CoinFalcon Review 2022: Fees, Safety, Pros & Cons!

As the era of cryptocurrency is nearing, traders are adopting digital assets globally. It has led to a quick tide in its demand, leading to an egress of multiple exchanges. Nowadays, users can access hundreds of crypto exchanges providing different features and offers. But with such huge choices, which one is the best ? While there is no absolute winner, names like CoinFalcon rally are shared among numerous traders. The UK-based exchange is known for its speed, transparency, and security. furthermore, CoinFalcon even boasts some cheapest trade rates in the crypto earth. Over its 4+ years of market have, the platform has become a crowd-pleaser. A significant reason behind its popularity is its token support with over 20 cryptocurrencies and decree currentness compatibility. additionally, it allows customers to deposit funds using a debit wag, citation batting order, lead depository financial institution transfer, and cryptocurrencies. however, despite such features, traders opt for CoinFalcon reviews before accessing its services. That is why here is a detail CoinFalcon exchange review to explain its services, fees, security, and more.

CoinFalcon Summary

Official Website
Headquarters United Kingdom
Found in 2017
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency 20+
Trading Pairs BTC/EUR, BTC/ETH and more
Supported Fiat Currencies Euro
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Application Yes
Customer Support Email,Live chat, & FAQ section

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What Is CoinFalcon?

CoinFalcon is a UK-based crypto substitute launched back in 2017. Jordan Steeves owns the platform known for its effective trading solutions. CoinFalcon offers instant crypto buying/selling procedures alongside the security of an offline cold storage wallet or offline crypto wallet. Users can buy over 20 popular digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, COIN, and so forth, on the web site. Its report initiation and KYC confirmation action are seamless, making it ideal for raw customers. furthermore, the platform boasts an API service to please its experienced exploiter foundation. CoinFalcon change delivers an low-cost know by not charging any deposit or withdrawal fees. Its trade fees start from 0.25 % and vary as per the transaction limit and payment method acting. Customers can deposit money using unlike methods like VISA, cryptos, and bank transfers. The only major downside of using the cryptocurrency commute is its negligence towards US residents. Due to the country ’ s stern guidelines, CoinFalcon does not operate in the territory. Since it focuses on european clients, it is a crowd-favorite in the region. CoinFalcon Platform Interface CoinFalcon Platform Interface Sign Up nowadays

How Does CoinFalcon Work?

One of the most common reasons behind traders reading CoinFalcon reviews is to understand its work. The platform operates like a standard cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users to buy/sell digital assets. To ensure optimum user security, it requires users to complete the account creation action before starting trade. Once customers create an explanation, the choice to complete the KYC becomes feasible. however, users can inactive trade cryptocurrencies without verification. Traders can go through over 20 tokens to choose the best one and select a prefer payment method acting. several trade pairs like BTC/EUR and BTC/ETH, expanding users ’ trading alternatives. The trade fee can vary depending on the 30-day deal bulk, cryptocurrency, and requital method acting. furthermore, experienced users can even opt for its API military service for minimal charges.

Features of CoinFalcon

No CoinFalcon inspection is accomplished without mentioning its features : –

  • Its primary features include its API service, cold wallet storage, and crypto trading operations. Starting with cryptocurrency trading, CoinFalcon exchange allows customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly.
  • Furthermore, it offers several alternatives in both tokens and payment methods. In addition, the platform ensures comprehensive security with features like KYC verification and two-factor authentication.
  • Moreover, it maintains 98% of user funds in cold storage wallets to foolproof the assets. CoinFalcon provides a responsive mobile app for both Android and iOS users. 
  • In addition, it caters to an experienced audience with its API service. Customers can access the service on the website at the bottom right corner.

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Products and Services Offered by CoinFalcon

The rationality why most CoinFalcon drug user reviews are incontrovertible is because of its services. here is a brief expectation of services customers can avail at the chopine : –

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto deal is the most long-familiar service offered by the rally. It provides 20+ cryptocurrencies along with multiple trade pairs, presenting a all-around trade experience.

Mobile App

Customers can access the chopine on both Android and io devices. The mobile app offers the majority of the features needed to conduct seamless trades.

Offline Cold Storage

The Europe-centric platform secures 98 % of its funds in offline cold storage. thus, it eliminates the risk of losing the funds even in font of a transgress.

Two-Factor Authentication

It allows users to add another layer of security with 2FA. Traders can use the option after successfully creating an account on the web site or app.

API Service

If customers possess adequate cognition, they can create customs APIs to access CoinFalcon. The feature adds a hint of personalization in the trade procedure for have traders.

CoinFalcon Review: Pros and Cons

Every CoinFalcon review must enlist its benefits and drawbacks. consequently, here is a quick overview of CoinFalcon ’ mho pros and cons : –

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface. Limited crypto support.
Quick account creation and KYC verification. Restricted in the US and several other countries.
20+ cryptocurrencies. Low liquidity. 
Multiple payment methods. One stablecoin supported. 
Minimal trading fees. No leverage.
Two-factor authentication. FIat support for European clients only.
Offline wallet storage.
10 dollars referral reward.
API solutions. 

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Registration Process of CoinFalcon

CoinFalcon has made it compulsory for users to create an bill to start trade cryptocurrencies. The registration summons for the exchange is elementary, and here is a bit-by-bit steer for it : – Account Creation

  • Reach the official website of CoinFalcon.
  • Go to the top-right section and select the Get Started option.
  • Fill in important details like email address, password, and country. It supports 100+ countries so that users can choose the correct one.
  • Now, tap on the create button account option.
  • Users will receive a verification email now.
  • Open the registered email address and tap on verify Email Address.
  • The account is created and, customers can add a payment method to deposit funds and trade cryptos.

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How to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency on CoinFalcon?

Users must own a CoinFalcon explanation to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Follow the steps mentioned above to create an account. now, follow the given steps : –

  • Fill in the login credentials to open the profile.
  • There will be a “cryptocurrencies” section on the page.
  • Choose the desired cryptocurrency.
  • Choose the buy or sell option.
  • Fill in the amount the user wants to trade.
  • Tap on the Preview Buy option.
  • Verify the details and continue.
  • Fill the OTP if the 2FA is on.
  • Wait for the transaction to complete.

CoinFalcon Fees

by and large, cryptocurrency exchanges charge three fees : trade fees, lodge fees, and withdrawal fees. But due to CoinFalcon ’ s broad range of services, it incurs charges like : –

  • Trading Fees
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Fees
  • API Fees

When it comes to payment methods, the charges vary depending on the choose option. For debit and credit cards, the fees change as per customers ’ tease type and area. There are no deposit fees if traders deposit cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal fees can vary depending on the method choose. Your API fees are decide depending on the 30-day trade book. For detail data about its fees schedule click hera.

CoinFalcon Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

The platform excels when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. It supports diverse methods for both operations. here is an overview of the alternatives : –

  • SEPA bank transfers
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Credit/Debit cards

The bank transfer option facilitates blink of an eye trade, but the alternate is presently available in 33 countries only. Since the platform accepts not many decree currencies alone one that is ( Euro ), it can be considered an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinFalcon Accepted Payment Methods

As mentioned above, the exchange supports multiple popular payment methods like : –

  • SEPA transfer
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Cryptocurrencies

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CoinFalcon Supported Currencies and Countries

Unlike many exchanges, the platform offers over 20 cryptocurrencies and is available in 100+ countries as per exploiter reviews and our research. While CoinFalcon was entirely restricted for US residents, it is now loose for some states. however, the platform does not operate in the majority of the nations with hard-and-fast fiscal regulations. Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • IOTA
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Lamden (TAU)
  • RaiBlocks (XRB)
  • KIN (Kin)
  • CRED (Verify)
  • Crypterium (CRPT)
  • SophiaTX (SPHTX)
  • Golem (GNT)
  • Dentacoin (DCN)
  • Tron (TRX) and more.

Supported Countries

  • Anguilla
  • Antarctica
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Aruba
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Belize
  • Benin
  • Bermuda
  • Bhutan
  • Bolivia, Plurinational State of
  • Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba and more.

CoinFalcon API

The platform offers an application Programming Interface ( API ) to know users. It allows traders to use its features by developing custom-make applications. Customers can access the serve on the bottom part of the web site. While it is available for everyone, entirely experienced users should use it.

CoinFalcon Referral Program

Besides the standard crypto trade, the exchange offers a referral broadcast. Customers can earn 5 Euros or 10 dollars after inviting fresh users to the platform. The feature is available on both the network trade platform and mobile application. It generates the reward after the invite spends 200 Euros on the cryptocurrency exchange. Traders can create a referral connection by going to the bottom section of the web site. CoinFalcon Referral Program CoinFalcon Referral Program Sign Up now

CoinFalcon Mobile App

The platform caters to modern users with mobile apps for both Android and io users like many exchanges do. The app has critical functionalities, allowing users to trade crypto, track portfolios, and reach customer support. In addition, it comes with an intuitive interface, making it simpleton for users to complete the craft. CoinFalcon Mobile App CoinFalcon Mobile App Sign Up now

CoinFalcon Security and Privacy

Like many exchanges, CoinFalcon integrates multiple security standards to ensure comprehensive user condom. Its web site is SSL certified, while it uses offline storage to maintain 98 % of digital funds. furthermore, it supports two-factor authentication to help users add an supernumerary layer of security. Despite its unregulated nature, the platform has not faced any major breach since its origin in 2017.

CoinFalcon Customer Support

As per the review, it offers an across-the-board FAQ section with several articles regarding common customer issues. furthermore, customers can reach them using the live chew the fat option. It even provides a dedicate team for customer corroborate, and if needed, users can contact the executives. They besides have sociable media accounts like Twitter which may be utilitarian if needed. CoinFalcon Customer Support CoinFalcon Customer Support Sign Up now

CoinFalcon Review: Conclusion

As a UK-based exchange, CoinFalcon has been around since 2017. The chopine besides has a long cryptocurrency exchange number and besides offers intuitive and straightforward crypto trade solutions to users. It provides a quick history creation and confirmation process to help customers get started. Its security is faultless, with features like 2FA and cold storage wallets. furthermore, its area and cryptocurrency support add to its functionality. This Coinfalcon review supports multiple requital methods and caters chiefly to european clients. overall, CoinFalcon can be deemed as a legit crypto trade platform with premium services and features.


How Do I Use CoinFalcon?

Traders can use CoinFalcon by reaching its web site and creating an account on the exchange.

Is CoinFalcon Safe?

Yes, CoinFalcon uses cold storage to secure exploiter funds and allows two-factor authentication.

Where Is CoinFalcon Based?

CoinFalcon is based in the United Kingdom.

Is CoinFalcon Regulated?

No, CoinFalcon is not regulated, but it offers secure solutions in 100+ countries.

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