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“ Let ‘s get back to work building it back up ! ”


Styles are used to customize an individual ‘s sorcerer in Prodigy Math. Players can change their character ‘s hair style, hair’s-breadth discolor, eye color, skin tone, gender, and facial construction. This is at a cost of GoldCoins.png Gold and some styles may besides require a membership to adorn. You can change your style by clicking on your profile and clicking the Change Style button. You can besides change your style by going to Lamplight Town and going to Vendor ‘s Plaza. sometimes, hair styles do n’t require membership during events .

tilt of Styles


You can change your sex for free. note that if you change your gender your facial expression will be set back to the default option expression ( Upbeat or Optimistic ). In this way you can besides change your mention. The daughter avatars show the embodiment in a more standing up position, whereas the boys embodiment is in a more slouch standing position, and their legs more far apart.

Non-Member Hairstyles

Changing your hairdo costs 400 coins. note : These names are no long in manipulation, because Prodigy renamed all the hairstyles to “ Hairstyle # ” .

  • Prince
  • Spikes
  • Rock Star
  • Fever
  • Neat (One of the default Male hairs)
  • Shaggy
  • Bed Head
  • Grace
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Side Swept
  • Winter
  • Uplift
  • Blossom
  • Sunshine
  • Excite
  • Pizzazz
  • Dashing
  • Summer
  • Lilly
  • Sweetheart
  • Island Breeze
  • The Row-Row

hair Colors

Changing your hair color costs 300 coins .

  • Light Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Green
  • Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Sea Green
  • Lilac
  • Dark Gray
  • Dusty Blonde
  • Coral
  • Jet Black
  • Dark Red
  • Black

Member-only Hair Colors

  • Lemon
  • Seafoam
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fire
  • Go Fast
  • Orange Sherbet

These types of colors are available to all non-Members during Summerfest for 5 ID20.png Sand Dollars .

eye Colors

It costs 300 coins to change your eye color. All eye colors are available to non-members .

  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Yellow-Green
  • Green
  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Royal Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Red

Skin Tones

There is no cost to change your bark tone. There are 5 of them, and none require a Membership .

  • Skin Tone 1
  • Skin Tone 2
  • Skin Tone 3
  • Skin Tone 4
  • Skin Tone 5

facial Expressions

It costs 500 coins to change your facial expression. All the facial expressions can be obtained without a membership .

  • Upbeat
  • Lively
  • Spirited
  • Serious
  • Happy
  • Sneaky
  • Quiet
  • Surprised
  • Joyful
  • Catty
  • Optimistic
  • Blush
  • Adorable
  • Cheerful
  • Perky
  • Demure
  • Coy
  • Naive


After the creation of your ace, you start off having to join a server and go through a act of the presentation where you have to introduce yourself to Noot ( your guide ), which finally pops up a box where you ‘re allowed to select the first base name for your charming. As separate of the presentation, you are allowed to select the last name of your sorcerer, which is made of 2 parts. There are 2 panels, 1 for each region. future to each dialog box is 2 arrows, an up and a down arrow. Each arrow changes a part of the stopping point name ( 1st or 2nd ). There is besides a “ Random ” button that changes your name to something random. once, you would press a die, and a list of about 5 or 6 names would show up. You would then choose one. once the last name is determined, it can not be changed ; however, first names can be changed by switching genders. here ‘s how- Go to the haircloth stylist in Lamplight Town ( Go leave and click on the beginning construction ) Change your gender to a girlfriend or a son, then switch binding. then it will ask you your appoint and choose a name that you want. All of this is barren. In an update, male/female names were no longer available to merely their respective genders, players could pick a male or female appoint regardless of sex. here is the following tilt of Male and Female, american samoa well as the possible adjectives : There are no U male names, no U, W, X, and Y female names, and no A, I, J, K, Q, U, X, Y, and Z last names.

Male Names A: Aaron, Abdullah, Abel, Abraham, Adam, Adrian, Ahmad, Ahmed, Aidan, Aiden, Alan, Albert, Alejandro, Alex, Alexander, Alexis, Ali, Allen, Alvin, Amir, Andres, Andrew, Aneesh, Angel, Angelo, Anthony, Antonio, Arthur, Asher, Ashton, August, Austin, Avery, Axel, Ayden
B: Bart, Beau, Ben, Benjamin, Bennett, Bentley, Billy, Blake, Bobby, Bort, Braden, Bradley, Brady, Brandon, Brantley, Braxton, Brayden, Brendan, Brian, Brody, Bruce, Bryan, Bryce, Bryson, Byron C: Caden, Caleb, Calvin, Camden, Cameron, Carl, Carlos, Carson, Carter, Cesar, Charles, Charlie, Chase, Chris, Christian, Christopher, Cody, Colby, Cole, Colin, Collin, Colton, Conner, Connor, Cooper, Corey, Craig, Cristian D: Dakarai, Dakota, Dalton, Damian, Dan, Daniel, Danny, Darien, David, Dawson, Dean, Declan, Dennis, Derek, Devin, Devon, Diego, Dominic, Donald, Donovan, Douglas, Dylan E: Easton, Edgar, Eduardo, Edward, Edwin, Eli, Elias, Elijah, Elliot, Elliott, Emmanuel, Emett, Enzo, Eric, Erick, Erik, Ethan, Eugene, Evan, Everett, Ezekiel, Ezra F: Fernando, Finn, Francis, Francisco, Frank, Felix G: Gabriel, Gage, Garrett, Gary, Gavin, Gene, Geoff, George, Gerald, Gina, Giovanni, Graham, Grant, Grayson, Gregory, Greyson H: Hammad, Hamza, Harold, Harrison, Hashir, Hayden, Hector, Henry, Howard, Hudson, Hunter I: Ian, Ibrahim, Isaac, Isaiah, Ivan J: Jace, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jaden, Jake, Jalen, James, Jameson, Jared, Jason, Jasper, Javier, Jax, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jayce, Jayden, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jimothy, Joe, Joel, John, Johnathan, Johnny, Jonah, Jonas, Jonathan, Jordan, Jorge, Jose, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Juan, Jude, Julian, Justin K: Kaden, Kai, Kaiden, Kaleb, Karter, Kayden, Keith, Kelsey, Kenneth, Kevin, Kian, King, Kingston, Kyle, Kyrie L: Landon, Larry, Lawrence, Leo, Leonardo, Leslie, Levi, Liam, Lincoln, Lloyd, Logan, Lorenzo, Louis, Luca, Lucas, Lucius, Luis, Lukas, Luke, Lui M: Maddox, Malachi, Malik, Manuel, Marco, Marcus, Mario, Mark, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Mateo, Matt, Matteo, Matthew, Maverick, Max, Maxwell, Micah, Michael, Miguel, Mike, Miles, Morgan, Muhammad N: Nash, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nelson, Nicholas, Nick, Nicolas, Noah, Nolan O: Oliver, Omar, Oscar, Owen P: Parker, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Peyton, Philip, Phillip, Preston Q: Quinn R: Ralph, Raymond, Reese, Rhett, Ricardo, Richard, Richie, Ricky, Riley, Robert, Robin, Roger, Rohan, Roman, Ronald, Rory, Rowan, Roy, Rupy, Russell, Ryan, Ryder, Ryker S: Sam, Sammy, Samuel, Santiago, Sawyer, Scott, Sean, Sebastian, Sergio, Seth, Shane, Shawn, Sidney, Silas, Solomon, Spencer, Stephen, Steve, Steven T: Tanner, Tayler, Terry, Theo, Theodore, Thomas, Timothy, Tom, Travis, Trenton, Trevor, Tristan, Tucker, Tyler V: Van, Veenay, Victor, Vincent W: Wade, Walter, Wasee, Waylon, Wayne, Wesley, Weston, William, Wyatt X: Xander, Xavier Y: Youssef Z: Zachary, Zane, Zayden, Zion
Female Names A: Aaliyah, Abby, Abigail, Adaline, Adalyn, Adalynn, Addison, Adeline, Adriana, Adrianna, Alaina, Alana, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexia, Alexis, Alice, Alicia, Alina, Aliyah, Allison, Alondra, Alyssa, Amanda, Amara, Amaya, Amber, Amelia, Amy, Ana, Anastasia, Andrea, Angel, Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Ann, Anna, Annabelle, Anne, Arabella, Aria, Ariana, Arianna, Ariel, Arya, Ashley, Ashlyn, Athena, Aubree, Aubrey, Audrey, Aurora, Autumn, Ava, Avery, Ayla
B: Bailey, Barbara, Bella, Betty, Beverly, Bianca, Blake, Breanna, Brenda, Briana, Brianna, Brielle, Brittany, Brooke, Brooklyn C: Cadence, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Callie, Cameron, Camila, Camilla, Camryn, Carly, Carol, Caroline, Carolyn, Cassandra, Cassidy, Catherine, Chantelle, Charlie, Charlee, Charlotte, Chelsea, Cheryl, Cheyenne, Chloe, Christina, Christine, Claire, Clara, Cora, Courtney, Crystal, Cynthia D: Daisy, Daniela, Danielle, Deborah, Debra, Delaney, Deliliah, Denise, Destiny, Diana, Diane, Donna, Doris, Dorothy E: Eden, Eleanor, Elena, Eliana, Elise, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellen, Ellie, Emerson, Emery, Emilia, Emily, Emma, Erica, Erin, Eva, Eve, Evelyn, Everly, Evie F: Faith, Fatima, Felicia, Finley, Fiona, Frances, Freya G: Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gauri, Genesis, Gianna, Giselle, Gloria, Grace, Gracie H: Hadley, Hailey, Haley, Hannah, Harley, Harmony, Harper, Hazel, Heather, Helen, Hope I: Iris, Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle, Isla, Ivy J: Jacqueline, Jada, Jade, Jana, Jane, Janet, Janice, Jasmin, Jasmine, Jayla, Jazmin, Jean, Jenn, Jenna, Jennifer, Jessica, Jessie, Jillian, Joan, Jocelyn, Jordan, Jordyn, Josephine, Josie, Joyce, Judith, Judy, Julia, Juliana, Julie

K: Kaelyn, Kairi, Kaitlyn, Karen, Kate, Katelyn, Katherine, Kathleen, Kathryn, Kathy, Katie, Katrina, Kayla, Kaylee, Keira, Kelly, Kelsey, Kendall, Kennedy, Khloe, Kiara, Kimberly, Kinsley, Kira, Kylee, Kylie L: Laila, Laura, Lauren, Layla, Leah, Leila, Libby, Leilani, Leslie, Lila, Liliana, Lillian, Lilly, Lily, Linda, Lindsey, Lisa, London, Lori, Louise, Lucy, Luna, Lydia, Lyla M: Mackenzie, Madeline, Madelyn, Madison, Maggie, Makayla, Makenna, Makenzie, Margaret, Maria, Mariah, Mariam, Marie, Marilyn, Marissa, Marley, Martha, Mary, Maryam, Maya, Mckenzie, Megan, Melanie, Melissa, Melody, Mia, Michelle, Mikayla, Mila, Mildred, Miranda, Molly, Morgan, Mya N: Nancy, Naomi, Natalia, Natalie, Nevaeh, Nichole, Nicole, Nina, Nora, Norah, Nova, Nur O: Olivia P: Paige, Paisley, Pamela, Patricia, Payton, Penelope, Peyton, Piper, Presley, Princess, Priscilla Q: Quinn R: Rachel, Raelynn, Reagan, Rebecca, Reese, Regina, Richelle, Riley, Robin, Robyn, Rose, Ross, Ruby, Ruth, Rylee, Ryleigh S: Sabrina, Sadie, Salma, Sam, Samantha, Sandra, Sara, Sarah, Savannah, Scarlett, Serenity, Sharon, Shelby, Shirley, Sienna, Sierra, Simon Skylar, Skyler, Slade, Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Stella, Stephanie, Sumira, Summer, Susan, Sydney, Selena, Sylvia and Sylvie T: Talia, Tammy, Taylor, Teagan, Teresa, Terry, Thea, Theresa, Tiffany, Trinity V: Valentina, Valeria, Valerie, Vanessa, Veronica, Victoria, Violet, Virginia, Vivian W: Willow Z: Zara, Zoe, Zoey

Middle Names A: Air, Animal
B: Battle, Blue, Bronze C: Clear, Cloud, Coin D: Dakota, Daring, Dark, Day, Diamond, Divine, Dragon, Dream E: ground F: Fable, Fairy, Fall, Fancy, Far, Fire, Flame, Fog, Forge, Frost, Fruit G: Garden, Gear, Ghost, Giant, Glass, Gold, Golden, Good, Green H: Heavy, Hero I: Ice, Illusion, Iron L: Land, Leaf, Legend, Life, Lightning M: Magic, Metal, Monster, Moon, Mountain, Myth N: Near, Night O: Ocean P: plant Q: Quake R: Rain, Red, River, Ruby S: Silver, Sleep, Soft, Spell, Spring, Star, Storm, Strong, Summer, Swift, Snap T: boom W: Water, White, Wild, Wind, Winter, Wish, Wonder Y: yellow
Last Names B: Blade, Boots, Boy, Breath, Bringer, Brother
C: Caller, Cast, Caster, Catcher, Crafter D: Dancer, Dreamer, Drifter, Dragon E: Ear, Eyes F: Follower, Foot, Friend G: Gem, Girl, Giver H: Hand, Heart, Helper, Hunter L: Leader, Legs, Lemon, Light M: Man, Mask, Master N: Nose O: Ore P: Pants, Petal, Prism R: Ring, Runner S: Seed, Shade, Shadow, Shard, Shine, Shirt, Singer, Sister, Smith, Song, Spoon, Staff, Starring, Steel, Strider, Sword

T: Tail, Talon, Tamer, Thinker, Torch V: Vault, Voice W: Walker, Wand, Ward, Whisper, Winner, Woman


  • The hair color, “Go Fast,” is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog, as it is the same color as him and it is a spinoff of his catchphrase, “Gotta go fast!”
  • On November 5, 2020, hairstyles were renamed to “Hairstyle #,” and member-only hairstyles were moved to the bottom.
  • Wizards were also given the opportunity to change their wizard name once. The function is now removed.
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