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Forum Coin Review: Legit or Scam

Forum Coin is a forum posting locate that lets you talk about different cryptocurrency. The web site aims to become the new world currency. here you have the options to buy or sell a different product for cash. The site allows you to earn ForumCoins for posting in the different categories on the forum. You ’ ll besides earn extra ForumCoin through the Classified and Exchange program on the site. here you can exchange your ForumCoins for jobs, asking people to sign-up to a locate, paying a person to write a blog post for you and much more. Forum mailing is less long-winded than working on survey sites and you can learn indeed much on the forum. It is a full direction to learn about cryptocurrency and the market today.

How Does It Work ?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and create an account. It is free to join the forum.
  2. Just enter your email information, name, and other details to create your account.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed your email and your account is activated take time to read the forum posting rules and how the site works.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the different topics and categories on the forum. Take a few minutes to search a few topics that might interest you.

How To Earn Money ?

  1. Use the Classified Exchanges on the site to earn money from other members. You can offer to sell items, give lessons, or earn coins for completing different tasks.
  2. The site has a tutorial section. If you like to write tutorials, you can earn 150 ForumCoins for posting in this section.
  3. In the forum General Chat and Off Topics, you’ll earn 1.0 ForumCoins for each new topic you write or adding a comment to a topic in this section.
  4. The sections CGT, Computers, Gaming & Technology allow you to earn 1.0 ForumCoins for starting a new topic or posting a comment in these sections.
  5. The Webmaster Questions, Discussions & News will pay you 1.5 ForumCoins for adding a new topic or commenting on an existing topic.
  6. If you post in the Business, Money & Wealth or the BMW Forum, you’ll earn 1.5 Forum Coins for a new topic or for posting a comment on an existing topic.
  7. When you first join the forum you should post in the New Members Introduction. You’ll earn 1.5 ForumCoins for your introductions and 1.0 ForumCoins if you post a comment in this section.
  8. The Articles Tutorial section will earn you up to 150 ForumCoins for each new article or tutorial you post in this section.
  9. The other forum categories on the site will earn you money. However, if you chose to post in one of these areas the site will pay you 0.25 to 2 ForumCoins depending on where you post.
  10. You can earn 25 ForumCoins for each person who joins the site under your referral link. However, this person must make 20 posts on the forum to earn you the coins.

Does The Forum Have A Posting Limit ?

  1. There is no posting limit on the site.
  2. The first 10 posts you add to the site each day will earn you the full amount of ForumCoins.
  3. All other posts will earn you 20% of the sections ForumCoins. This means you’ll earn 0.20 to 0.30 coins after you’ve successfully completed your 10 posts.

Does The Site Take Away Your gain ?

  1. Like all paid forum posting sites if you don’t follow the rules you can lose the coins you earned fro posting a new topic or comment.
  2. If you posted a comment on a topic that has been removed, you lose the coins you earned for your comment.
  3. If you post in incorrect forums the site will take away the coins you’ve earned. Make sure you’re adding the new topic in the correct forum, otherwise, you’ll lose the coins you’ve earned.
  4. If you post in the Ads Promotion section on the forum, you’ll pay the site 10 ForumCoins for your post.
  5. If you receive a warning from the site for breaching their official rules, the site will deduct coins from your account.

What are official Offers ?

  1. In Official Offers, you can offer to sell or exchange up to $5 that is in your PayPal account. You will ask a member if they are interested in purchasing this money in your account in exchange for giving you the same amount of ForumCoins for the transaction.
  2. You can sell Domain Names on the site and be paid in ForumCoins.
  3. If you have any gift cards you can’t use or just want to sell offer them to the members on the site. They will purchase them from you and you’ll be paid in ForumCoins.

How Does The Site Pay You ?

  1. In order to request payment in your account, you’ll need $5 worth of ForumCoins.
  2. Each ForumCoin you earn on the site has a value of $0.01.
  3. The site will pay you through PayPal.
  4. It normally takes 72 hours to process and receive your money from the site.

decision :

This is a legitimate forum web site to use. The web site was opened in 2012 and has been paying the members on the site for posting newly topics, answering on different topics, writing guides & tutorials, and referring new members. If you enjoy working on a forum, then I ’ d suggest you should join this locate. You can earn a few coins for participating in the discussions, adding a new discussion, or tied exchanging your other cryptocurrency. You ’ ll learn about cryptocurrency, have a casual to exchange currentness on the site, earn money by selling off your give cards and much more .

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