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How Long Does Coinbase Verification Take? | KYC Guide [2022] | Finbold

How Long Does Coinbase Verification Take? | KYC Guide [2021]
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Coinbase, founded in 2012, has grown to become one of the world ’ south largest digital currency exchanges. previously, the platform only supported Bitcoin as a digital currentness, but it has since expanded its list to accept other known digital assets. The platform is a fully registered and regulated cryptocurrency exchange broker that operates in over 100 countries cosmopolitan .
The celebrated U.S. firm now serves more than 56 million clients globally with more than 1,700 employees and is regarded as one of the most accessible platforms to buy and trade Bitcoin. The exchange manages more than $ 223 billion in assets and handled more than $ 335 billion in trades in the first quarter of 2021 .
Coinbase has three main products : Coinbase crypto brokerage house services, a professional trade platform called Coinbase Pro, and the recently launched Coinbase Prime for institutions .
It is worth noting that Coinbase is a centralized substitution platform that must adhere to worldwide fiscal rules, including KYC ( Know Your Customer ) and AML ( Anti-Money Laundering ) legislation. furthermore, Coinbase reserves the right to deny access to the platform or limit the number of accounts a user can set up. consequently, customers must undergo a rigorous confirmation march .
We will show you how to authenticate your identity on Coinbase in this short-circuit guide. In addition, if you want to learn more about the exchange, read our in-depth Coinbase review .
In short:

  • The Coinbase verification process is straightforward. It often takes only up to 15 minutes to submit all the required documents and information;
  • Allow about 2-3 minutes for the verification procedure to finish;
  • Coinbase Pro is a separate service provided by Coinbase that requires two forms of ID verification;
  • In some specific cases, the verification can take longer than usual.

Crypto beginners’ corner:

The benefits of completing full ID verification on Coinbase

  • Enhanced account security. Coinbase uses KYC as it is a method of identifying and verifying that a customer is who they claim to be. It is a multi-step procedure that aids in the prevention of the creation and use of fraudulent accounts. Thus customers feel secure when using the platform.
  • Unrestricted buying and selling of digital assets. Coinbase offers three levels of verification with varying restrictions and privileges. 
  • Level 1, which is achieved by simply verifying your phone number and photo ID, allows you to make weekly purchases and sales across all of the payment methods, however with imposed limitations;
  • Level 2, on the other hand, requires you to confirm your personal information, such as proof of your residential address, in order to unlock unlimited investments and enable wire transfers in and out of the account;
  • Level 3, (the highest possible level) can be achieved by fully verifying a valid government ID, which subsequently allows the user to send and receive Cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. 
  • Global financial regulations compliance. Coinbase now demands every new Coinbase client and any existing Coinbase user who has never confirmed their identity in the past to enter in the identification details to continue using Coinbase. Mandatory ID verification is one way in which the platform ensures it adheres to international rules and regulations.

additionally, ID confirmation can improve the security of your report by restricting who can access and alter your personal information. crucial credentials, such as your withdrawing bank account data, can not be changed once you have gone through ID verification. If you add a coitus interruptus method acting, the information must match what is presently in your account .

2-factor authentication (2FA) options

In ordering to enhance the security system of your account, Coinbase strongly recommends setting up second-factor authentication ( 2FA ) .
Upon enabling the 2-step confirmation on your account, you will be required to enter a singular confirmation code sent to your call in summation to your username and password. From here, the exploiter can choose three methods to secure the bill. Each 2FA offers varying levels of auspices :

Security Key  – very secure 

A security key is a piece of physical hardware used to identify oneself by generating a erstwhile password. This is the most fasten 2FA method acting since it involves the actual monomania of a device. An attacker would need forcible access to both your 2-step verification key and your digital data .

Duo and Google Authenticator (TOTP) – secure

These are apps that create a erstwhile code based on two factors : 1. Your phone ’ s current date and time, and 2. The secret key is known only to you and Coinbase .
Coinbase displays a QR code that symbolizes the private key, which you must then scan with an Authenticator app on your earphone .

SMS/Text – moderately secure

SMS/Text authentication is a character of earphone app or text-based authentication. SMS is connected to a earphone phone number ; frankincense, it makes you vulnerable to telephone number porting attacks .

How to complete identity verification (step-by-step)

Registering for a new Coinbase explanation is the beginning step in the Coinbase Verification Process. Having done so prior, logarithm in to your account and click the settings button in the bottom correct corner of the home plate page .
then select Limits and Features from the bill settings menu ( as shown in the picture below ).

After you enter, you will be able to choose between two feature upgrades, either verifying a photograph ID or confirming your personal information. however, as mentioned above, unlike confirmation levels have a vary academic degree of functionality .

Photo ID verification step-by-step guide

Step 1 To begin the Photo ID confirmation first, ensure that your ID is valid and has not expired and that it is spare of any trap punches or alterations. It is critical that you do not redact, water line, or conceal any part of your ID. then, click beginning and follow instructions. Below is the video showing the Coinbase ID confirmation procedure .
Coinbase ID Verification. Source:
Step 2 Next, ensure that your ID is apparent and in focus, with your first and last name, date of birth, and ID number visible. To display this more distinctly, place the ID on a table or two-dimensional surface with a complain background. then, proceed to validate your picture ID by clicking stay .
Step 3 When you get to the ID confirmation stage, select the sort of ID you have. After you ’ ve chosen your ID character, you must upload a photograph of your ID. Next, pick one of the Coinbase document verification options to select your document character .
Bear in mind before beginning ID verification, Coinbase can only accept the surveil documents :


  • State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

Outside of US

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • National Identity Card
  • Passport

Step 4 then, to submit your ID document, follow the on-screen instructions. The photograph must show your integral ID, with no corners or sides cut off. It ’ south best to snap the shoot in a well-lit, glare-free rig. If possible, take the picture in natural light for the best results. Check these things once again to confirm that the photograph on your ID is acceptable .
Step 4 Coinbase app is the easiest method to create a Coinbase account. Using your smartphone camera, follow the steps to submit the presence and bet on of your ID .
Step 5 Coinbase will send a textbook message to your confirmed call count. Click the link in the message and follow the prompts to use your smartphone television camera to submit the movement and spinal column of your ID .
Step 6 once you have completed the procedures, the Coinbase identity verification process is complete, and you may begin trading cryptocurrency on Coinbase .
ultimately, Coinbase ’ sulfur objective is to make the ID verification procedure arsenic simple as possible for you so that you can start using Coinbase correct away. Remember, if you have any issues when trying to complete your photograph ID verification, you can contact the customer confirm team at .

In short, for iOS and Android devices:

  1. Select Settings in the bottom right;
  2. Tap Limits and Features;
  3. Choose Enable send and receive at the top. If the option is not available, go to the Coinbase document verification page;
  4. Select your document type;
  5. Follow the prompts to upload your ID document. Once all the stages are completed, the identity verification process is complete.

Verify Personal Information step-by-step guide

Step 1 When you select the Coinbase document confirmation page, it takes 5 minutes to validate your identifying information, as seen in the prototype earlier. Coinbase requires some information, such as your legal name, home plate savoir-faire, and DOB, and how you, the user, will use Coinbase to help protect you from imposter and identity larceny and comply with federal laws .
Step 2 If you choose to proceed, you will be sent to an Enter your personal information page, where you must provide your legal first and final list, date of birth, state of residence, and identification count .
Step 3 You will be required to provide your primary residence address at this time. once you ’ ve entered your house number, street name, city or town, and zip code, suction stop continue .
Step 4 then you ’ ll be asked, under federal regulations, what you will use Coinbase for, and what is your subcontract status ?
 Step 5 After you ’ ve completed this mistreat, wait patiently for Coinbase to validate your identity.

Final thoughts

Coinbase suggests using their Coinbase mobile app if you ’ ra experiencing difficulties authenticating your ID. Any ID verification performed on your Coinbase account will besides apply to your Pro explanation if you have one. 90 % of users are able to overcome ID verification difficulties by using the Coinbase fluid app and their phone ’ randomness camera. After installing the app, voyage to Settings > Identity Verificatio north .
Identity verification ensures that Coinbase remains in complaisance with KYC/AML requirements in the jurisdictions in which it operates. Verification is critical for both Coinbase and you as a Coinbase drug user. It guarantees that Coinbase ’ s platform conforms with global standards, and it increases the security system and safety of your account .
As already mentioned, the operation is quick and simple, normally requiring no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Take the clock to verify your identity and address so that you can take advantage of all of the benefits that come with a amply verify score .

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