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1964 Kennedy Portrait Restored for 2014 50th Anniversary Coins | CoinNews

This article describes how the U.S. Mint restored the master portrait purpose on 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollars for 2014 fiftieth Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollars in .9999 fine gold, .900 fine silver and copper-nickel dress .
This year ’ s 50th anniversary Kennedy half-dollars bear the vintage Gilroy Robert ’ s portrayal of President John F. Kennedy, a design for inauguration 1964 halves that was “ lost ” over the years following a number of revisions. Shown side-by-side, the portraits vary greatly. The master presents a life-like sculpt of Kennedy whereas the revised versions turned about automatic in appearance .
Digital Scans to Restore Original Portrait Design
Restoring Robert ’ s original 1964 portrayal for the fiftieth anniversary Kennedy half-dollars took a moment of work, and modern engineering. ( read about U.S. Mint sculpting technology. ) The U.S. Mint could not locate Robert ’ s master plaster exemplar but it did have a adaptation in the form of a Galvano Bronze, and it besides had an original fail for the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar. Both were scanned, converted to digital models, compared for best rejoinder of the original design and heighten relief, and then rendered to restore the design for the seven fiftieth anniversary Kennedy coins.

The postdate U.S. Mint-provided photos and captions outline the process used to restore Robert ’ s design .
Galvano Bronze of Gilroy Robert's Kennedy Half Dollar Sculpt
Original Die for the 1964 Kennedy
Galvano Bronze and the original 1964 die
Galvano and 1964 hub
Scaled Galvano sculpt
Kennedy basin
Reliefs of 1964 Hub and Restoration
Concept render of the restored Robert's half-dollar design
With everything digitally mapped, the restoration was completed and hubs and dies were created to strike 50th Annniversary Kennedy half-dollars. ( Read how the U.S. Mint makes hubs and dies. )
The play along photograph were taken on July 22, 2014, from the production deck of the U.S. Mint at West Point. They show newly minted 2014-W 24K Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Coins and 2014-W Reverse Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coins .
50th Anniversary Kennedy Products
Three U.S. Mint products will feature the fiftieth anniversary Kennedy coins. They include a two-coin clad set that launched on July 24 for $ 9.95, a 99.99 % all right Gold Kennedy half that will be priced around $ 1,300 and launches on Aug. 5, and a fall passing of a four-coin 90 % silver set for $ 99.95 .
In summation to the original 1964 obverse invention, these coins feature varying finishes and are struck from four different U.S. Mint facilities.

2014-Dated Kennedy Halves
In all, there will be 13 Kennedy half-dollars this year. They include the 7 anniversary coins and the 6 regular annual issues. here is a chart that offers specifications for each coin and describes the contents of the 2014 Kennedy half-dollar products .

  Unique to 50th Anniversary Composition Associated Product Release Date
2014-W Proof Gold 50c Yes, featuring original 1964 obverse design .9999 Gold Individually Sold as the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin (See photos) Aug. 5
2014-P Proof Silver 50c 90% Silver, 10% Copper 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection (See reverse proof photos) Fall 2014
2014-W Reverse Proof Silver 50c
2014-D Uncirculated Silver 50c
2014-S Enhanced Uncirculated Silver 50c
2014-P Uncirculated Clad 50c 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set Jul 24
2014-D Uncirculated Clad 50c
2014-S Proof Silver 50c No, regular annual issue 90% Silver, 10% Copper 2014 Silver Proof Set / 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Apr 29 / TBD
2014-S Proof Clad 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 2014 Proof Set Mar 25
2014-P Uncirculated Clad 50c 2014 Mint Set May 13
2014-D Uncirculated Clad 50c
2014-P Circulating Quality Clad 50c 2014 Kennedy 50c Rolls and Bags Feb 13
2014-D Circulating Quality Clad 50c

For Kennedy products already issued, visit the United States Mint web site at for more information or to order .

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