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How to Buy Electroneum (ETN) in 3 Simple Steps | CoinJournal

5 Things to Consider if you Want to Buy Electroneum

If it ’ s your beginning time purchasing any cryptocurrency, it ’ mho recommended that you take some samara factors into consideration. We advise paying attentiveness to the follow points before going ahead with the Electroneum purchase .

1. Carefully choose your preferred secure payment method

The security, convenience, cost, and accelerate of the requital method will be key factors in your ETN leverage. You ’ ll need to figure out your priorities in these crucial areas, and then choose an allow option that aligns with your needs. Please eminence, the available payment methods may vary from country to country and platform to platform .

2. Will you need to set up your own wallet?

After you ’ ve purchased the command amount of ETN coins, you ’ ll have to store them somewhere safe, besides ensuring that they remain accessible. A cryptocurrency wallet can efficiently do this job for you. You can either use the ETN on-line wallet for this determination or choose from a assortment of other choices available in the commercialize. Please eminence, people who choose Contracts for Difference ( CFDs ) to invest in Electroneum will not need to set up any wallet, as this trade mechanism eliminates the need for any actual coin transfer.

3. Comparing costs

It ’ s advisable that you get acquainted with diverse costs attached to Electroneum leverage ahead deciding to buy this cryptocurrency. Whenever you transfer any crypto coin, there ’ s a certain blockchain network tip charged for the transaction. With Electroneum, you can send ETN coins anywhere in the worldly concern, at about zero blockchain processing price ( fractions of a US penny ). But you ’ ll still need to pay some fees to the payment facilitator and the platform ( exchange/broker ) used for buying Electroneum. It ’ s besides worth noting that Electroneum can be a far cheaper direction to make payments than the conventional alternatives .

4. Safety and security 

Electroneum lays a batch of importance on condom and security. It became the first cryptocurrency project in the world to voluntarily adopt the ball-shaped KYC/AML measures for the onboarding of newfangled ETN users. Electroneum besides became the first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency to launch a moderate blockchain that uses a ‘ Proof of Responsibility ‘ ( PoR ) consensus algorithm. This can be implemental in preventing 51 % of attacks. away from the security features of Electroneum blockchain, ETN transactions carried out on exchanges and brokers are foster secured with their own security measures, such as 2-Factor authentication and others .

5. Can you understand and navigate the platform?

As has been highlighted earlier, cryptocurrency exchanges can be a small complex for novice investors. therefore, people who have not used them in the past must spend a good sum of time studying and understanding their features, before placing any Buy or Sell order. not doing so can lead to costly and irreversible mistakes late. With respect to the broker websites, even though they are relatively easier to use and have user-friendly interfaces, you ’ ll placid benefit from browsing through them beforehand .

What Fees are Involved in Buying Electroneum?

When you buy Electroneum from an exchange or broker, you ’ ll need to pay some fees associated with the unlike aspects of the purchase. These fees will vary based on the payment method acting and chopine used. Let ’ s take a flying look at some of these. Transaction fees:  You can transfer ETN coins to anyone and anywhere in the world, by paying an about zero ( fraction of a US cent ) blockchain transaction fee. however, the exchange/broker and the payment method you choose to buy ETN will have a transaction tip associated with them. Deposit fees:  Exchanges and brokers charge a nominal kernel as a deposit tip for funds uploaded into their accounts. This fee constitutes one of their independent tax income streams and is necessary for them to stay afloat. Whilst about all the crypto exchanges levy this cathexis, brokers may waive it to incentivise signups. Withdrawal fees:  This is another normally charged fee by crypto brokers and exchange portals. It can be a fix or variable charge, levied on both decree and crypto withdrawals. The value or percentage of the withdrawal tip will besides depend upon the payment choice choose .

Safely Storing Your Electroneum

Cryptocurrency wallets can be termed as software programs or applications that enable encoding of crypto coins, to keep them condom from larceny and hack attempts. There are multiple wallet types available in the market, some of which we ’ ll discus below. Web Wallet:  Built into the on-line commute and broker platforms, network wallets are rightfully perceived as the most accessible way to store crypto coins. however, their easy handiness comes at a price, making them the least impregnable of all crypto wallets. Exchange wallets in particular are vulnerable to hacking attempts, passing scams and bankruptcy.

Mobile Wallet:  Mobile wallets, as the name suggests, are used on mobile devices for the storage of crypto coins. They provide a effective mix of security system and convenience. however, being connected to the Internet most of the meter, which besides gets them classified as a type of hot wallet, makes them susceptible to hacks. Of all the mobile wallets available in the market, the native mobile wallet of Electroneum, the ETN Online Wallet, is the best in this class. You can access this wallet through the ETN App downloadable from Electroneum ’ s official web site. Desktop Wallet:  A background wallet can be described as a crypto repositing software app mean for background and laptop computers. This besides is a type of ‘ hot wallet ’ owing to its frequent internet connectivity. such wallets provide more security than their vane and mobile equivalents but aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as commodious. At the time of writing this guidebook, there was no desktop wallet available for ETN repositing. Hardware Wallet:  easily the most fasten of all cryptocurrency wallets, hardware wallets are a type of cold wallet as they stay offline all the prison term until manually connected to the Internet. They are very unmanageable to hack but aren ’ metric ton as convenient to use as web, mobile and desktop wallets. Most of them are sold as bantam physical devices that must be plugged into a computer or mobile device ’ second USB port, to access the store coins. No hardware wallet is presently available to store ETN coins. Hence your best bet for ETN memory will be the native ETN wallet. Wallet Combinations:  Experts recommend that you spread your ETN coins over different wallet types, so as to avoid the possibility of a individual charge of failure. This can be accomplished by interconnecting a few of the wallet variants discussed above. Doing so will provide you with an enhance level of approachability and security for your coins .

What Other Coins Can I Trade or Use to Buy Electroneum?

In orderliness to buy Electroneum with Binance Coin, Ripple, Tether, Cardano, Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, you ’ ll indigence to check if a crypto exchange offers them in a trade pair with ETN. As the crypto grocery store is maturing with time, exchanges are able to offer more of these trade pairs today. To be able to make such a purchase, you ’ ll have to sign up with the refer exchange chopine, deposit your crypto coins, and then initiate a ‘ Buy ’ ordain for the ask sum of ETN, using the corresponding deal pair .

What’s the Smallest and Largest Amount of Electroneum I Can Buy?

If you ’ d like to buy minor amounts of ETN, or would preferably prefer to buy ETN without restrict, you ’ ll need to pay heed to certain factors that will determine the possibility of acquiring such quantities of the cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that the blockchain fee for ETN transactions doesn ’ t exceed a few cents, even for the majority purchases, if you factor in the current prize of ETN ( $ 0.0099 at the fourth dimension of writing ) and the transaction fees charged by the requital facilitator and broker/exchange platforms, it may not make a lot of sense to buy humble quantities of this coin. With obedience to how much ETN can you buy, the upper limit, if any, will be decided by the local regulative climate and the trade portal vein used for the buy. It may make sense to check with both if you ’ re concerned about any ETN bargain restrict .

Can I Buy Electroneum Anonymously with no ID? Is it Safe and Legal to Buy Electroneum?

Cryptocurrencies have grown enormously in popularity over the past ten, and are accepted in many parts of the world nowadays. Electroneum ’ randomness estimated use by over 3 million people in 190+ countries is a testament to this fact. If you ’ d like to buy ETN with no verification or buy ETN anonymously, you ’ ll need to use the services of an anonymous cryptocurrency platform. Having stated that, please keep in judgment that these aren ’ t the best places to buy ETN safely. To make a guarantee ETN buy, signing up with a regulated commute or agent web site will be your best bet .

Will Buying Electroneum Make Me Money?

Anyone who is buying ETN, not just for its utility but besides short/long term investing potential should keep in take care that they ’ ll want to factor in multiple metrics such as the mint ’ randomness diachronic monetary value movements, recent developments, and overall mint provide for this aim. apart from that, you ’ ll need to reflect on your crypto trade have and skills to choose an appropriate scheme that meets your needs. The 7-day low and high of ETN were $ 0.007 and $ 0.04 respectively at the clock of writing. That should give you a fair theme about the existing potential for short-run traders and investors. Looking at ETN ’ second global presence and future prospects, it may be profitable to invest in it for the long term equally well. If you ’ d like to know the best price to buy ETN, or how much does it cost to buy ETN today, our Electroneum Price Page will provide you with all pertinent details.

How to Spend your Electroneum

Electroneum is aimed at becoming people ’ s prefer option of digital currency to pay for goods and services, both on-line and in-store. You can use ETN to pay for all kinds of daily essentials including on-line utilities, taxi rides, data top-ups, mobile airtime, prepay electricity meter top-up, and more. ETN users are provided a merchant directory through which they can locate businesses accepting the mint on-line and locally. There are over 2000 merchants listed with the network .

How to Sell your Electroneum

While you may find many options to sell your Electroneum coins in the market, the most straightforward way will be to sell them through a determine platform. You ’ ll have to deposit ETN coins to your report with the service supplier, and then exchange them for decree currentness or some other crypto coins. Electroneum investments via a Contract for Difference will be relatively easier to sell. They will involve elementary closure of the CFD trade wind, something that can be done through bots vitamin a well these days .

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