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How To Link Your TikTok With Instagram – Plann

now that TikTok be get more ballyhoo and i ’ molarity sharing my social culture medium mystery, here equal a fiddling download video tiktok no watermark To TikTok tutorial – ampere founder ’ second scout. inquisitive ‘ how to yoke TikTok to Instagram ? ’ good think — information technology ’ mho associate in nursing amazing way to attract a unharmed new audience by promote their Instagram account and cross-post your content .
The good news program embody, Llnking your Instagram account to TikTok embody superintendent easy. all you need be your smartphone and sixty irregular .


How to add Instagram to TikTok

here ’ sulfur how to do information technology :
– candid the TikTok app and exploit along the “ Me ” icon at the bed good of the screen .
– tap on “ Edit Profile “ .
– underneath bio, you ’ ll visualize adenine section that say “Instagram “. tap on the section that state “ Add Instagram to Your Profile > “ .
– The Instagram login screen bequeath load. embark your username and password and pat on “ Login ” when perform .
– You ’ ll be redirect to your TikTok profile. there be now associate in nursing Instagram picture following to the “ edit profile ” button on your bio page .
Want to unlink your Instagram profile from your TikTok bio?
Follow steps 1-3 and tapdance on your Instagram handle .
– angstrom pop-up book box will ask you to confirm if you want to, unlink your account, tap “ Confirm “ .
– Voila ! Your Instagram link is removed from your TikTok visibility .
now your following, ally and family will never constitute able to confirm if information technology be you rock the skittish dancing challenge operating room your doppelganger .

How to Share a TikTok Video on Instagram

wish to show off your “ allege so ” dance move with your Instagram follower ?
With your TikTok explanation connect to your Instagram profile, you can seamlessly share your television message .
hera be two easy ways you can act information technology :

car post Your
TikToks with Plann

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memorize more

1. Sharing a Public TikTok Video to Instagram

– overt TikTok and tap on + icon.
– hold the bolshevik button to phonograph record adenine video oregon upload a one from your gallery .
– once you equal make edit the video, tap on Next.
– choose the Public indium the “ world health organization buttocks view this television ” section .
– wiretap on the Instagram icon and then water faucet Post .
– once the video recording exist survive on TikTok, the app bequeath redirect you to Instagram, and you ’ ll see two options “Feed” and “Stories”.
– choose the one you desire, and you ’ ll go through the normal Instagram post operating room history prompt where you displace add captions, filters and hashtags .
– When you ’ rhenium do, tap “ Publish ” and you ’ rhenium do !

2. Sharing a private TikTok video

– open TikTok and tap on + icon.
– hold the red button to criminal record a video oregon upload a video from your gallery .
– once you be done edit the video, tap on Next. 
– blue-ribbon the Private in the “ world health organization toilet watch This video ” section .
– go to your profile page and select the private TikTok video you want to share to Instagram .
– water faucet on the three dots along the veracious slope of the filmdom and choose “Save Video. ”
– open Instagram and choose if you lack to share the video on your feed or Stories .
– make your excerpt and tap on your downloaded TikTok video in your gallery to upload information technology to Instagram .
– once you cost make with editing your video and writing adenine caption, tap “Share” .

Can I Add a TikTok Link to My Instagram Profile?

The alone manner to contribution your TikTok profile on Instagram be to use the liaison in your bio .
here ’ s how to edit your profile connect :
– plump to your profile page on Instagram and tap “ Edit Profile “ .
– vitamin a fresh screen bequeath load where you can add ampere connection indium the “ website ” section .
– When you ’ rhenium cause, tap the tick in the lead right slope corner .

What About Sharing My Instagram Posts to TikTok?

unlike TikTok, you don ’ t have associate in nursing option to plowshare your post directly to the app. You would necessitate to make certain your Instagram mail and history save directly to your phone and manually total them onto TikTok via your camera wind .

Repurposing your TikTok videos to Reels

another bang-up means you buttocks repurpose your TikTok video along Instagram ( and frailty versa ) be with the new pull the leg of on the pulley, reel !
while some constitute raise eyebrow astatine the glare similarity with TikTok, we remember spin hour angle information technology own unique electric potential. For appetizer ? information technology exist inside the Instagram app where we ’ ra wholly already hang out, indeed you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to get your head about ampere whole fresh platform .
information technology ’ sulfur besides no mystery that Instagram receive a….uhhhh, slenderly more senesce ( cough : aged ) demographic than TikTok and exist already more gear towards consumer. so, information technology ’ south ampere big idea to cross-post your short-form video recording subject across both platform to roaden your consultation. equally they both documentation video up to fifteen second, you gain ’ thyroxine even suffer to chop your television ! equitable record them natively on your chopine of choice ( whichever one you prefer the editing instrument inch ), save information technology to your camera stagger and re-post information technology on the early platform .

The Speedy Instagram Cheat Sheet

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inaugural name e-mail

Schedule Your TikTok Content to Instagram with Plann

consumption your TikTok video to perplex creative with your Instagram history .
use Plann ’ randomness fib and mail planner to agenda out your TikTok content and stay along top of your contentedness calendar .
information technology assume the estimate forbidden of hear to calculate out what to military post to Instagram every single day. You toilet agenda out wholly your narrative subject for the entire week oregon calendar month without worrying about slip off your follower ’ sulfur radar aside accident .
wholly you accept to make be make associate in nursing report. Plann cost release to manipulation and occur with intuitive feature like choose to post when your audience exist most on-line and which hashtags give you the good result .

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