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Silver Eagles for Sale | American Silver Eagle coins – Money Metals Exchange

2021 is the Final Year for the Type 1 Design – Get Yours While They Last!

Money Metals Exchange is pleased to offer the world ‘s most popular silver bullion coin – the american english Silver Eagle – at broken prices. The US Mint has been minting the american Silver Eagle 1 oz coin, since 1986. Like our bullion coins, such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, each american Eagle coin contains a minimal of one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. The system of weights and honor of each Eagle Silver coin is backed by the u government .
Introduced in 1986, Silver American Eagle coins weigh in at one ounce of silver ( 99.9 % pure silver guarantee ), authorized by Title II of public jurisprudence 99-61 and certified by the United States Mint. US Mint Silver Eagles have a very strong sales history, having immediately sold out when released in 1986 and at many times since. Its popularity continues, as evidenced by its 2014/2015 record break sales figures. In 2014 alone, an estimated 44 million coins were struck and sold, rising to approximately 47 million in 2015 .
At several times in holocene years, the batch had to postpone or ration sales of the coin due to gamey demand ! Government mismanagement is share of the argue for the scarcity at times, but that is not the alone reason. What makes this mint so popular ?
The coin ’ mho striking plan is one reason. America has often been represented by its symbolic images – whether this be the statue of shore leave or the stars and stripes on the US flag.

Who Designed the Silver Eagle?

The purpose is based on Adolph A. Weinman ‘s 1916 Walking Liberty half dollar, wide considered one of the most beautiful american coins ever minted. It is easily a must have for grok US eloquent buyers Its design arouse feelings of ambition, courage and, most importantly, exemption, similar to those experienced by american settlers when they arrived in the 16th and 17th centuries .
With its beautiful plan, US Mint Silver Eagles are a top seller on Money Metals. We offer eagle bullion coins, individually or as a Proof Eagle hardened. The proof sets are presently available in amber. We besides offer Proof Silver Eagles .

Who Is on The Silver Eagle Coin?

Lady Liberty ( obverse ) – This beautifully crafted Silver Eagle coin features a design exchangeable to the Walking Liberty. It depicts Lady Liberty walking amongst the outstanding sunlight ‘s rays wearing a gown stitched with the american english flag ‘s stars and stripes. In her impart arm, she carries branches of laurel and oak which embody american pride. Such an double can not fail to resonate with Americans and instill the national pride within them — a reminder of what the american Dream means .
Shielded Eagle ( rearward ) – The shielded eagle, created by John M. Mercanti, portrays the identical prestige and forte of America and its families reinforcing these feelings as the eagle is symbolic of power and, as it is one of the highest fly birds in the global, deity. One look at the double of the eagle gives us the courage and freedom to continue our personal travel. Below its shielded summit, the eagle possesses an olive outgrowth in its right talon and arrows in its leave .
The coin ’ sulfur symbolism is capable of conjuring incontrovertible energy, encouraging us to look forward with incontrovertibility. The text on the coin reinforces the United States ’ motto, ‘ E Pluribus Unum ’ ( out of many, one ). On the obverse, Lady Liberty seems to be supported by her religion as she continues her travel towards the Westward Sun, backed by the textbook, ‘ In God We Trust. ’ The mint, consequently, is worth more than good its burden in silver ; it is a report and reminder of the american english inheritance and what America means for us as individuals.

Why Buy Silver Eagles?

money Metals believe a Silver Coin is broadly purchased either as separate of a collection, for profit, or as fiscal policy. The huge popularity of the Silver Eagle coin makes it a compulsory depart of any portfolio, and its value is invaluable as retainer is paid to what it symbolizes. other people buy ash grey bullion coins as a hedge against ostentation and in today ’ s nameless economy, flatware coins are an excellent choice of investing .
Silver bullion coins can besides be held in autonomous individual retirement accounts ( IRAs ). Although the coins entirely have a face measure of $ 1, their intrinsic value is a lot higher and dictated by the price of silver medal at the point of sale, along with the coin ’ sulfur silver capacity. And the fact that the price of silver is much lower compared to aureate, it makes a great investment for those fresh to the crippled. You can buy these coins in bombastic quantities and well store them in your home using monster boxes, or coin tubes. The great silver prices make the american Eagle eloquent dollar a great piece for any collection .

 Where Can I Buy American Silver Eagles?

Buy your uncirculated coins from Money Metals Exchange, and not only will you be guaranteed a depleted price, but you will be conducting your business with an internationally acclaim business company with more than 7 years in the industry .
unfortunately, as with many industries over a assortment of markets, bad actors and ill function suppliers exist. With Money Metals Exchange, you can be assured that our years of know and moral and ethical considerations combine to give you peace of mind, fast rescue times, and high choice products and services .
What is singular about Money Metals Exchange, is that we place our customers at the heart of our operations – educating them while providing them with the lowest cost for each product. Although the costs may be low, timbre of both service and merchandise is not compromised. We are presently selling these coins for any quantity you require and can provide you with extra discounts if you wish to buy 1,500 or more.

If the spotlight price is not where you want it to be, choose the ‘ Price Alert ’ option on the right hand side of the screen, and you will be notified when the price reaches your target. Whatever your reason for buying or sell, Money Metals Exchange is the correctly option for you .

How Do I Buy from Money Metals Exchange?

Purchase silver bars, coins and rounds immediately from our web site : We accept requital by cash, check, money ordain, wire, credit poster, or bitcoin and the buy is wholly procure. Delivery is fast and ship is barren for orders over $ 1000. If you would prefer to discuss your prospective purchase or sale with a live person, our team of experts can be contacted on 1-800-800-1865 alternatively you can send us a message by clicking on the ‘ Contact Us ’ tab that appears on the right hand side of the screen, and we will get back to you cursorily .

Where To Sell Silver Eagle Coins?

not merely does Money Metals Exchange sell the american Silver Eagle mint, but we are besides happy to buy your coins from you if you wish to sell. Unlike many other dealers, we are felicitous to purchase mint gold coins, silver and other bullion that you did not primitively buy from us. We will besides buy American Eagle proof coins from you. What makes these gold and ash grey bullion coins a dependable investment ? Among other benefits, American Eagles are slowly to buy and sell at most coin and bullion dealers. Simply cluck on the ‘ Sell to Us ’ pill below the images of the coins, and – in keeping with our competitive nature – we will offer you a bang-up offer price for your coins .

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