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How to Sell TBC in Nigeria 2021 – NGSUP NETWORK

The interest in cryptocurrency trade hasn ’ t seemed to drop as more people are looking for digital currencies to buy and sell. The TBC cryptocurrency, besides known as ‘The Billion Coin’ is one of the democratic cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. In this article, we will provide you with information on how to sell the billion coin in Nigeria.

One of the reasons why a set of people invested in The Billion Coin is because of the mouthwatering profit attached to it. The developers and creators of TBC disclosed that the price of the crypto token would increase by 1-5 % casual. As a resultant role of this, the mint may finally be deserving billions of dollars, and anyone who invests in this cryptocurrency is likely to be an nightlong millionaire .
This has generated lots of buzz and reactions on social media and some cryptocurrency trade platforms. First of wholly, The Billion Coin doesn ’ thyroxine have its own market, and second, the monetary value is controlled and maneuvered by the creators .
If you have or own some TBC coins, you must be wondering how you can sell them, not just for the price you purchased them but on a a lot higher rate. As of October 2017, 1TBC is approximately deserving €612,274, consequently, there ’ s a batch of money to be made from selling TBC coins.

How To Sell BTC- The Billion Coin

It is identical unmanageable to find a buyer to buy your TBC coins. besides, The Billion Coin international relations and security network ’ thymine listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms such as Bittrex, Coinbase, Coin Market Cap, Binance, etc .
As at the time TBC was introduced, it was only listed for trade on one site, which is presently, this web site has been taken down, and the knowledge domain name has expired.

The only site on the net that allows the trade of The Billion Coin is hypertext transfer protocol : // On this web site, you can exchange your TBC tokens for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ( BTC ), LiteCoin ( LTC ), Ethereum ( ETH ), Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ), DASH and other fiscal instruments .
On the other bridge player, you can trade your TBC tokens by looking for a TBC exchanger in Nigeria. This could be unmanageable because most cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria nobelium longer purchase TBC tokens .
If you are finding it difficult to sell your TBC Coins, you can consider using the coins to purchase goods and services. If there is any store or merchant that accepts TBC as a medium of requital, then consider using your coin to pay .

Update on Selling TBC in Nigeria

There are lots of data circulating the vane about The Billion Coin. Although The Billion Coin was acclaimed to outlive Bitcoin ( BTC ), that didn ’ triiodothyronine happen. many Nigerians claimed that TBC is a victimize that duped people .
The Billion Coin wholly crashed and presently, the developers are now targeting Uganda as their following base. It is unmanageable to find an on-line store or crypto exchanges that accept TBC as payment for goods & services in Nigeria .
If you intend to invest in TBC coin trading, you should be mindful of this. In general, crypto trade is a hazardous investment, therefore, you are advised to take a look before you leap .

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