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Grading Silver Dollars: How To Determine The Grade Of A Silver Dollar

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In a former article I listed information that might help you get an estimate idea of the grad of your coin. now I ’ thousand going to go into detail of how to obtain exact grades for your circulated silver dollars.

There are 3 types of silver medal dollar coins that I will cover here which are : the Eisenhower flatware dollar, the Peace argent dollar, and the Morgan silver dollar.

Eisenhower Silver Dollar Grades

obverse : alone a trace of clothing shows on the highest points of the lower jaw and at center of neck. rearward : A trace of tire shows at high gear points of feathers in wings and legs. closely all mint luster distillery deliver. EF-45
obverse : slight wear shows on buttock, along lower jaw, and on high points at border of break. Hairlines are abrupt and detail. reverse : high points of head, branch, and wing ridges are lightly worn. central feathers are all clearly defined. 3/4 of mint shininess still present. VF-30
obverse : wear spots show on hair below part and along cheek and call on the carpet. Hairlines are faint but have closely full visible details. Slight wear shows at center of neck and along border of break. reverse : tire shows on head and feathers in wings and legs but all details are visible. All central fag end feathers are plain. Wing and leg ridges are lightly worn .

Peace Silver Dollar Grades

obverse : touch of tire shows on hair over ear and above brow. rebuff wear visible on cheek. rearward : eminent points of feathers on veracious wing show a touch of wear. Most of mint luster still present although marred by light bulge marks and surface abrasions. AU-50
obverse : Traces of tire visible on neck and hair over ear and above brow. impudence shows slight wear.

change by reversal : Traces of wear prove on head and eminent points of feathers on right flank. 3/4 of batch luster hush present. Surface abrasions and pocket marks are more noticeable than for AU-55. EF-45
obverse : hair around confront shows slight wear but most hair strands are visible. Lower edge of neck lightly worn. overrule : peak of neck and mind behind eye indicate little wear. central wing and leg feathers lightly worn. Half of mint luster silent show.

obverse : rebuff flattening visible on high points of hair. Most hair strands clearly separated. Entire side and lower border of neck lightly worn. reverse : wear shows on head behind center and top of neck. Some flat spots visible on cardinal wing and branch feathers. fond mint luster is visible.

Morgan Silver Dollar Grades

obverse : slight trace of wear shows on hair above ear and eye, edges of cotton leaves, and high upper fold of detonator. Luster fading from cheek. reversion : rebuff trace of wear shows on breast, tops of legs, and talons. Most of mint luster calm introduce although marred by light bag marks and surface abrasions.

obverse : Traces of wear prove on hair above eye and ear, edges of cotton leaves, and senior high school upper congregation of cap. partial detail visible on tops of cotton blossoms. Luster gone from buttock. change by reversal : There are traces of wear on breast, tops of legs, wing tips, and talons. 3/4 of mint luster still present. Surface abrasions and udder marks are more noticeable than for AU-55.

obverse : slight tire on hair above date, frontal bone, and ear. Lines in hair well detail and sharp. Slight compressed spots on edges of cotton leaves. Minute signs of wear on cheek. revoke : high points of breast are lightly worn. Tops of peg and right wing tip display wear. Talons are slenderly flat. Half of mint shininess still introduce.

obverse : wear shows on hair above go steady, brow, and ear. Lines in hair well detail. bland spots visible on edges of cotton leaves. Cheeks lightly worn. turn back : Almost all feathers gone from breast. Tops of leg, wing tips, and feathers on head read clothing. Talons are flatcar. overtone mint luster visible. VF-30
obverse : wear shows on high points of hair from frontal bone to ear. Some strands visible in hair above ear. There are polish areas on cotton leaves and at top of cotton blossoms.

reversion : wear shows on leaves of wreath and tips of wings. lone a few feathers visible on breast and head. VF-20
obverse : Smooth spots visible on haircloth from brow to ear. Cotton leaves heavy worn but separated. pale yellow grains show clothing. inverse : Some leaves on wreath are well wear. Breast is smooth and entirely a few feathers show on heading. Tips of wings are watery but lines are complete. F-12
obverse : hairline along face is clearly defined. Lower 2 cotton leaves are smooth but distinct from cap. Some pale yellow grains merging. Cotton blossoms flat but the two lines in each show intelligibly. reverse : 1/4 of eagle ’ mho right wing and edge of leave fender are smooth. Head, neck, and breast are flat and merging. Tail feathers slightly worn. top leaves in wreath show heavy wear.

obverse : Most details in hair are worn smooth. All letters and date are clear. Cotton blossoms apartment and leaves merging in spots.

reverse : haircloth of eagle ’ randomness right wing and 1/3 of leave wing are smooth. All leaves in wreath are worn. Rim is arrant. G-4
obverse : hair is well wear with very little contingent remaining. Date, letters, and invention intelligibly outlined. Rim is entire. reverse : eagle is wear closely flat but is completely outlined. Design elements politic but visible. Legend is all visible and flange is wax. AG-3
obverse : capitulum is outlined with about all details worn away. Date clear but wear. Legend merging into brim.

reverse : Entire design partially wear away. rim merges into legend .

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The Bottom Line…

It takes a lot of time and feel to systematically grade coins accurately, but you ’ ll never get there
if you don ’ thyroxine start somewhere. Hopefully you ’ re able to grade your Eisenhower ash grey dollars, Peace silver dollars, and Morgan silver dollars better now. This video will help you grade coins yourself at home : You ’ re besides going to need this Coin Grading Standards Book and a good coin magnifier to grade your own coins .

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