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How to buy NXT (NXT) in 3 Steps for Beginners | CoinText

How to Buy NXT with a Broker

Buying cryptocurrencies with brokerage platforms has become quite popular. however, the first step to becoming a successful NXT investor is to choose a reputable crypto broke. Due to the massive growth of the crypto market over the past few years, several companies are now offering cryptocurrency brokerage house services. Some of them are operating without any regulative supervision, which means you could potentially lose your funds if you trade with them. We advise trading with reputable crypto brokers. Find out the regulative status of a broke before you register with them. Before investing in NXT with a broke, ensure you get more information about their platform, including fluidity, security, UI, and more .

1. Register with the Broker

To buy NXT with a broke, you need to get an account with a cryptocurrency brokerage house platform. Most brokers offer a swift registration summons as they normally require a username, password, and electronic mail address. We advise using a password containing 6-20 characters with at least one capital letter, number, or symbol for security. The brokers differ in their demands during adjustment. For example, Pepperstone allows you to start by submitting your e-mail address before completing your application in the next stage. eToro besides has the lapp policy and requires entirely a username and an electronic mail address to set up an account.

2. Verify your Identity (KYC Process)

These cryptocurrency brokers are highly regulated, and they comply with the rules stipulated by regulative bodies. This is why they require traders and investors to verify their accounts before accessing their services. The brokers will need you to complete the standard KYC ( Know Your Customer ) action. This involves submitting an official ID like a drive license or a passport, proof of residency, and sometimes validation of earnings. The verification serve is designed to provide you with greater auspices in terms of your data and funds. The report confirmation serve normally takes less than 24 hours, depending on the broke. With the AML and KYC regulations, the cryptocurrency space becomes a more professional market. Crypto companies are encouraged to implement the policies as it provides better protection to them and their customers.

3.      Deposit Funds with your Preferred Payment Method

once the confirmation step is over, you can fund your brokerage report and buy the NXT coin. The brokers offer a wide crop of payment methods to choose from. however, it would help if you considered a few things when selecting a requital method offered by a broker :

  • Speed
  •  Cost
  • Availability

The payment methods have varying conditions in terms of the transaction fees, speed, and more. PayPal is the most wide use thanks to its low fees. however, not all brokers support this payment method. Credit and debit cards are widely used, but their transaction fees are quite high. The brokers besides support bank deposits, but it takes longer to reflect in your account. The lodge funds need to reflect in your history before you move forth to the following footfall.

4. Open a Position to Long/Short NXT

There is a dispute between long and short-change positions in the cryptocurrency space. Knowing what each one stands for will allow you to become a successful cryptocurrency investor. If you believe in the value of the NXT coin and are convinced that it will rise over clock, you will buy the coins and earn profits in the long run. This means you are opening long positions on the coin, and you are bullish on its price. On the other hand, if you believe NXT ‘s price will dip in the come weeks or months, you can short the cryptocurrency. This means you are betting on the price to fall, and if it does, you earn a profit. In this case, you are bearish about the cryptocurrency. Understanding the two and how they work can even allow you to open both short and long positions on NXT and make profits. As an NXT investor or trader, you have to implement risk management techniques by applying your trade limits. The risk management limits are normally intercept loss and take profit orders, designed to help you take profit or stop a loss on a trade mechanically .

5. Close your Position

last, you can close your military position a soon as your deal hits the hope profit level. Setting the intercept loss and take net income limits allows you to close your trades automatically. We recommend setting up the stop passing and take net income limits because of the nature of the crypto market. The crypto market operates 24/7, and setting up these milestones allows you to take your profits or limit your losses even while you are away. We advise learning everything about closing positions via the educational resources available on the platform or this web site .

How to Buy NXT with an Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer an excellent avenue for users to buy NXT coins. Unlike crypto brokers, exchanges allow you to buy and hold the actual coins. If your finish is to hold the mint for a long time and make money in the serve, then it is well if you find a crypto switch over that is authentic and reputable to use. You need to ensure that the crypto exchange you choose offers you competitive rates for deposits and withdrawals, charting features, and more. Exchanges do n’t offer exchangeable trade fees because some of them have better features and tighter security than the others. With crypto exchanges, we besides recommend using regulated ones to ensure the safety of your funds. Some exchanges do n’t comply with regulative measures instituted by fiscal regulators, which means they lack proper oversight. We advise you to avoid those types of exchanges and practice alone those that are regulatorily compliant due to their high level of security .

1. Set up an NXT wallet

NXT is a regular cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain. Setting up an NXT wallet is easily and takes users a few minutes to do indeed. Once you carry out the necessity steps, you will be ready to use your NXT wallet in no time. You can set up your NXT wallet in assorted ways .

  • Exchange/Online wallets: The wallets offered by crypto exchanges are easy to use. However, we don’t recommend storing your coins in those wallets due to the security issues of most exchanges. Digital currency exchanges have lost billions of dollars to hackers since Bitcoin was invented. Hence, we only advise you to use them if you intend to trade the NXT coin and not hold it for the long term.
  • Desktop wallets: They are software applications on your computer that allow you to store your NXT coins. Ensure that the wallet you choose supports NXT coins.
  • Cold wallets: These are the most popular and secure wallets currently available. They offer you secure and safe ways to store your NXT coins and hold them for the long term. The wallets are hardware devices that come in varying shapes. They implement security features like protocols, hardware chips, and certifications to keep your funds safe at all times. Some of the popular ones include Ledger and Trezor.

The safety of your funds is your number one duty as a cryptocurrency investor. Hence, ensure you adequately protect your crypto wallet by adding other security measures, 2FA, hard passwords, and more. You can learn more about how to protect your cryptocurrency hardware wallets here .

2. Choose and Join an Exchange that Offers NXT

The cryptocurrency market comprises closely 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Hence, crypto exchanges ca n’t list all the coins available. The interview of where to buy NXT coins should be in your mind by now. however, NXT is a popular coin and is available on some of the lead cryptocurrency exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, and Indodax. Check the features of the crypto exchanges and select the one that fits your investing needs.

Crypto exchanges and brokers do n’t operate the same direction. Furthermore, crypto exchanges besides do n’t operate the like way. Some of the exchanges comply with AML and KYC regulations, while others do n’t. We recommend trading with regulate exchanges .

3. Choose Your Payment Method for Buying NXT

After opening an account with a crypto exchange, you can move to the following tone and sediment funds into the score. Credit and debit cards are available on virtually all crypto exchanges, and the funds should be available in your account within minutes. If this is your first fourth dimension utilising a batting order to deposit funds in a crypto exchange, you might get a call from your bank notifying you of a pending transaction and if it was designed. Depositing the funds using a savings bank transfer is another method. however, this requital method acting takes days before the funds reflect in your account. You can use the situate funds to purchase the leading cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, and USDT. You can then swap these coins for NXT. It does n’t matter the payment method you are using : you must ensure that the crypto exchange you are buying with is regulatorily compliant. This way, you can be surely that your lodge funds are safe with them .

4. Place an Order to Buy NXT

NXT is a smaller cryptocurrency, which means you might have to initially purchase BTC, ETH, or USDT before converting them to NXT. You can buy ETH, BTC or USDT from the cryptocurrency exchanges and then swap them for the NXT coin. Check the NXT deal pairs on the exchange to know the leading coin you would need to buy .

5. Safely Storing your NXT

The concluding dance step is for you to store the NXT coins you bought. After buying the coins from a crypto exchange, you can transfer them to your private wallet. Transferring the coins to a private wallet is easy and does n’t cost a lot. however, we recommend moving them to a cold repositing wallet preferably than the others, particularly if you intend to hold the coins for the long condition. however, if you want to trade the coins to earn daily profit, there is no indigence to transfer the coins. After transferring the coins to a cold storage wallet and you need to move them to an substitute wallet for a transaction, you need to use your public winder. Input the populace key into the ‘recipient address ‘ airfield of the withdrawal request and choose the sum of the NXT coins you wish to transfer. besides, we recommend enabling the 2FA on your wallet to give you an excess level of security .

Should you Buy or Trade NXT?

There is a deviation between purchasing and trade NXT coins. besides, when you trade a mint on an exchange differs from when you do so on a brokerage platform. Knowing the remainder between trade and endow will help you become a successful trader. Buying suits long condition investors, and protects against short-run monetary value volatility. trade enables you to profit promptly, but is a very involve ( and much nerve-racking ) operation .

What’s the Difference between an NXT Exchange and a Broker?

Crypto exchanges and brokers have some major differences. however, they both serve crypto investors and traders. With exchanges, users can trade cryptocurrencies against each other. This means that you can trade NXT against some of the leading cryptos such as BTC, ETH and USDT. Crypto exchanges besides offer the best rates when you want to buy NXT coins. however, crypto brokers are for those who do n’t wish to hold the NXT coins directly. rather, they earn money by trading crypto CFDs and betting on the price performance of the NXT coin. This way, people can gain exposure to cryptocurrency and avoid holding the coins in their private wallets. When buying with exchanges, you are holding the actual NXT coins .

NXT: Long vs. Short Term Investment

Differentiating between long and short-run investments could be the cardinal to becoming a successful crypto investor. As a long-run investor, you will purchase the NXT coins and hold them for a long period. You could hold the coins for months or years. If you intend to do so, you should consider buying NXT from cryptocurrency exchanges and storing the coins on a cold storage wallet that supports them. however, you can besides decide to hold the NXT mint for a while and make money from the short-run price appreciation. If that is what you want, then it is good to use the service of a cryptocurrency agent. You will get to bet on the NXT coin ‘s price apparent motion. With brokers, you do n’t have to worry about storing the coins in an external wallet .

3 Tips to Buy NXT

Although we have discussed the respective ways to buy the NXT coin, there are tips to help you in buying and trading the tokens .

1. Choose the Right Time and Do Your Own Research on the NXT coin  

Carrying out your own research is a key depart of cryptocurrency investment. You need to take the time to conduct across-the-board research into the plan you are investing in. We do n’t advise you to rely on the information you obtained from a single reference. Rather, you should read the analysis of respective experts and follow the latest newsworthiness about the coin. With the data at hand, you can well search for favorable opportunities within the market and take advantage of them. If you are matter to in becoming a successful crypto trader, then it is important to learn how to use technical indicators, charts and early crucial tools to determine trends and key levels to buy and sell NXT .

2. Comparing Costs to Buy NXT

The transaction costs differ on crypto exchanges. To get the best cover, you need to compare the rates between exchanges and brokers and trade with those that offer the best rates. guarantee you know the sell rates of the NXT coin on respective crypto exchanges and brokerage platforms. You should besides consider the trade fees and other commissions before choosing the central or broke to use .

Safety and Security when Buying NXT

As an investor, the security of your crypto investment should be the first thing you consider before you get started. You need to check the security system measures implemented by the trade platform you intend to use. These platforms have lost billions of dollars to hackers over the past few years, which is why you need to take the security system of your funds badly. We have mentioned this several times in this guide to show how significant it is. guarantee that the exchange or broke has adequate security measures in invest before you deposit any money with them .

3. What is the Best Payment Method to Purchase NXT?

  • Buy NXT with cash: You can deposit fiat currencies such as USD, EUR or GBP into your crypto exchange or brokerage account and use the cash to buy NXT. 
  • Buy NXT with Credit Card: Buying ETH or BTC and swapping it for NXT.
  • Buy NXT with Bank Transfer: Depositing funds to buy ETH or BTC and swapping it for NXT.
  • Buy NXT with Bitcoin: For those who want to buy NXT coins by using major cryptos such as Bitcoin.
  • Buy NXT with PayPal: Buying ETH or BTC and swapping it for NXT. The PayPal payment feature is not available in all countries and not on all platforms.

Other Ways to Buy NXT

The four methods above are the most popular ways of buy and trade the NXT coin. however, you have other alternatives, and they include :

  • P2P ( Peer to Peer ) exchanges are designed to allow users to deal directly with each early. The platforms connect the buyers and sellers and allow them to negotiate the best price for the cryptocurrency. The transaction fees on P2P platforms are the lowest. however, the fees vary based on the network congestion at the transaction meter .

Although P2P is not a popular as some of the options mentioned above, it is an excellent way to buy NXT tokens. Thanks to the data in this scout, you are cook to start buy, trade and investing in NXT. To make it easy for you, we have chosen a few crypto exchanges and brokers that support NXT tokens. The chosen platforms are highly plug and very reliable .

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