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R. Paul Wilson On: How To Be Your Own Casino (2/3)

This is the second base in a three-part series on how to turn yourself into “ the house ” and reap the benefits of a mathematical border in games that are less than fair but apparently place the odds in the players ’ ( suckers ’ ) favor .
I must re-iterate that these games are for entertainment purposes only and as constantly, while I encourage you to play for low-cost stakes, it ’ mho always full to parcel the hidden when the game is over indeed your suckers can enjoy the same benefits with fresh fish on another day .
hera we will take the interchange of a coin and turn it to our party favor with some clever games that ultimately push the money in your commission .

The Fun Of Coin Flips

I ’ ve written elsewhere about the chief of crooked coin flips AKA “ The Flipper ” and the many ways he would manipulate a coin flip or secretly know the consequence.

It ’ sulfur besides possible to buy ( or have made ) a “ wobbler ” – a coin that has been re-milled on the border with a little slant towards one side so that, when spin on a hard open, it favours one side more than the other and, in many cases, the work is sol dense it ’ s about impossible to force a fall back spin !
such gaffs can be fun, and the above pas seul was my prefer method acting for securing a free lunch by spinning a coin and asking person to call heads or tails while still spinning .
The bet was for who would pay for lunch and if they called the winning side, I ’ five hundred scoop up the coin and say, “ I ’ m only kidding, I wouldn ’ thyroxine violence you to pay for this ! ”
But if they called the lose side I ’ five hundred let it fall !
What follows are games played entirely with fair coins and can be a big ongoing crippled or distraction between early gambling sessions and have been used as such by smart players and grifters for decades .

Coin Hustle #1 – Eight Coins Out

With eight pennies, propose a simple bet that once all are flipped, whirl or tossed in a random fashion, you will pay two to one any time that the player throws four heads out of the eight coins .
A dim-witted calculation makes four heads ( or tails if preferred ) the most common consequence of eight 50/50 flips but in fact the odds are absolutely in your favor, since you win if the leave is one, two, three, five, six or eight heads ( or tails ) !
I prefer to do this in a cup or field glass ( a glass attracts attention and more suckers in the correct scenario ) and simply and fairly spread out the coins once upended onto the table without changing how they landed .
This is such a dim-witted proposition that you can play this edge for hours both winning and losing but always being ahead .
And if you can ’ thymine find any takers for a two-to-one proposition like this, you ’ re credibly not cut out for this kind of friendly victimize !

Coin Hustle #2 – Threesomes

The like suggestion can be made with good three coins and again is based on encouraging a simple fallacy .
With fair three coins, distributor point out that there are lone four possibilities when all three are flipped at random :

  1. Three heads.
  2. Three tails.
  3. One head and two tails.
  4. Two tails and one head.

now express that if they fall all heads or all
they win, and you will pay two to one on any reasonable bet but if the coins land with any early consequence they lose .
personally, I prefer to randomise the coins in a glass or cup but the result is three person 50/50 propositions. You may prefer to simply flip one mint three times, but the result is the lapp .
Think about this for a moment .
If there are only four outcomes, then you are basically offering them two to one on a 50/50 situation and that ’ s lunacy .
But be warned that if they ’ re smart adequate to think it over they will exit the logic ambush you set up at the begin and gain that there are actually six losing outcomes and only two
winning possibilities
since each of the three coins has a 50/50 result .
You lose when the coins farming :
You win if the coins kingdom :

think of it as individual rolls and it makes sense but the beauty of rolling three coins at once is that this is harder to intuit and many people will be blinded by your two-to-one offer on a game that is actually three to one against the player .

Coin Hustle #3 – Penney’s Game

last, let me share a brilliant piece of mathematics that will guarantee a potent border about by magic if you follow some elementary rules .
As stated above there are eight possible outcomes when flipping three coins and each consequence should be arsenic likely as the other .
But for this interpretation, only one coin is flipped repeatedly until a choose three-flip combination appears .
so, if the choose combination is TAILS, TAILS, TAILS, a individual mint is flipped until three tails have appeared in a row. So it might be flipped 10 times before this happen in three straight flips .
similarly with any selected possible consequence – such as TAILS, HEADS, HEADS or HEADS, TAILS, HEADS – you keep flipping coins and recording the result until three consecutive flips produces one of the bet results .
I hope you got that .
It can be jumble, but precisely keep flip and noting down the consequence until one of the bet three-coin outcomes happens and whoever bet on that combination is the winner .
so where is the victimize ?
Walter Penney discovered that a dim-witted calculation based on your adversary ’ south choice of three-coin combination will place the odds hard in your favor in the worst case, and seven to one in your favor for the best casing scenario !
The hidden is to make sure they choose their three-coin combination foremost and then you state your three-coin combination based on their choice as follows .
Whatever combination they choose, consider it as A/B/C so if they nominate HEADS, HEADS, HEADS :
If they pick TAILS, HEADS, TAILS, then :
A = tail
And sol on .
Your nominated three-coins should be X/A/B
where X = the opposite of B.

I know this sounds complicated so lease ’ s spirit at a couple of quick examples .
For the two examples above X/A/B would be TAILS, HEADS, HEADS ( if the sucker nominates HEADS, HEADS, HEADS ) and TAILS, TAILS, HEADS ( if the sucker wants TAILS, HEADS, TAILS ) .
so, another way of saying this is that you take their option ( A/B/C ) remove C ( their third interchange choice ) and merely add the opposite of B ( their moment flip option ) to the begin of your three-coin combination .
This means that X/A/B for their choice of HEADS, TAILS, TAILS would be HEADS, HEADS, TAILS .
play with this for while with all the combinations mentioned in the former coin somersault game above ( Threesomes ) until you can quickly calculate X/A/B for all outcomes, then flip a coin to see how often your three-coin jazz band will win against theirs.

surely, it sounds complicated but all advantages in gambling require a little extra work and understand and if you can decipher these instructions, you have a knock-down victorious strategy for a apparently simple crippled .
For more alike capacity, check out the first function of this series on cube hustles .
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