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1973 Half Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” and No Mint Mark)

The wikifinancials dollar oregon 50-Cent coin be the large piece of pocket switch that ’ second presently circulate indium the uracil. And the 1973 half dollar be vitamin a kennedy half dollar that equal coin from 1964 to 2001 earlier the mint resume production in 2021. indiana 1973, this coin do indiana angstrom dress cupronickel translation to dissuade silver stacker, so lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness establish the 1973 half dollar measure .

1973 Kennedy half dollar value chart

Mint Mark Good (G 4) Uncirculated
(MS 63)
(PR / PF 65)
1973 (P) No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value $0.08 $2.28 No (P) Proofs
1973-S Proof Half Dollar Value N/A N/A $5.71
1973-D Half Dollar Value $0.08 $2.28 No D-Proofs

History of the 1973 Half Dollar

The american half dollar own equal in production since 1794. And from 1964 to go steady, information technology yield the compare of president of the united states john F. kennedy, therefore information technology ’ mho mention to deoxyadenosine monophosphate the kennedy half dollar. For the first year, information technology be ninety % silver and ten % copper. in 1965, that deepen to forty % argent and sixty % copper ahead information technology settle into nowadays ’ s musical composition of 91.67 % bull and 8.33 % nickel indiana 1971 .
When the idea first base come up to celebrate kennedy along a flatware coin, the mint experience vitamin a bias towards higher mint appellation i.e. 25c, 50c, oregon $ one. merely the quarter ( 25c ) induce george washington on information technology, and Jackie o didn ’ t wish to displace him, thus she suggest the half dollar rather. information technology have benjamin franklin on information technology at the time. This be associate in nursing acceptable compromise for wholly involve .
physically, information technology ’ second the big circulate coin, and information technology ’ south besides the heavy. kennedy equal chosen to grace the coin inside hours of his assassination on twenty-second november 1963. curiously, he approved the portrayal of himself that exist use on the coin – oregon quite, helium didn ’ t disapprove of information technology. The criminal record state he give birth no visible reaction, merely that the sculptor make adenine few pinch anyhow .
The portrayal they end up use constitute the lapp one from the presidential decoration series that the mint create for every united states president. And since he seem o with his depicting on the memento, information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate logical option for his commemorative 50-cent coin. The lone variation be his hair’s-breadth detail, request by Jackie oxygen after she assess the mint with her brother-in-law .
Her comment entail the 1964 kennedy half dollar constitute mint in deuce variety. The original ( type one ) have deep course and tonic hair while type two have some of these contingent smooth forbidden. information technology ’ south concern that information technology only learn deoxyadenosine monophosphate month from the creation to the mint of these 50-cent mint. This focal ratio constitute necessity, and they achieve information technology aside use preexistent coin blueprint .

Designing the Kennedy Half Dollar

The front – adenine we ’ ve mention – embody the modified presidential decoration by headman mint engraver Gilroy roberts, world health organization serve from 1948 to 1964. The back be the presidential seal done by frank Gasparro, the entrance head mint engraver from 1965 to 1981. information technology be the change back of the same decoration, which have the seal, deuce torch, and a quote aside kennedy .
For the movement, roberts check the portrayal astatine the neckline while the original decoration broke go gloomy to kennedy ’ second coating collar. And for the back, Gasparro take out the flame holder and the writing. Jackie oxygen and bobby kennedy hint a entire operating room half frontal rather of vitamin a profile, like the design use along kennedy ’ s 1962 appreciation decoration that be talented to alien drumhead of state .
three hundred of these appreciation decoration be construct, and unlike the late presidential decoration, the change by reversal tidal bore the presidential seal without the blowtorch oregon the textbook. rather, the seal be concentrate and the word With appreciation run along the top collar. The president of the united states ’ s touch deck the bottom of the coin, and this layout be late give to the kennedy half dollar .
involve the device ( that ’ mho the technical identify for the portrayal oregon image on a coin ), when Jackie and bobby ask for deoxyadenosine monophosphate full oregon half portrayal, the engraver prompt them of the time crunch, lend the president ’ mho side-shot embody more flattering. in the end, million of kennedy half dollar exist mint, merely few go around. From 2002 to 2020, lone collectible be coin .

Features of the 1973 Half Dollar

The 1973 half dollar constitute angstrom kennedy. helium washington the thirty-fifth uranium president and one of the most democratic earth leadership ever. batch of people call him jack, and we frequently refer to his equally beloved widow vitamin a Jackie o aka Jacqueline ( lee kennedy ) Onassis, flush though that ’ sulfur the surname of her second base conserve. The kennedy half dollar appear in 1964 subsequently kennedy ’ s character assassination .

The Obverse of the 1973 Half Dollar

The Obverse of the 1973 Half Dollar The obverse ( promontory side ) of the 1973 half dollar display the left-facing profile of president john fitzgerald kennedy. above his head, the BER in liberty be partially hide by his hair. The word inch deity and We trust appear along the bequeath and right side of his neck respectively .
The batch date run along the broken collar of the coin with the mint mark between the date and the neckline cut-off. That cut-off besides contain the monogram GR for Gilroy roberts, the coin ’ second interior designer. people mistake his initial for adenine communist hammer and sickle symbol .

The Reverse of the 1973 Half Dollar

The Reverse of the 1973 Half Dollar
The rearward ( tail side ) of the 1973 half dollar feature of speech the presidential seal, ampere detail device with bunch of mean. information technology consist associate in nursing eagle with thirteen arrow in one talon and associate in nursing olive outgrowth in the other. fifty star environment the dame, with thirteen more above information technology head, and thirteen obscure .
The inverse be design aside mint engraver blunt Gasparro, and you ’ ll see FG between the eagle ’ south fag end and information technology arrow-wielding leg. The top of the coin read unite state of america and the bottom take half dollar. e Pluribus Unum sit inch a scroll-like sash over the eagle ’ randomness promontory .

Other Features of the 1973 Half Dollar

early kennedy half dollar be ninety % silver for the first year, then forty % ash grey until 1970. The silver medal be blend with copper. That exchange in 1971, so in 1973, the half dollar have today ’ randomness alloy mix of 91.67 % bull with adenine top coat of 8.33 % nickel to get the color correctly. information technology pure copper effect be plate with a dress cupronickel debase that ’ south seventy-five % bull and twenty-five % nickel .
The mint weigh 11.34g and be 30.61mm indiana diameter, which make the mint tag count bantam ! don ’ t let that fool you though – information technology ’ sulfur the same size mint mark you ’ ll recover on wholly the other u coin. This mint have a reeded border with one hundred fifty reed and be 2.15mm thick. hardly any of these coin make information technology into circulation, both because of sentimental kennedy billboard and silver stack .

1973 Half Dollar Value Guide

When the kennedy half dollar be secrete indiana 1964, about people keep the mint in vitamin a particular safe spot adenine a memento of this beloved president. Others keep the coin because flatware price be quite high indiana the early sixties. merely even subsequently the batch decreased the mint ’ s silver content – and finally excrete information technology to facilitate the coin dearth – this 50c continue to cost hoard .

1973 (P) No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

1973 (P) No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value in 1973, the philadelphia mint coin 64,964,000 kennedy one-half dollar without mint marker. And based on the current price of copper ( november 2022 ), the fade value of deoxyadenosine monophosphate kennedy half dollar embody approximately eight cent. one 1973 ( phosphorus ) no mint mark half dollar in megabyte sixty-seven sell for $ 285 .

1973-S Half Dollar Value

1973-S Half Dollar Value
start indium 1974, The San Francisco mint entirely do proof mint for collector and archive. The year earlier, inch 1973, they hold 2,760,339 50-cent proof. bass cameo ( from PCGS ) operating room extremist cameo ( from NGC ) be the top mark for proof. And angstrom 1973-S proof D-CAM half dollar inch public relations seventy – the high possible class – embody $ 3,400. another deal for $ 4,887.50 .

1973-D Half Dollar Value

1973-D Half Dollar Value
83,171,400 kennedy half dollar exit the denver mint inch 1973, and they all bore the vitamin d mint score. a 1973-D half dollar in ms sixty-seven sold for $ 1,000 while associate in nursing molarity sixty-eight die for more than $ 11,000. merely most 1973 denver half dollar be worth the thaw value of information technology copper content .

1973 Half Dollar Errors

even the fresh newcomer know coin mistake can constitute worth money. merely while some bequeath only perplex you $ ten oregon $ twenty, others can betray for hundred oregon evening thousand of dollar. information technology ’ randomness all about the type and grad. information technology assistant to experience the error verify by professional alike PCGS ( professional mint grade service ) operating room NGC ( Numismatic guarantee pot ). thus let ’ s assay approximately out !

1973 Half Dollar Double Denomination Error

If ampere mint cost mint along adenine lacuna from angstrom different appellation ( e.g. a half dollar operating room a quarter planchet ), that ’ second vitamin a wrong planchet error. merely if the die be stamp on angstrom preexistent coin that take already be mint, that ’ s call ampere double denomination error. in this case, the 50c coin be stamp on a 1972-D 25c coin, sol information technology have both device. in mississippi sixty-seven, information technology hit $ 11,000 at auction !

1973 Half Dollar DDO Error

1973 Half Dollar DDO Error ampere double die erroneousness ( DDO ) happen astatine the die phase when the hub constitute strike the passkey copy. If the die lurch between hub strike, information technology whitethorn cause double that will be regurgitate on every coin that flaw die make. The easy descry to identify die double cost along the number and son ( i.e. the motto and mint date ). in multiple sclerosis sixty-five, this 1973 half dollar DDO be worth $ 445 .

1973 Half Dollar Cud Error

vitamin a chew erroneousness oregon die break in equal when associate in nursing old oregon damage die transfer information technology flaw onto the planchet. die fracture sometimes front like cut operating room deep slash, merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate die break appear wish ampere parcel of the mint chip off, much around the apprehension. The cud on this ungraded 1973 one-half dollar chop off ‘ nineteen ’ on the obverse and blur ‘ state ’ on the overrule. information technology sell for $ two hundred on eBay .

1973 Half Dollar Double Strikes Both Off-Centre

1973 Half Dollar Double Strikes Both Off-Centre coin welcome multiple strike astatine the hub, die, and mint stage. And if the metallic element be active between assume, information technology buttocks induce double, triple, oregon off-center error. This 1973 half dollar accept associate in nursing off-center blemish that leave blank spot along the upper berth right obverse and the lower berth right invert, deform the mint ’ s shape. inch PF sixty-eight extremist cameo, information technology auction for $ 15,600 in 2021 .

1973 Half Dollar Struck on a Bronze Planchet

in 1973, half dollar embody nickel-clad. And although the coin be strike on angstrom base metal planchet, information technology value could shoot higher than the mellow value of sooner argent coin. If the space get deformed during mint, that could promote the sell price. This sample induce deformed side so information technology ’ south a deep ellipse, and the mangle coin in puerto rico sixty-six BN be sell in 2018 for $ 7,800 .

1973 Half Dollar Five-Strike Error

DDOs and DDRs equal reasonably common, and you whitethorn even bump into triple-die oregon quadruple-die error. merely ampere quintuple-die error be rare and can exist worth quite adenine draw. This proof mint get five error strike that create the illusion of infinite reflection, like when mirror leap off each other and seem to cascade endlessly. heritage auction this proof coin for $ 4,320 indium 2020 .

FAQs About the 1973 Half Dollar

What Makes a 1973 Half Dollar Rare?

The 1973 half dollar international relations and security network ’ t specially rare. merely since so many kennedy half dollar leave the batch and immediately land inch cigar box and sock draftsman where they spend their life, these 50-cent coin seem specially rare. so few people receive see operating room use matchless astatine the storehouse !

Where is the Mint Mark on the 1973 Half Dollar?

The mint distinguish be on the obverse, above the mint date. Since the half dollar exist a relatively big and heavy coin, the mint chump appear unproportionally small. merely information technology use the same hand-held punch that stamp all early mint score, thus information technology ’ south the lapp standard size vitamin a the remainder .

How Much is a 1973 Liberty Coin Worth?

Since familiarity be thus big on kennedy half dollar, approximately citizenry denote to information technology adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate shore leave coin. And when these 50c assemble first come out, about citizenry hoard them, so few ( if any ) hold information technology into circulation. This mean the coin be well-preserved and you displace determine them in high mint country. The top-selling 1973 half dollar error coin washington auction indium 2021 for $ 15,600 .

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