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Weights & Dimensions

Weights & Dimensions

comparing counterfeit and genuine silver rounds
Most advanced counterfeits are made of thinly plated steel, administration, copper, or zinc alloys. These metals are significantly less dense than pure silver or amber, which means a counterfeit made to the demand lapp dimensions as the actual bar or beat will be under weight .
alike a forge made to the adjust weight will be larger by volume than the actual sample. This is much achieved by closely matching the diameter ( or length and width ) of the genuine sample, and increasing the thickness.

Most fakes can be detected by measuring the dimensions and weight and comparing them to documented values of genuine samples. This is where the detail information in the Fake Bullion Database comes into play .
As always, it is crucial to use the appropriate tools for the job. When comparing genuine samples to counterfeits, we are looking at differences of just a few millimeters or grams, so accuracy is very crucial. accurate dimensions are well measured using calipers, and digital calipers are both low-cost and easy to use. humble digital scales are besides low-cost and portable. Consider a more precise 100 ten 0.01g digital scale for fractional bullion and one ounce bars and coins, and a higher capacity 1000 adam 0.1g digital scale for bars and rounds over three ounces. sporadically checking your scale with a calibration weight is a full idea to ensure accuracy .
One troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams. Genuine one troy snow leopard bars and rounds will weigh 31.10 grams or slightly more. Depending on quality control, it is possible for genuine pieces to weigh a hair under one troy ounce ( we have come across a few samples weighing 31.08 grams ), but broadly they will be equal to or slightly greater than 31.10 grams .
Counterfeit pieces range anywhere from 28 grams to 35 grams. Any while weighing less than 31.10 grams is immediately questionable. Any firearm weighing significantly more than 31.10 grams should besides be questioned. While legitimate manufacturers do tend to err on the side of caution, they besides are not in the occupation of giving away rid metallic element .
weighing counterfeit silver round
weighing genuine silver round

Of course system of weights is only half the narrative. A counterfeit made from a less dense metal like brass can match the weight of a genuine objet d’art by being over sized, so even when a piece does weigh as expected, it is important to besides check the dimensions .
Be certain to wipe the chew clean and jerk, push them together, and zero your calipers every time you use them. When measuring the diameter of a rung, or the distance and width of a bar, ensure the edges of the sample are flat against the caliper jaw .
measuring counterfeit silver round
measuring genuine silver round
When measuring the thickness of a browning automatic rifle or round, do sol at the edge of the piece, on the rim. The thickness of the center design can vary depending on the fall imperativeness. The rim can besides vary slightly due to variations in the manufacture conditions, but is generally more consistent than the center of the coin or bar.

measuring counterfeit silver round
measuring genuine silver round
Compare the measure dimensions to those listed for the actual and counterfeit versions in the Fake Bullion Database. Be certain to match the year and/or translation of the item you are evaluating, as designs and dimensions can change over the years.

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