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United States 1980-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar

United States 1980-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar
In 1979, one year anterior to the write out of the 1980-D, the Susan B. Anthony dollar was released with a large measure of flourish .
The new blueprint depicted the eponymous american suffragette as the beginning historically veridical womanhood on a circulation strike coin. In training for the assume massive demand, a compound sum of 757,813,744 coins were struck for circulation that beginning year at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco facilities. unfortunately, the coin was a total flop, and need remained low in 1980 even though the entire combined mintage was dropped to 89,660,708 pieces .
It was discernible that the series was a complete bankruptcy. The United States Mint reported that while “ there may have been other disasters like this in the history of our nation ` randomness currency, ” there had never been “ anything this bad. Never rejection by the public that is this complete, ” and “ there is no means to overestimate how badly that mint was received ” ( Greene ).

These coins were available to the public through circulation at local banks, ampere well as through the official 1980 Mint Set and extra Souvenir Sets issued by each Mint facility. Despite these multiple leverage options, it i estimated that up to 60 % of the entire three-year mintage ( 1979-1981 ), or 520 million pieces, were still held in substitute by the Treasury .
The Mint began to think of how to dispose of the coins and inactive recoup some of their sink costs. One theme was to melt the coins, but the complex metal was alone worth “ about two cents ” in 1980 ( Reiter ). Mint director Donna Pope struck this idea down because the fiscal loss would be a dangerous trouble .

The 1980-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar in Today’s Market

due to the bombastic coinage and the gloomy rate of circulation, the 1980-D Susan B. Anthony dollar is a common coin. In fact, with 41,628,708 pieces struck, it is the series ’ largest mintage after the massive issue of 1979. It is easy to collect Mint State pieces, and population reports decidedly do not account for the sum extant number of coins. With a report population of about 300 in MS-67, examples regularly auction for between $ 250 and $ 300. interestingly, while the record for this type is $ 899 in a May 2022 eBay auction, at least two specimens recently sold for equally little as $ 20, resulting in massive monetary value fluctuations for the serial ’ top population .
In MS-66, just one grade lower, prices stabilize at between $ 20 to $ 30. MS-65s contain half the value of MS-66s and sell for between $ 10 to $ 20. The remaining Mint State grades ( 64 to 60 ) sell for between $ 6 and $ 10 .
While there are relatively large premiums for high Mint State Susan B. Anthony dollars, the premiums shrink to less than face value in lower grades. Examples graded and certified from AU-50 astir to Mint State are deserving only a small premium over grimace value of between 10 and 50 cents, for a total of $ 1.10 to $ 1.50. For all grades below AU-50, the 1980-D dollar is broadly worth between confront respect and $ 1.05 .
Since these lower grades are worth at most $ 1.50, there is a identical small recorded population in all grades below Mint State. In fact, PCGS records only one in XF-40, two in AU-55, and eight in AU-58. NGC records one in AU-55 and three in AU-58. This is ascribable to the fact that it costs importantly more to grade the coin than the coin is deserving .



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The obverse displays a right-facing portrait of Susan B. Anthony in a high-necked blouse or shirtwaist, her hair’s-breadth pulled back into a bun. The architect ’ second initials “ FG ” appear just below Anthony ’ s left shoulder. The rim consists of smooth but angular lineage segments that frame an 11-sided polygon ( an undecagon or hendecagon for you trivia lovers ). The word LIBERTY is at the top, the date at the bottomland, and the national motto IN GOD WE TRUST in little letters to the properly of Anthony ’ s chin. thirteen five-pointed stars circle the inside of the rim, seven to the left and six to the correctly ; those on the right are split into two three-star groups by the motto. A small “ D ” mintmark is located just above Anthony ’ s right shoulder and the date ( 1980 ) is directly below her break .
The reversion features so far another accept on the Michael Collins -designed mission patch of Apollo 11 – a deputation that included mankind ’ s inaugural steps on the airfoil of another planetary soundbox ( the Moon ). The 11-sided rim is repeated, framing a left-facing eagle with wings spread as if down on the cratered surface of the Moon pictured on the bottom third gear of the coin. The eagle is clutching an olive branch. Planet Earth appears above and to the left of the eagle ’ mho mind, with the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM just to the good at circus tent center field. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA encircles closely the top half of the rim against the darkness of quad, and ONE dollar is at the buttocks over the lunar landscape. thirteen five-pointed stars form an bow around the eagle, below the top legend but above the earth and motto. United States Mint Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro’s initials “ FG ” are besides on the reversion, below the eagle ’ sulfur tail feathers .
The edge of the 1980-D Susan B. Anthony dollar coin is reeded, as are all other issues of the type .


One of the most fecund american mint designers of the twentieth century, Frank Gasparro served as a junior assistant engraver under John R. Sinnock and late as the tenth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. Besides the Susan B. Anthony dollar, Gasparro ’ s most celebrated coin designs include the Memorial reverse of the Lincoln cent and the rearward of the Kennedy half dollar, ampere well as both sides of the Eisenhower dollar .

Coin Specifications

Country:  USA
Year Of Issue:  1980
Denomination:  One Dollar (USD)
Mint Mark: D (Denver)
Mintage:  41,628,708
Alloy:  75% Copper, 25% Nickel over a pure copper center
Weight:  8.10 grams
Diameter:  26.50 mm
Edge:  Reeded
OBV Designer  Frank Gasparro
REV Designer  Frank Gasparro | Michael Collins
Quality:  Business Strike

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