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What are Membership Levels? – Sweatcoin Guide

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Cost: FREE !
SWC Per Day: 5 Mover is the membership tied that you start out with. It ’ mho “ barren ” in the common sense that you ’ ll never have to use SWC to keep it up. With this basic membership level, you ’ re limited to benefit from 5,000 steps per day, which comes out to about 5SWC, minus a 5 % conversion perpetration tip. My recommendation is that you get a healthy habit of day by day walks and aim for at least 10,000 steps per day. It ’ s possible ! And it will keep you physically fit in the work !

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Cost: 5SWC per calendar month
SWC Per Day: 10 The Shaker membership flush is the very foremost Sweatcoin membership upgrade, and it permits you to earn up to 10SWC per sidereal day ! I anticipate this membership tied being the most commend and normally purchased given the low price per month and eminent rate. All subsequent membership levels cost exponentially more while only providing a flat increase. This is the membership charge I ’ m using at the time of writing this, though if my hebdomadally scat miles get any higher I ’ ll have to upgrade to Quaker to milk vitamin a much Sweatcoin as I can !


Cost: 20SWC per month
SWC Per Day: 15 With a reasonably solid jump in monthly fee, you can track and be rewarded by up to 15,000 steps per sidereal day. This is intentional by the creators to separate the ‘ boys from the men ’ so to speak. lone serious athletes or runners will consider the Quaker membership level, as 15,000 steps is roughly 12-16 miles of running.

additionally, I could see certain industries such as structure workers or postal workers purchasing this membership upgrade to benefit from their highly active trade wind. According to some sources, mail men and women in the United States walk up to 10 miles per day, depending on their route. Some are reported to walk distances of even 12-15 miles per day ! This membership level would pay itself off in 4 days, but only for those seriously committed .


Cost: 30SWC per calendar month
SWC Per Day: 20 I would personally love to talk with anyone who uses the Breaker membership level and makes wide use of it. seriously, send me a message if you regularly gain 20SWC per day ! I have a professional carry supporter who runs 15-20 miles per day ; he ’ five hundred profit from this course of study vastly. But he represents a very, identical, very belittled fraction of running athletes.

Trouble Maker

Cost: nameless
SWC Per Day: unknown This perturb manufacturer membership level, as of writing this, is unavailable for buy. I don ’ thymine know the creators ’ determination for it. lone the elite, hard-core runners would be able to get more than 20 miles of natural process in per day. The monetary value will probably be more than 40SWC if I had to make a guess. I ’ ll update this section american samoa soon as more information is released. Click here to browse early Frequently Asked Questions

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