. In the best condition with an MS65 rate, a 1928 Peace Dollar can be deserving up to $ 5,000. It is important, however, to watch out for change 1928-S coins with the S mintmark removed .

1934-D Doubled Die Peace Dollar Value

The 1934 Peace Dollar was the first year that the Peace Dollar was produced since 1928. In 1934, the Denver Mint facility made an mistake run of Peace Dollars. These coins were doubled die obverse coins ; you can see the doubling on the “ D ” in GOD and the “ W ” in WE. You can besides find the double of the sun rays on the mighty english of the mint. It is unknown how many double die 1934-D dollars there are in being, but these coins are highly sought among Peace Silver Dollar collectors. In the best condition with an MS60 grade, these coins can be worth up to $ 856 .

1934-S Peace Dollar (Uncirculated) Value

Although the mobilize grades of the 1934-S Peace Dollar are easy to find, the uncirculated grades are difficult to come by. The mint department of state coins of this issue were saved by collectors in highly moo numbers, making the uncirculated coins a rarity. It ’ randomness important to note that only the 1934 San Francisco-minted dollars are rare. Because of this, it ’ mho necessary to beware of adapted 1934 Philadelphia-minted dollars. These uncirculated coins can be worth up to $ 4,500.

2021 Peace Dollar

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To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar, the US Mint issued 2021 Peace Dollars to be struck. These dollars were struck using .999 fine silver rather of the .900 ticket silver medal used primitively. A 2021 Peace Dollar is worth about $ 157 .

Let’s Talk About Peace Dollars

If you ’ rhenium building your solicitation of valuable coins, precious metals and other forms or currency, we ’ re here to help. Contact us today for an expert impression on Peace Dollars and other coins you may be matter to in adding to your personal collection .
* * Prices stated in this article are subjective and not intended to project actual value. All mint prices are dependent on several factors including and however, condition, demand and handiness, fair to mention a few .

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