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Banknotes and coins circulation

The ECB close monitors the lineage and circulation of euro banknotes and coins. It is the Eurosystem ’ s job to ensure a smooth and efficient supply of euro banknotes and to maintain their integrity. The main aggregates for these statistics are shown on this page. More data are available through the Statistical Data Warehouse ( see below ). Data are not seasonally adjusted. The statistics referenced on this page are updated around the 14th working sidereal day of each month. They cover

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All time series

Time series start from January 2002. Stock data mention to the sum outstanding at the end of the report time period. Flows data consult to the accumulate sum between the first and the last day of the report time period .
All time series of banknotes and coins statistics


The different datasets on banknotes and coins

Three datasets with unlike objectives, scopes and methodologies provide data on bill and coin circulation. These data do not indicate whether the banknotes or coins are physically circulating within the euro area or outside the euro area. Any economic interpretation of the datum should take into account the methodologies and differences presented below .

Banknote and coin (BKN) statistics: “net circulation of euro banknotes/coins”

( monthly data as at the last calendar day of a month )
This detail provides data on banknotes/coins put into circulation in the euro area. It is calculated for each individual country as the sum euro banknotes/coins put into circulation by the national central bank ( NCB ) of that country since the insertion of the euro, minus all euro banknotes/coins returned to that NCB. Outstanding amounts may besides be minus if the value/number of banknotes returned to an NCB is greater than the value/number it has issued because of bill migration between the euro area countries. Aggregated for the hale euro area, these amounts give the “ net circulation of banknotes ” or “ web circulation of coins ” data detail .
“ net circulation of coins ” excludes any stocks of euro coins credited to the legal issuer but however physically held by the NCB ( in countries where coins are issued by the treasury ).

Monetary financial institution balance sheet items (BSI) statistics: “currency in circulation”

( monthly data as at the survive calendar day of a month )
This item provides data on the aggregated and consolidate balance sheet of the monetary fiscal institutions ( MFI ) sector .
Euro banknotes in circulation are recorded as a liability of the Eurosystem. They are split between the NCBs and the ECB according to the bill allotment key agreed by the Governing Council. When this indebtedness does not match with the measure of euro banknotes that a central bank has actually put into circulation, the difference is recorded as that cardinal bank ’ s claim on, or liability towards, the Eurosystem. As the ECB does not put any euro banknotes into circulation, it constantly records a net claim on the Eurosystem .
Euro coins are always treated as a central bank liability for statistical purposes, even though it is typically governments that are the legal issuers .
“ Currency in circulation ” reflects the circulation of euro banknotes and coins outside the MFI sector as a whole. Any euro banknotes or coins held by MFIs in club to meet daily occupation needs ( “ vault cash ” ) are therefore netted out.

Internal liquidity management (ILM) statistics: “banknotes in circulation”

( monthly data as at the Friday following the concluding Monday of a calendar month )
This detail reflects the consolidate fiscal instruction of the Eurosystem and the bank system ’ s fluidity position. The amount of “ banknotes in circulation ” is recorded as a indebtedness of the Eurosystem and split among the NCBs and the ECB according to the bill allotment key. Euro coins are by definition not part of this detail .

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