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How Much is a 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth? (Price Chart)

In 1896, three mints, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco, produced Morgan silver dollars. Nowadays, these coins have unlike values depending on their condition and printed batch marks representing each mint ’ mho first letter .
You should give specific retainer to your 1896 S coin since its value goes higher more significantly among collectors than any other. If the coin condition is high, you can get lots of money for it. so, let ’ s check 1896 Morgan silver dollar value and its characteristics .

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Grading

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Grading1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Grading
Grading Morgan silver medal dollars from all dates and periods is a skill that is very hard to perfect. even experienced coin collectors can spend years learning details about a particular mint.

The trouble is that the grade routine and rules are not well defined, but they are more the saying of person ’ sulfur opinion and capability to describe the coin ’ s condition. Some collectors follow a few established rules, but they are hush not precise and wide accepted .
however, all included collectors normally come out with the lapp or exchangeable leave. You can quickly agree with or without rules because anyone can undoubtedly see changes on each 1896 Morgan silver dollar. That is specially right when there is a adult value break between grades .
Most numismatists agreed on the Sheldon coin grading plate over clock time, and they are helpful in accurate coin descriptions. Studying this steer will undoubtedly help you understand all those terms and the accuracy of the scaling system .

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Condition

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Condition1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Condition
Keep in mind that determining the 1896 Morgan silver coin condition is crucial to its monetary value. however, you should besides pay attention to the date and the mint distinguish on the coin surface .

1896 Morgan silver dollar

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1896 9,976,000 $35+
Philadelphia 1896 proof 762 $3,000+
San Francisco 1896 S 5,000,000 $100+
New Orleans 1896 O 4,900,000 $35+
Total 1896 19,876,762 /

Uncirculated 1896 Morgan silver dollar

You can say that the 1896 Morgan silver dollar is uncirculated, meaning that the coin is not from commercial use. It should look like the brand modern one without any signs of wear .

About uncirculated 1896 Morgan silver dollar

A mint in this group has minor indications of break, but all the details are hush visible. only the highest dollar points are slightly blended. There is no more shininess salute, but all ticket details are well-defined .

Extremely fine 1896 Morgan silver dollar

You can be certain that your 1896 Morgan silver dollar is in extra fine condition when it has slight signs of wear but is still pretty fine defined and sharp. Some crucial points to check are the one behind the Liberty ’ s ear and the large blossoms above. They should look courteous with minimal traces of minor usage .

Very fine 1896 Morgan silver dollar

You can see only little signs of wear are stage, and the overall coin condition is however pretty beneficial. lady ’ sulfur hair details are apparent and clear, with only minor damage and slender shading on the coin border .

Fine 1896 Morgan silver dollar

even though signs of custom are visible, the major points of the ash grey dollar coin are sharp enough. The all-important spot to examine is the hair behind the Lady ’ s ear. Basically, you can ’ thymine see a bad difference between coins in extra fine and very well conditions besides the traces of regular use .

Very good 1896 Morgan silver dollar

This mint is normally worn out, but the invention is hush intact. meaning elements are easy to read, but they are besides flatcar, and there are not adequate details introduce. The coin ’ s highest points and edges and Lady ’ s hair’s-breadth are reasonably flattened, and lone the out hairline is well-defined .

Good 1896 Morgan silver dollar

You can say that your 1896 Morgan ash grey dollar is in good stipulate when lines over its coat become faded and about inconspicuous. Letters around the edge are worn but inactive clear .
Coins from this lower class are much without hairlines over the Lady ’ s face. Signs of extra usage lower their price, and it is normally adequate to the current silver measure .

About good 1896 Morgan silver dollar

These coins have many damages and wear signs, but the date should be clear. Liberty ’ south head is about flattened with the surface, and you can entirely notice a few details. The rim is normally much closer to the plaza and blends with the inscription .

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Types

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Types1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Types

1896 Morgan silver dollar without a mint mark

If you can ’ thymine find any mint set on your flatware dollar, you can be certain that it credibly comes from Philadelphia mint. It was the first and only one mint in the US for a long time, indeed there was no necessitate to print any mint target .
Once the government set up other mints, they utilized an alternate mint punctuate to determine where each coin came from. however, those from Philadelphia silent stayed without any mint marks. The very foremost mint with the mint mark of Philadelphia appeared in 1942 .

1896 Morgan silver dollar value by USA Coin book
Quality 1896 1896 S 1896 O
Good $27 $60 $30
Very good $33 $64 $37
Fine $39 $75 $42
Very fine $45 $82 $47
Extra fine $47 $243 $51
About uncirculated $50 $864 $179
Mint state 60 $60 $2,346 $1,678
Mint state 65 $285 $20,039 $192,226
Proof 63 $3,144 / /

1896 proof Morgan silver dollar

This improbable Superb Gem has excellent designing components and shows profound reflectiveness. Its platinum-white discolor is gorgeous, with an inconspicuous touch of vanilla tones close to the line.

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This coin is expertly created, which can please tied the most demand collectors. While validation Morgan ’ s eloquent dollars made from 1888 to 1893 are much despicable, those that appeared between 1896 and 1898 are among the most fantastic ones .
The Philadelphia mint used specific treatment in the cooking process of dies during that menstruation. As a result, validation Morgans are the most strikingly and desirable coins for collectors and dealers, among other accessible ones .

1896 Morgan silver dollar value by Gainesville coins
Quality 1896 1896 S 1896 O
Very fine $41 $94 $41
Extra fine $42 $436 $81
About uncirculated $46 $1.250 $195
Mint state 61 $57 $3,000 $1.810
Mint state 63 $74 $3,880 $4,440
Mint state 65 $162 $11,200 $163,400
Auction record $18,213
( MS 68 )
( MS 67 )
( MS 68 )

Nowadays, these coins are among the best survivors from this glorious time, with precisely seven models graded by PCGS in the Deep Cameo class. You can find this undoubtedly remarkable quality in only 762 remaining coins cosmopolitan .

1896 O Morgan silver dollar

1896 O Morgan silver dollar1896 O Morgan silver dollar
The silver price directly determines 1896 O Morgan silver dollar value, but most of its price will come from the stipulate, degree, and mintage .
As you have credibly known, the coinage is the number of produce coins, while the survival rate is the number of still existing units. The interrelation between these two values directly affects the count of coins in circulation and their monetary value .
The grade will show you the silver dollar circumstance that ranges from Basal state 1 to MS 70 and its wear level. For example, one 1896 O Morgan silver dollar in good condition is worth about $ 30, while the one with the MS 64 grad can reach $ 40,000 .
The 1896 O Morgan silver dollar degree will besides depend on the grading institution since grading services differ in their quality .

1896 Morgan silver dollar value by JM Bullion
Coin Extra fine quality Uncirculated quality
1896 Morgan dollar $39 $41
1896 S Morgan dollar $220 $775
1896 O  Morgan dollar $43 $160

1896 S Morgan silver dollar

1896 S Morgan silver dollar1896 S Morgan silver dollar
The most significant separate of 5 million mint 1896 S Morgan silver dollars was in practice by the 1950s. Interestingly, no matchless paid much care to these coins until the middle 1960s .
consequently, a considerable come of coins that survived show lots of marks and use scratches. As a result, the most attractive 1896 S Morgan silver dollar is from late-date San Francisco mintage. Most of them have excellent strikes and charming glare .
Be careful with imposter 1896 S Morgan dollars with a counterfeit S mint crisscross bonded on cheap Philadelphia mint coins .
The PCGS believes that about half a million 1896 S Morgan dollars exist in all possible grades. only 28,000 of these coins are in batch state, while merely 156 are graded MS 65 or higher.

1896 Morgan silver dollar value by CoinStudy, 9/6/2021
Coin Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1896 Morgan dollar $22.39 $22.39 $24.68 $45.54
1896 O Morgan dollar $27.42 $29 $34.92 $1,034
1896 S Morgan dollar $27.42 $29 $190 $1,831

You can see how rare mint state 1896 S Morgan dollars are when realizing that NGC graded only one as MS 67. PCGS additionally graded one MS 67 and one at an extraordinary MS 69 .


The 1896 Morgan silver dollar belongs to the group of rare coins. Collectors are fix to pay considerable money for those in good stipulate or pieces with a higher grade. A few 1896 Morgan silver dollars reached impressive records on auctions .

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