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5 Pound Gold Coin

besides known as the Quintuple Sovereign or Crown, the 5 Pound Gold Coin features a range of different designs. All our pre-owned coins undergo stern quality checks by our team of experts to ensure their condition is excellent, The coins are issued without expensive presentation boxes to maximize the measure of amber for your money .
This is the largest aureate coin regularly issued by the Royal Mint with 36.613 pure gold content .
The painting illustrates the type of mint you ’ ll receive, not the accurate item .

History & Mintage

originally known as the English Crown, Henry VIII foremost produced the mint in 1544 with a expression value of 5 shillings ( equivalent to 25 penny in nowadays ’ s money ). The Crown was then minted as a flatware coin with the same face value by Edward VI in 1551. It kept the 5 shilling face measure until 1990 when it was upgraded to the £5 front value we ’ re companion with nowadays and produced to celebrate the Queen mother ’ s 90th birthday.

While the £5 Sovereign coin was produced in 1820 under George III, they were only made as proof coins and not intended for circulation. The coins were more normally minted during the victorian era from 1839 although alone in very small batches, and the Queen ’ s Golden Jubilee in 1887 marked the output of the largest carry of Five Pound coins yet ( 54,000 ), including bullion versions for the first base time. The update to the Victoria Old Head portrayal in 1893 signified the next meaning production of the coin ( 20,000 ), and third in 1902 to mark the Coronation with Edward VII ( 35,000 ). however, it ’ second fairly to say that the £5 mint hasn ’ t been produced regularly and surely most years, mintage levels have been 1,000 or less. The coin has been seen much more as a direction of commemorating Royal events .
In the earned run average of George V, Sovereign validation sets were produced including the £5 coin for the first fourth dimension. many of these sets have been broken up over the years allowing buyers to purchase the coins individually at lower prices. The Elizabethan earned run average has seen more regular production of the 5 Pound Sovereign particularly since 1980 when coins have been minted most years since.


The mint was originally minted as a mean of displaying might and wealth, being the largest gold bullion coin produced apart from the now extinct 5 Guinea which was around 5 per penny heavy .
The general design root follows that of the Sovereign with the sovereign ’ s heading on the obverse and George and the Dragon on the reverse. however over the year ’ mho, particularly due to its big size, the coin has been chosen as a medium to celebrate and commemorate diverse events which are then incorporated into the design. Along with the first gear annual mintage, the unconstipated design updates push the mint into the region of being one of the most desirable and collectible tax-exempt coins available.

Featured Commemorative Crown designs have featured such figures as Winston Churchill, Horatio Nelson and Prince Charles, and celebrated events such as the Queen ’ s silver and golden marry anniversaries, silver jubilee, Charles & Diana ’ s marry and the Queen ’ s 70th, 80th & 90th birthdays, amongst many others .

Our Expert Opinion

We absolutely love 5 Pound Gold Coins. As the name suggests, this is five Sovereign coins rolled into one mega coin ! You rarely get such childlike satisfaction from holding just one aureate mint, but their huge stature and weight are very gratifying. It feels and looks more like a large aureate decoration than its smaller Sovereign and £2 Sovereign coin brothers. evening better, the designs vary from class to class and have more flair and commemoration than any other coin in the Sovereign set. For that reason, they possess a firm collector ’ sulfur attract besides, which in turn increases the need for those merely concern as an investment .
apart from its ocular appeal, the £5 Sovereign besides offers an attractive investment choice. Due to its large size, premiums are lower than the £2 coin on a price per gram footing. Great as a shuffle portfolio of tax-exempt gold coins, they work best when teamed with smaller coins such as Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns to offer the investor as much flexibility and variety in their portfolio .

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