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No FG Kennedy Half Dollar Errors: See Where The Letters Should Appear & How Much These Error Coins Are Worth

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Have you heard of no FG Kennedy half dollars ? They ’ ra among the most popular half dollar errors and varieties around.

And they’re unique to the Kennedy half dollar — which has been made since 1964 and continues to be one of the most widely collected United States coins around. Yes, no FG half dollar errors are sought after by countless collectors, but these aplomb coins besides have collectors asking a batch of questions :

  • How can I identify these rare half dollar coins?
  • How were these weird error coins created?
  • How many no FG half dollars are out there?
  • How much is a Kennedy half dollar error worth?
  • How can I increase my odds of finding one?

Read on to find the answers to these and any early questions you may have about the no FG Kennedy half dollar…

What Does FG Mean? Where Is The FG Located?

The “ FG ” on the Kennedy half dollar stands for Frank Gasparro, who designed the reverse ( back or “ tail ’ south side ” ) of the mint. by the way, the obverse ( battlefront or “ head ’ randomness side ” ) was designed by Gilroy Roberts. Since Gasparro designed the reverse of the Kennedy half dollar, that ’ s where you ’ ll find his FG initials. Er, that ’ s where you should find them, anyhow ! normally, the FG will be found on the bottom left quarter of the Kennedy half dollar — good between the eagle ’ s rightmost tail fledge and its correct leg. If you don ’ t see that on your Kennedy half dollar, then chances are you may have a no FG Kennedy half dollar !

These Kennedy half dollar errors are barely — but they do turn up from clock time to clock time. Must read: here ’ s The Difference Between Rare Coins And Scarce Coins

How To Identify Kennedy Half Dollar Errors

here are a few other ways to tell if you have a no FG half dollar:

  • For a coin to be a true no FG half dollar error, it has to have absolutely no sign of the FG at all. Not even a trace under 5x magnification!
  • You may also see some weakness in the eagle’s feathers and other details in the vicinity of where the FG is usually found.
  • Watch out for any signs of extra markings around where the FG normally is! If you see a lot of lines or scratches there, it’s possible that your coin was altered to masquerade as a no FG Kennedy half dollar.

How Was The No FG Kennedy Half Dollar Made?

You ’ re credibly wondering why the FG of Frank Gasparro ’ sulfur initials were left off the mint in the first place. It wasn ’ t like anybody was sore at Gasparro, a celebrated mint interior designer who served as the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1965 through 1981. interestingly, Gasparro designed a count of coins you likely recognize, including the overrule of the Lincoln Memorial cent and both sides of the Eisenhower dollar and Susan B. Anthony dollar. therefore, why did the U.S. Mint leave the FG off some Kennedy halves ? …

It was a pure accident. You see, sometimes when the dies that impress images on blank coins get damaged, mint employees have to buff the damage off the mint. normally the process works — and the brush marks or early signs of damaged suffer polished proper off.

But, sometimes a little bite more comes off, besides. In the casing of the no FG Kennedy half dollars, the “FG” got sanded right off ! And that ’ s how no FG Kennedy halves are made .

How Many Were Made? And How Much Are They Worth?

It ’ s possible to find a no FG Kennedy half dollar of any go steady. But there are a few that coin collectors recognize as important varieties and highly value:

1966 SMS No FG Kennedy Half Dollar

This is one of the scarcest of the no FG half dollar errors. It was in the first place minted for the particular Mint Set ( SMS ), and that ’ s where many of these Kennedy half dollar errors are found — inside the politics box of these coin sets.

Several hundred 1966 SMS No FG Kennedy half dollars are known to exist.

They range in prize from about $100 and up. The commemorate price of $ 2,820 was paid for an model graded SP67 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ( NGC ) .

1972-D No FG Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1972-D No FG Kennedy half dollar is known as the rarest of these errors. possibly a few hundred may exist.

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even in circulate condition, the 1972-D no FG Kennedy one-half dollar value is around $300 to $500. The record price paid for a 1972-D Kennedy one-half dollar with no FG initials was $ 2,485.13 in 2016 for an MS63 example slabbed by Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ).

1982-P No FG Kennedy Half Dollar

The most common type of no FG one-half dollar was minted by the Philadelphia Mint in 1982. possibly 1,000 or more were struck. In uncirculated condition, a 1982-P no FG half dollar is worth $150 or more. even wear specimens are worth $20 to $30. In 2016, the record price was set for this 1982 Kennedy half dollar no FG error. That ’ second when an MS67 graded by PCGS crossed the freeze for $ 2,820 !

Other No FG Kennedy Half Dollar Errors

In accession to the No FG Kennedy half dollars listed above, there are a handful of other dates where Gasparro ’ mho initials are missing — including the 1983-P and 1988-P Kennedy halves.

While these errors are more coarse, the 1983-P no FG half dollar and 1988-P no FG one-half dollar are still worth anywhere from $15 to $50 in distinctive grades. nice specimens are worth even more. And don ’ t forget to look for the no FG variety on other Kennedy half dollars. again, this variety is possible on any go steady !

What About Weak FG Half Dollars?

OK, technically a decrepit FG is strange. however, watery FG Kennedy half dollars aren’t recognized at this time as an important or valuable kind. That doesn ’ t mean they aren ’ metric ton worth collecting, or that they may not someday be worth good money if more collectors start pursuing them. Weak FG half dollars aren’t as rare as no FG Kennedy halves, but they still represent an unintended strickle — and consequently could be found desirable by collectors looking for “ off ” coins.

5 Ways To Increase Your Odds Of Finding A No FG Kennedy Half Dollar

Want to add some no FG Kennedy half dollars to your collection ? While you could go buy some from a coin dealer, a more challenging but more low-cost and thrilling alternative is to look for them in circulation! If you ’ ve got some patience and an interest in plucking valuable and rare coins from pouch change and bank finds, then check out some of these tips :

  1. Check your change. While half dollars don’t circulate much these days, if you do receive one in your loose change — be sure to flip it over to the reverse and see if it’s a no FG half dollar.
  2. Look through bank rolls and boxes.  One of the more lucrative ways to look for no FG Kennedy halves is to buy rolls and boxes of half dollars from your bank. Roll searching is an often-successful method that collectors use to find all kinds of rare and valuable coins for face value!
  3. Cherrypick a coin dealer’s inventory. Many coin dealers don’t know about no FG Kennedy halves — others just never take the time to look for them. See if you can find an overlooked no FG Kennedy half dollar at a local coin shop and buy it for “regular” price.
  4. Search through estate sales and garage sales. A lot of folks sell half dollars at yard sales for cheap and may not know about the no FG error. See if you can find some for a good price at the next neighborhood sale.
  5. Check coin sets. Be sure you take a careful look at every Kennedy half dollar you encounter in proof sets and mint sets.

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