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How much is my Charles Dickens £2 worth?

Could your Charles Dickens £2 really be worth a fortune?
Every lament collector knows that it is worthwhile paying close attention to the small details of your coins – it ’ s the only way you can always hope to spot an error. however, it ’ second besides important to know when you have a genuine rarity ( and when you don ’ metric ton ). There are a few stories which crop up more frequently than others, and one of them is the elaborated value of the Charles Dickens £2. so hopefully this post will help dispel some of the myths about the coin .
The Charles Dickens £2 mint was issued by The Royal Mint in 2012 to commemorate the two-hundredth anniversary of one of Britain ’ s most celebrated and beloved writers. The design features Dickens ’ recognizable profile crafted from the titles of his most celebrated works and is a favored amongst collectors .
But recently, a number of stories have been popping up regarding the ‘errors’ people have noticed, such as fading dots around the center part, top depressed edge letter and misspelling of the edge inscription. In fact, some of these coins have even been listed on eBay for thousands of pounds, leaving change Checkers wondering “how much is the Charles Dickens’ £2 coin actually worth?”

But before you get besides agitate and consider putting your Charles Dickens up for sale, let ’ s take a look at what these ‘errors’ really mean…

Disappearing dots

This has besides been found on many other £2 coins indeed is not exclusive to the Dickens coin, where the dots that should that go all around the silver centre of the coin suddenly disappear. Unfortunately this wouldn ’ t actually add any value to the coin, as it is just caused by the mass production process, where millions of coins are being struck at once and the dies get worn down. It ’ south difficult to ensure all coins look precisely the same considering the millions of coins that are struck at one prison term, but we definitely feel that variations like this makes collecting more exciting.

Upside down lettering

Upside down lettering is very common on bi-metallic coins and can be seen on many of the £2 coins you find in your change. Again, this international relations and security network ’ t actually an error, but a variation to look out for on your coins. It happens during the mint action, when the  edge lettering is applied before the obverse and reverse of the coin has even been struck. This then explains why some coins can end up with the edge lettering appearing top down .

Misspelled edge inscription

many people have noticed that there is a ‘miss spelled’ WILL on the edge inscription of their Charles Dickens £2 coin. This is actually caused by a worn out die, where the end of the L has been worn down to look like an I. This is a common variation amongst coins and can besides be seen on the 2005 Gunpowder plot £2, which now has many variations of border inscription due to the worn out R appearing as a P.

The Charles Dickens £2 coin actually lone ranks as ‘ common ’ on our Scarcity Index, however it ’ s fascinating to hear about the different variations people have noticed on their coins and looking out for these makes for bang-up mint gather !
unfortunately, people listing coins like this on eBay hoping for elaborate amounts are normally just chancers looking for a quick vaulting horse and rarely mean the coin is actually an error .
It ’ s the differences caused by human error, such as a wrong date or design or even the wrong metal used that are a lot more sought after and would likely have added value for your mint – then be sure to keep a look out for these!
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