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What Does It Cost To Find Out If A Rare Coin Is Real?

There are many ways that you may come across a mint that you want to have authenticated and/or graded. possibly you found a idle coin at a garage sale. You may have an strange mint as a family heirloom. If you are an avid coin collector, you may come across a particular mint of interest at a denounce or on the Internet. In any subject, however, you find a mint that you want to have certified and guaranteed there are in truth lone a few ways to go about the process. “ What does it cost to authenticate a rare coin ? ” is a identical common question. This short article will address a few of the costs associated with authenticate, grade, and guaranteeing a rare coin .

What Does It Cost : The Coin.

In the sheath of an old family heirloom, the monetary value of the coin is most likely nothing. If you are purchasing a coin at a garage sale, again, the price will likely be negligible. If you are purchasing a coin from a shop or an Internet retailer, then you are credibly paying a decent total for a mint. In the global of rare coins, however, a high price does not inevitably peer authenticity. Although, a high gear price is a reason to authenticate and guarantee a coin .
What Does It Cost There are two major coin authenticating and grading services, and their reputations are respected global. One company is PCGS or Professional Coin Grading Services. The other is NGC or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. What is the cost ? Both companies offer similar services and charge alike fees. Please read further for extra costs associated with authenticating a rare coin .

What Does It Cost : The Shipping And Insurance Costs.

Unless you attend an event where PCGS or NGC are offering onsite scaling, you will have to pay to insure ship and insure your coin to their offices. In accession, PCGS requires a collectors club membership before they will grade a coin. This membership starts at $ 69 per year. similarly but much less expensive, NGC adds an $ 8 handling tip to the cost of their coin grading services.

The PCGS web site does list some price regarding USPS domestic postage and policy rates. If you are looking to send 1-4 coins, and their total prize is less than $ 1000, you will pay somewhere around $ 23. Truly rare coins are worth much more than $ 1000 however. If you have a mint that you believe to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 150,000- $ 200,000 you will spend about $ 150 to ship and insure a individual coin. If indeed the coin is real number you will besides have to incur similar costs for revert ship .
What Does It Cost

What Does It Cost : The Grading Process.

The least expensive coins to have graded are modern coins. PCGS defines a advanced coin as a coin produced after 1964. NGC defines a modern mint as being produced after 1954. If however, the mint has a value above $ 2000 then grading charges increase. PCGS has a similar policy but tougher criteria. PCGS only allows a utmost value of $ 1000 before grading charges increase. The cost of grading a advanced mint begins at $ 16 at PCGS and $ 17 at NGC .
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PCGS Services And Fees.

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At the other end of the spectrum, are the costs associated with grading identical rare and valuable coins. If you have a coin worth $ 10,000 – $ 100,000, it will cost $ 125 plus other little fees for grading at NGC. PCGS charges $ 125 to grade coins valued from $ 20,000 – $ 100,000 .
For coins that have values in surfeit of $ 100,000, known as rarities, both companies asses a 1 % market value fee in summation to a grade tip. For example, a coin worth $ 200,000 would cost a $ 2000 bounty plus a grade fee of $ 250 at PCGS. NGC would charge the same $ 2000 premium plus a tip of $ 100. not only can grading very rare coins be expensive, one has to have some military reserve cash on hand to grade a family heirloom or garage sale treasure .

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