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Franklin Half Dollars: Silver Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollar, Silver | CMI Gold & Silver

Franklin Half Dollars

Franklin half dollars are silver half dollars that offer a pure silver play with the kick of coins, which can pick up premiums in markets with arduous public engagement. Franklin half dollars behave compare of Benjamin Franklin, hence their names. The reverse carries the image of the Liberty Bell .
Ben Franklin half dollars are 90 % silver and 10 % bull. Each coin, when minted, contained 0.36169 ounce of silver. A bag ( $ 1,000 boldness — 2,000 coins ) of circulated Franklin one-half dollars count justly at 55 pounds on a bathroom plate and will yield 718-720 ounces of argent if smelted. between 1948 and1963, the U.S. Mint produced approximately 309.4 million Benjamin Franklin half dollars .

  • Franklin Half Dollar
  • Franklin Half Dollar

Silver Half Dollar Market

In the 1970s, investors who bought circulated argent half dollars received mixes of Franklin one-half dollars, Kennedy, and Walking Liberty one-half dollars, but largely Franklin and Kennedy coins. by and large, bags of silver half dollars carried no premiums over dimes and quarters, as all pre-1965 U.S. 90 % silver coins were abundant .
By the 1980s, the smelt of 90 % coins became commonplace. calm, bags of 90 % silver coins were ample. Yet following the 1980s mellow, argent half dollars sometimes picked up premiums over dimes and quarters.

During the 1990s, after a ten of heavy smelt of 90 % coins, silver half dollars frequently sold at premiums to dimes and quarters. When silver half dollars didn ’ thyroxine sell at premiums to dimes and quarters in ’ 90s, it was during periods of little matter to in eloquent, such as in the early 1990s before silver enjoyed a runup .

Silver Half Dollar Premiums

y2k buy in 1999 put premiums on all 90 % silver coins, and eloquent half dollars sold at solid premiums over dimes and quarters. however, during the Y2K wash-out in 2000 and early 2001, when people who had bought in 1999 began dumping, silver half dollars did not carry premiums.

People who bought because of Y2K did indeed because they feared a collapse of the global ’ second economy, not because of silver ’ second supply/demand fundamentals or because they knew the dangers of paper money and wanted an alternative. thus, when Y2K became a nonevent, 90 % silver coins poured into the market. That selling, however, was short lived .
By 2001, silver one-half dollars began picking up premiums over dimes and quarters. By summer 2002, a solid need for silver half dollars caused them to be separated into bags of Franklin, Kennedy, and Walking Liberty flatware half dollars. Walking Liberty silver half dollars picked up the largest premiums followed by the Franklin half dollars, and then the ’ 64 Kennedy one-half dollars.

basically, investors who buy bags of trash U.S. 90 % silver coins are making silver bullion investments. however, certain types of 90 % silver coins have the electric potential to pick up premiums when the public comes heavily to the silver grocery store. Franklin one-half dollars are among those special coins .

Ben Franklin Half Dollars are unique

Ben Franklin half dollars are alone because they were minted using entirely 90 % eloquent. This is true besides for Walking Liberty silver half dollars and Mercury dimes. In contrast, Roosevelt dimes and Washington quarters have been turned out with a 90 % alloy ( pre-1965 dates ) and with a cupro-nickel alloy ( 1965 to current dates ). Kennedy silver half dollars have been minted with three alloys : 90 % silver for the 1964 coins, 40 % silver for the 1965-1969 dates, and a cupro-nickel debase since 1970 .
Because Ben Franklin half dollars were minted with lone 90 % eloquent, you do not have to look at their dates to know that they are 90 % silver. That is one reason Franklin one-half dollars and Mercury dimes carry premiums over other circulated 90 % coins. Walking Liberty half dollars carry still higher premiums because of the popular Walking Liberty design on the front and because they are in light supply .

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